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Flowers and Alcohol

Grace woke up in an unfamiliar room, naked. Her head was pounding. She wracked her alcohol-overloaded mind, trying to remember who she slept with this time. There was many a night when she slept over at someone's house, too drunk to stop herself from sleeping with whoever pulled her into a room. Yet, somehow she was still STD free. Miracles come in many forms, she thought to herself before opening her heavy eyelids and turning to the side where the body lay next to her.

"Shit!" Grace screamed, almost falling off the bed and waking up the naked ball next to her in the process.

The body uncurled itself and large green eyes blinked up at her. The person grumbled a 'good morning', and then blinked a few more times as recognition kicked in. Successfully rolling off the bed then springing up like a ninja, shouts came from the other side of the bed. "Oh fuck. Fuck! What did we do last night?"

Grace sat there, still in shock, as the person opposite of her started pacing and only stopping to stare at her, occasionally.

"What did you do last night? I mean, I wouldn't have done this. No, I am a good person. I wouldn't.. ohhh fuck." Green eyes stared, frightened, at Grace's shaking form under the covers. "I did this... but what... ughh.." The low-pitched voice kept rambling, but eventually the owner broke down and fell onto the bed, not bothering to cover anything up. Long blonde hair fell everywhere, helping a little with the naked thing, but it didn't really reassure Grace any. She could still see all the details of her bed-mate. No, the dramatic curves barely hidden beneath layers of scattered wavy hair didn't help reassure her at all. She, Grace Michaels, had just slept with another girl.

Grace recovered enough to sit up, covering her chest, and cleared her throat. "I surely don't know what happened last night. I was drunk out of my mind, and quite possibly might have had a few more hits of weed than I should have."

"That just makes it worse." The girl looked up at Grace mournfully. "I'm going to jail." She moaned loudly and threw the pillow Grace was using on her face, trying to smother herself.

Not the least bit concerned for the other girl, Grace grabbed the pillow and threw it at the wall. "Hey! We need to figure out what happened! You could do that much, at least, before you go to jail." She glared at the girl.

"I guess. But I don't remember everything either.. so fill in with your point of view when I stop. Okay, so I came to the party around eight thirty.."

-Eight Thirty-nine the night before-

"Yo, Zeph! So glad you could finally come out of your shell and join us in the real world!!" The blonde girl who'd just walked into the house was pulled into a hug by the speaker.

"Thanks, Rae, but it's not like I haven't gone anywhere with you guys." Zeph stuck her tongue out at Rae. Another girl smacked Zeph on the butt and grinned at her.

"We missed you so much, Z. You shouldn't have kept us waiting!" The girl grabbed her wrist and started pulling her toward where Zeph suspected the bedrooms were.

"Carrie, no. Not now. Please." She started to beg. The girl dropped her wrist, angrily. "Just not now. Later, I promise. You two go on ahead without me."

"So you can sit here and mope while we're having hot amazing sex?" Rae blinked, confused, at Carrie." When are you going to get over her! It's not like she gives a damn that you're in love with her!" Carrie shouted, throwing her hands in the air. "Forget about her." She lowered her voice, and placed her hands around Z's waist. One look and Rae wrapped her arms around Zeph's neck, placing her head on her shoulder.

"Come love us instead. We'll never hurt you, baby." She said, before sucking on Z's neck. The girl, in return, whimpered and leaned into Rae's lips. Carrie leaned in slowly, yet too quick for Zeph to react, kissing her and dragging her toward a couch, Rae in tow.


"I can't remember much of what happened after I walked in the door. My friends greeted me in their usual way." Zeph tried hard not to sigh. "My friends are very good at making people lose track of time. So, um, after a while Carrie must have fou-". She was interrupted when Grace choked.

"Wait, Carrie? You mean Carrie Simpson, that lesbian slut who's all over any girl she can find? She is so disgusting! How can you be friends with her? Are you like that too? Wait, is that how we ended up in this situation?" Grace had it all figured out. It made sense now. "So you and your friend rape people and you chose me? Why did you choose me? Didn't you think that I might not want to sleep with you?" She glared accusingly at Zeph, who was gaping at her.

