little dolly had eyes like sapphires
her daddy told her
jewels made to be plucked
(and pluck he did
out out out with a spoon
quick as you like
shh dear i swear it won't hurt)


little dolly had lips like rose petals
her daddy told her
the pink color begging to be darkened
(and darken he did
in out in out with a needle and a thread
sewn up tight
i told you not to scream pumpkin
now look at all that hot blood running down your chin)


little dolly had skin like fresh cream
her daddy told her
the almost luminescent smoothness begging to be torn
(and tear he did
slash slash slash with a scalpel
such a pretty sight
there you go honey look you're much better now)


little dolly couldn't
see couldn't
scream couldn't

her daddy called her perfect
(my pretty little dolly you were so good for daddy
you make me me so proud)


little dolly ends up in the attic, new and improved

a/n: i so blame this on a challenge (poetry, "sapphire," "hot" and "luminescent").