A/N: The following work is a second book immediately following where "When The Lone Wolf Cries" left off. I would recommend you read that before reading this one, otherwise a lot of material here might not make sense. But be warned, it's M rated for blood and some naughty language. Also, there's going to be some intentional spelling mistakes in a couple of dialog tags...so y'all have a heads up – it's supposed to be that way.

The Lone Wolf Chronicles: Serity

Chance stopped and gasped. Devin in response stopped and looked over to see the astounded expression on his friends face. Chance's eyes surveyed the sight before him as dozens of half human half wolf creatures went about their day in a town nestled in thick forests. Devin simply chuckled and smiled wishing he had a camera to capture the look on Chance's face.

"Welcome to Serity." Devin spoke softly and with a gleeful tone while raising an outreached hand towards the town. Chance still stood silent as he continued taking in the notions of everything around him. The town wasn't all that different than what he was used to; there were a few businesses, a couple of places to eat and even a post office. In the very center of town was an area that Chance surmised was the town square where everyone would gather to discuss important issues. On the East side were two large brick buildings with a one level structure joining them. On the left side building, a clock tower jutting straight up. As Chance stared at the building in the distance, he figured it took up several city blocks side to side and several more blocks front to back.

"What is that building for?" Chance asked pointing then turning to Devin.

"That's the school, the schools dorm and clock tower on the left side. On the right side is the hospital. That's where we're going before we do anything else." Hearing this, Chance nodded and followed Devin towards the school and hospital.

"Why are the school and the hospital right next to each other?"

"If you've seen even half the combat practices gone awry as I have, you'd understand why." Devin smirked as Chance raised his right eyebrow. As they walked along concrete paths towards their destination, Chance noticed a growing amount of attention both he and Devin received as they passed by. Most of the creatures stopped what they were doing at the time and stared even long after the two teens passed through. Devin, noticing Chance's growing agitation, smirked and chuckled. "Don't worry; Anthros don't normally see full fledged humans so they don't really know what to think. Just don't do anything aggressive and they should leave us alone."

"That's easy for you to say, this is your home turf."

They continued their trip in silence. Even as they entered the school and hospital building Devin simply pointed their directions leaving Chance to follow. Upon entering the left side building Devin lead the way up several flights of stairs to the third floor; they rounded quite a few corners before coming to a stop outside dorm room seventeen. With nothing more than a twist of a room key, Devin entered and turned on the lights; Chance followed him inside, placed the boxes in the nearest corner and looked around.

The room was simple enough; two beds sat on the left side of the space, an open door on the far wall lead to a small bathroom and a small kitchenette was on the right side of the space. To the left and right sides of the door were two wooden desks with a lamp on each. Sunlight peered through a window left open and glowed upon yellow paint on the walls. A blue carpet spread over the main area of the floor; graphite gray marble tile separated the kitchenette and the bathroom from the carpet. The small open kitchen looked like any normal kitchen with a mini-fridge, a microwave and a side by side sink sitting level with a white counter top. Between the small fridge and the cabinets was a rather simple oven for when a microwave wasn't the best choice.

Chance whistled in amazement. "Wow. It looks like a one bedroom apartment."

"Bed on the left is mine." Devin spoke before pointing to the kitchen area. "Plates and bowls are in the second drawer down; silverware is top drawer, glasses are in far left upper cabinet. Whatever you do, just make sure you leave the blue tub in the fridge alone...trust me you really don't want to get into anything like that."

"Well, just so I know, what's in it?"

"Three year old tuna." Hearing this, Chance grimaced at just the thought of how vile the food would look and smell.

"You ever thought about just tossing it out?" Chance asked tilting his head to the side while lowering his brow. In response, Devin simply grinned.

"At this point I think it's safer just to leave it alone." Devin turned to Chance and within the blink of an eye shifted back to his half human half wolf form. "Oh boy does that feel better. At least now I don't have to keep wearing that mask. Speaking of, we need to get you into something a little more appropriate so you blend in just a tad more." As soon as Devin finished speaking, Chance glared to him with question and curiosity. That was the first time Chance noticed that Devin sported a fluffy tan furred tail wagging side to side. The black nose, white fangs, wolf style ears and paw like hands reminded him of the Prowlers they previously battled.

On their way to the hospital side of the building, the duo passed a small child that looked much like Devin on his way to the pup care center. As they passed, the young Anthro stopped and looked up to Chance. Noticing this, Chance in turn stopped and looked down. The pup with a V of blond hair running from his nose and between his eyes let his tail swish side to side; a trail of mucus slipped from a glossy black button nose just above his mouth. The small creatures right side wolf ear twitched before he brought a pawed hand to scratch it. "Arwe you-a human?" The young Anthro wearing blue jean shorts, a blue shirt with a cartoon style rocket ship on it and a pair of velcro strap tennis shoes asked staring the human eye to eye. Chance nodded and knelt down on one knee.

"Sure am."

"Cool!" The pup exclaimed with glee and sparkling eyes. "Just wait till my frwiends find out I talked to-a human!" After the pup finished speaking he darted off with giggling laughter leaving Chance to grin and shake his head slightly. Looking back to the small Anthro, Chance wondered if he actually heard the sounds of crinkling plastic in harmony with the beings every step.