"Carrie isn't a slut! Well.. at least I know she would never rape anyone." She was going to ignore Grace's last comments and instead defend her friend. Even if this was only her third party with Carrie. She didn't know whether she would rape anyone or not, but she was going to stick up for her anyways. "And usually the girls that she's 'all over' are usually drunk out of their sanity and instigating the sex, because she is as sexy as.. no, she's more sexy than anyone at our school, city even." Ohhh, if only that were true, then I wouldn't be in this mess, Zeph thought to herself. "Now, can I finish?"

Grace scoffed, but nodded slightly. "Be my guest."

"I'm sorry, alright? Just don't insult my friends." Z's eyes got larger, if that was even possible, and Grace noted that there was something unnerving about the way her look could melt away some of her anger. "But, I was saying somehow Carrie found some beer or something, 'cause we all ended up on the couch, pretty out of it…" She stared off into a corner, trying to phrase the next words right.

"Oh! I remember, Carrie's victim this time was that other lesbo, Rae, and some other chick. Man! A threesome on the couch! At least she picked someone who actually could have liked her." Grace fell back on the bed, laughing. They were still naked and sitting on the bed. Grace was covering herself but Z didn't seem like it mattered anymore. She had already messed up, what more would it mean if Grace could see her naked body or not?

"I was going to put it more delicately, but yeah, that works too." Zeph mumbled under her breath, but Grace still heard.

"Oh, that was you? Hah, doesn't surprise me. You dykes will fuck anything that moves." She snorted.

"How would you know? Do you have personal experience with that?" Z whisper-yelled at Grace; She didn't have it in her to actually yell at her. "Not every lesbian will fuck anything on two legs."

"Right, they just have to have a vag to be able to fuck it!" She burst out in another fit of laughter, ignoring the first two questions.

"Ugh! No! Shut up, just shut up. You have no idea. We're just like straight girls, just happen to like different people. Hell, Rae is prettier than me and she might still be a virgin."

"Might?" Grace had slowed her laughter to where they were only small giggles every few breaths. What the girl next to her had said had interested her. She loved gossip.

"Carrie was planning on sleeping with her tonight." Zeph paused for a moment, looking at Grace's attentive face. "I shouldn't have said that."

But she had, and Grace couldn't wait to share this piece of news with her friends, though the news about the gays never picked up the way it did about everyone else.

-Around 12 the night before-

"That Carrie girl is at it again. Look at her sucking face with that chick. And is that Rae McDonald next to those two? God, dykes are so gross!" Grace was barely drunk, but her friends were drinking enough for her.

"Cierra la boca, Grace. Just shut up. They aren't even worth mentioning." Becka moaned at her friend. She stumbled out of the room, probably to get another drink.

Amy leaned in close to Grace, watching Becka leave, "I heard that she hit on Carrie once, when she was drunk. She's probably just jealous." She winked at Grace and rushed after her other friend, leaving Grace stunned. Becka? Really? How could that happen without her knowing?!

Some guy came up to her and threw a bottle into her hands. She let him dance on her for a brief moment before pushing him off and downing the drink. She glared slightly at the three on the couch. Carrie's medium-length red hair was able to effectively hide the girl she was making out with, but it was obvious that it was a girl because of the long blonde hair that came from the person. The other girl had the same pixie cut that Rae had, so Grace just assumed it was her. She'd never actually talked with her, or even looked at her too much. Homosexuality was a disease that was contagious if you paid it too much attention.

On that note, she went off to find another drink, hoping to find her friends along the way.

-A tad past two am-

Becka was dancing on some football player in the middle of the room, her shirt barely staying on. Amy was in a corner having clothed sex with some guy with hair-spikes, piercings, and who looked high as a kite. Grace stared at her two best friends for a moment, and then looked back at the group that she had joined recently. They also looked high, blood-shot eyes staring her down, but they had a very good reason. A guy to her left stuck his finger in Grace's mouth, opening it enough to stick in a joint. She leaned to her right, where a girl was waiting with the lighter. It didn't take long for her to get into her usual habit with the stoners of her school. It was routine by now. Not that she would tell anyone, but it was also her favorite part of these stupid parties.

