A Sunny Morning.

See the real issue here is that I don't even know why he is even here. I just know he's going to be my demise. Call it what you will --- my childhood immersed in drama and exaggeration, my exposure to wild stories introduced as reality, or even my tendency towards extremes and rash ideas due to my constant involvement with this crazy town, but I just know. I'm sure the same thing happens to you too. I know everyone gets those feelings sometimes, but usually they're about trivial things --- like you just know that your favorite episode of your favorite TV show will be on that night.

I had no idea what was coming to me, when I woke up one sunny morning a week ago. I should have known then. It was too sunny outside for everything to go right for me that day. Those days with perfect weather never bode well --- you just know that something will go wrong.

I awoke early, intending to get my day started on time for once. I was going to go into work early to do inventory, take a long lunch, work on a paper for a class, and have a luxuriously lazy evening catching up on TV shows. However, this all went out the window --- literally --- when I looked out my window to see a moving truck pulled up across the street. I had no idea that house was even being sold! That proves how involved I am with my community, right? I watched as a car pulled up behind it --- a nondescript car I might add. Nothing compared to the character that would emerge shortly thereafter, stepping out of the car, brushing his hands down the legs of his jeans, as if to smooth out the wrinkles. Looking quickly side to side, he motioned to the driver of the van to start unloading as he strode up the walk in a few quick steps. His disappearance into the house shook me from my trance. I sprung into action, determined to be walking out the door as he emerged from his own, perhaps a scenario leading to a fortuitous introduction. I let my imagination run wild. The introduction led to a series of dinner date, which led to a proposal, a honeymoon touring the Amazon, and a radical decision to grow old together in a small town in New Mexico, researching the life cycles of the native species.

A connection would be made as I stepped out the door. Our eyes did look. I ventured a smile, but his mouth only tightened. I realized later that this was meant not in anger, but in recognition. Somehow, I don't believe his employer informed him that he would be living across the street from his eventual target.