Rae had wandered off, bored, since Carrie and Zeph were still making out. They had actually fallen on the floor and continued there. Some of the guys gathered around from time to time, but it was a reoccurring event that Carrie made sure to make it happen at every party that she went to. Few people ever disturbed them. Though, tonight a girl tapped on Carrie's shoulder. Not changing her position, she waved a hand at the intruder to go away. The girl then pulled Carrie off Zeph and threw her onto the couch. Carrie stared at her, dizzy and too buzzed to see what was going on. The girl jumped on her and assaulted Carrie's lips with her own. Zeph, who figured that the lips weren't coming back to her any time soon, went off to find her own pair to attack. She staggered up, almost tripping on the table next to her, and tried to find the girl she was in love with, having no idea where she was.

-Ten minutes later-

Grace had just finished her joint by the time the rest of them had used up all of the pot. She grumbled and got up to find something else to do. In her clouded state of mind, she concluded that if she fucked someone she could blame it on the drugs. She wandered around the house for less than a minute before she found a pretty blonde girl face-down on the floor, in front of a bedroom. Grace kicked open the door, and dragged the girl into the room and on the bed. She locked the door and started to take off her clothes.

She was completely naked before the blonde even moved. Grace kicked the other girl, not that lightly either. The girl rolled around to face her attacker and stared. Grace, having no patience, threw her equally long brunette hair into a messy ponytail and started taking off the girl's clothes. The girl tried to back away, but there was only so much room from the bedpost to where she was lugged.

"No, stop. You don't know what you're doing." The girl tried to warn Grace, but she was having none of it. She lined kisses up the girl's neck, which arched in return. How could anyone resist Grace Michaels? She smirked into the neck before replacing her lips onto the girl's. Being pinned down, the girl could do nothing but respond eagerly to Grace's lips and hands, which had taken off her shorts and underwear and was fiddling with her bra.

Grace placed the girl's arms around her own neck after removing the bra and shirt without any complications. She didn't realize that she was rubbing one of the girl's breasts until she heard the girl moan into her mouth. The blonde pushed her off, her swollen lips making Grace want to tackle her again, which she tried. The girl held her off.

"No. I won't let you do this." She exhaled loudly before starting again. "You're going to wake up in the morning and regret this whole thing." At this she pushed Grace onto the bed and dove under the covers when Grace tried to reach out to her.

Grace was furious, but her body started to realize what time it was. Her eyes closed before she had time to try anything else.

She had fallen asleep before hearing the girl's last words, "Zeph, what have you gotten yourself into this time?"


Grace stared, eyes wide and mouth open, as she started to remember what had happened. "I can't believe it. I did it."

Zeph looked at her, confusion laced in her eyes. "What? Did what?"

"This. I started this. Why the hell did I..?" She started to complain before cutting short. "I always knew it was contagious, but I never thought that I would catch it!" She threw her head into her hands, groaning.

"Catch what? You're not making any sense." Z looked worriedly at Grace who was rocking back and forth.

"Homosexuality! I caught it!" she wailed.

Zeph stared at her in disbelief. After a while, she commented "You can't catch it, Grace. You either are, or are not. You're born like that. It's not an illness."

"But, I haven't always been gay." She said distressed by the fact that she might possibly be… one of them.

"Now is as good a time as any to start. Being straight is overrated anyways." Grace snorted and removed her head from her hands, looking up at the blonde currently leaning next to the door.

"I don't want to be a dyke, though." She muttered.

"Then don't. Be a lesbian. Be gay. Be a homosexual." Dramatic pause, Zeph thought, "Be Grace Michaels." Z gave her a small smile. "They're only stupid labels people use to judge. Listen to Shakespeare, 'What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.' Be a rose."

Grace thought about that for a moment, "I kinda like the sound of that. But why are you being so nice to me? Shouldn't you hate me, for dragging you into this when you were drunk?"

"Uhh, well, see…" Zeph started, but got nowhere. For good or for bad, she was interrupted by a knock on the door and a loud whisper.

"Z!! Are you in there? I've looked everywhere, you better be in here. If you left I'm going to skin your ass and give it to the hospital for people who would actually use it!"

Zeph held back a laugh. She glanced at Grace, who looked terrified. "Please, don't tell her I'm in here with you. I may be a rose, but I'm not in bloom yet," she whispered.

"Yeah, Carrie, I'm in here. What do you want?" Z called.

"I did it! I finally did it! And she's not regretful or anything! Has a major hangover, sure, but she said she's happy. And guess what?! She said she loved me, she always has. But me flirting with these other girls made her mad and jealous, and she loves me! Can you believe it! She loves me! Zeeee, are you listening to me? I finally got my wish and you're hiding behind a door. Let me come in! She loves me, Zeph, Rae loves me." Carrie rambled through the door, sounding a bit more than ecstatic.

Huh, so that's her name. Zeph. I'll keep that in mind. Grace thought to herself.

"Are you still drunk? Why are you talking to me when she's in bed waiting for you to get back?" Z laughed silently at her best friend's overenthusiastic mood.

"Because I had to find out where you went and because I worry about you too much. Especially when you're crushing on someone who will never love you, and that you need to get over. I don't want you to do what I've been doing and sleep around hopelessly. Z, please open this door, I hate talking to wood." Carrie stopped to take a breath of air, as Zeph fell back on the bed.

Grace looked curiously at her. Was that why she said no last night? She'd rather be with a different girl? Wait, why do I care?

"Carrie, don't worry about me. Go back to Rae. I'll be fine." Zeph was scared that Grace might figure out who she liked eventually. She needed to get Carrie away. "I'll call you tonight, alright?"

"Okay, okay, fine. I see how it is. You think that since I got Rae, I won't be able to divert your attention from that bitch Grace." Grace gasped softly, as Zeph ran to the door. Before she could open it and do whatever she was going to do to her friend for the insult, Grace held her back and threw her onto the bed. Zeph was pinned down by a body immediately. "But don't you worry, I'll always be here to help you. We will, Rae and I. Wow that sounds great." She probably would've kept going, but Rae called out from down the hall.

"Carrie, get your beautiful ass back over here, right this second. Zeph is a big girl. She can take care of herself."

The girls could hear Carrie race down the hall back to a laughing Rae. Zeph blushed up at Grace and wiggled under her, to get out, but Grace held her tight.

"How long have you liked me?" She asked quietly.

Z had nowhere to look, so she closed her eyes. "I-I don't know. Too long. Listen, don't worry about it. I was getting over you anyways." Grace could see Zeph's eyes squeezing together. She made a split decision, and kissed her. Z gasped and her eyes shot open. "Wh-wha?"

"Why didn't you have sex with me last night? I was drunk and high and shouldn't have remembered anything this morning, and it was your chance." Grace demanded.

"I didn't want to take advantage of you. I would never force you into something that you didn't want to do or might regret later. And I was pretty sure that you wouldn't be too happy about the fact later on. Gay is a disease, remember?" Zeph quickly explained as well as she could, with Grace not even 4 inches from her face.

"A rose is a rose, right? If I'm going to be a rose, I'd rather you be the one to deal with my thorns," Grace breathed.

Zeph looked deep into her eyes, looking for any act of deceit. Grace, however, didn't look. She acted. She closed the gap between the two of them and claimed having no control over the one hand that ran down Z's still naked body.

-A month afterwards-

Grace opened her door and raced outside into her girlfriend's car, where Rae and Carrie were already sitting in the backseat. She fell into the passenger seat, and gave Z a quick kiss.

"Ooh! I want one!" shouted Carrie. Rae smacked her arm, but laughed anyways. Z blew a kiss at them both through the mirror, then started the car and headed off to the beach.

-Twenty minutes later-

"What's the flower for?" Grace looked at the thin petals on the light pink flower.

"What do you think? It's for you." Zeph replied mischievously. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Carrie tackle Rae into the sand, then roll into the water. It'd only been a month but Carrie was already choosing wedding rings when Rae wasn't looking. Z had never seen her friends so happy.

"Is it a special occasion?" Grace asked nervously. She'd always had problems remembering dates. She fingered the petals lightly.

"Nope. This is just me giving you a flower. But this is a special flower because it's my namesake."

"What? There's a flower called Zeph? What a weird name for a flower." Z hit her on the arm. She laughed at her girlfriend. My girlfriend. Wow. I don't think I'll ever get used to that, Grace thought.

"Meanie. My full name is Zephyranth. It's supposed to mean," She stopped. Dramatic pause. She smiled at Grace. "'Fond caresses'."

The brunette laughed. "It fits you then." She leaned in and kissed her gently.

"I love you, Grace, so much."

"I think I love you too, Zee."


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