"That's funny. Ironic really." Devin chuckled. "Damn four year old pups can talk better than they can potty train."

"Weren't you at that point in life yourself?" Chance asked interjecting his thought about it.

"Yeah...no." Devin shrugged off the notion. "You're talking to an early trainer. Mastered the toilet and speech at the same time."

After reaching the first floor and crossing across the entrance way, Chance and Devin approached an automatic glass door that slid to the side allowing them access to the hospital side of the building. A furred woman sat behind a small check in desk where Devin leaned in and explained everything to which she nodded and asked them to sit off to the side. After what seemed an eternity, Devin followed Chance whom followed a reddish brown furred doctor in a white lab coat and black rimmed glasses over his tan eyes.

Their destination was into a vacant exam room with a pale green padded metal exam table that looked like it was designed for a persons arms and legs to be spread out. The walls were painted a soft pastel blue with contrasting white trim. The ceiling was a pale white, the polished tile floors reflected the overhead florescent lights. On the left side were several cabinets both on the floor and mounted higher up on the wall, a pale blue counter top held a chrome sink; on the right was the odd looking exam table that Chance couldn't take his eyes off of.

"Okay Chance, just a couple of things before I can send you on your way." The doctor spoke pulling four packaged preloaded syringes from a drawer while four larger Anthro orderlies wearing pressed white uniforms entered into the exam room.

"What kind of 'things' are you talking about?" Chance stammered shifting his glare between Devin, the doctor pulling a protective cap from the needles and the four orderlies methodically approaching. His focus turned to the red, blue, yellow and off gray syringe cartridges the size of a couple of D size batteries taped top to bottom. With nothing more than a snap from the doctors paw like hands the orderlies swooped in grabbing the boy and pinning him to the exam table. The doctor moved in at the side of his chest as Devin leaned over his head so both could see eye to eye. Chance struggled to break free only to find that two orderlies used both arms to keep his wrists and shoulders to the arm wings of the table. The other two kept his ankles and upper thighs to the leg wing.

"What the hell!?!" Chance shouted lifting his head far enough to see what kind of twisted ideas the doctor had. Knowing what was coming, Devin reached down to sweep back Chances hair in a soft and gentle motion.

"It's all right Chance. We're going to help you..."

"Help me? Help me!?!" Chance growled still trying to pull himself free of everyone's grip. "What the hell could you be doing to 'help me'?"

"We're just putting you human traits in equal balance with the recessive animal genes you carry. Basically we are going to unleash your animal side so you'll be just like us." Devin smiled and patted Chance's chest only to pull up the boys shirt so the doctor could have clear access.

"Bullshit!" Chance shouted even louder. "That's some 'ol bullshit! I swear, if you even think of putting those damn..." That was all Chance managed to get out before the doctor put one hand between his ribs and navel.

"This is going to hurt." The doctor muttered pressing his hand down as hard as possible into the boys abs while jamming the first needle directly into Chance's side. Chance screamed in utter pain as the contents of the cartridge were dispersed into his flesh at a rapid rate. During a pause between injections, Devin tried his best to comfort the boy. After the second jabbing shot, Chance howled in even more pain. During the second pause, Chance's foul mouth echoed throughout the entire room and even into the hall. Before the third shot Chance tensed his body in hopes of making it less traumatic only to realize his efforts were futile at best. By the time that one was done, Chance was reduced to nothing more than a quivering mass of tears and deep huffing breaths. During the fourth injection Chance made mere whimpers. Devin reached to the side, pulled a couple of paper towels from a wall mounted dispenser and used them to wipe away the tears from Chance's eyes.

"All right buddy. It's all done now. Man I'm surprised you didn't black out like all the others have. I mean, hell, I'm sure you saw the sizes of those things. The needles were like three feet long and several inches in diameter." Devin grinned using a soft tone as the doctor and orderlies released their grips. Devin knew it was an utter lie of size, but part of him wanted to stretch the truth so Chance wouldn't feel as bad. Free to move about, Chance tried to slide off the table and make a break for it. Yet the moment his boots touched the floor, the world around him spun until he collapsed into a twisted heap.

"What did you do...to me...!?!" Chance half demanded half yelped. A tingling sensation overtook his body; licks of intense heat emanated from the injection sites. The world continued spinning; his head throbbed with every heartbeat. Unable to take any more, Chance closed his eyes and let his body fall into a sea of blackness. Two of the orderlies picked up Chance's limp body and hauled him out of the exam room, Devin lead the way to the school and dorm side of the building. It wasn't until they were in Devin's dorm room and Chance was in the vacant bed that they let go. After they left, Devin worked on removing Chance's boots, socks and loosening the belt of his jeans. In a flash the jeans were removed and replaced with a thick plush blanket.

For the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening, Devin kept a close eye on Chance as he slept in a restless slumber. By nine thirty that night, Devin occupied himself with constantly wiping sweat from Chance's body while applying cool washcloths to his friends forehead to help keep his temperature from rising too high. At two thirty in the morning Devin awoke to Chance whimpering, shifting his weight side to side and kicking his feet around under the thick blankets. Bit by bit, Chance's animal side emerged. It was too slow to watch in one sitting but the traits were clearly revealing themselves.

I wonder what he's seeing in his minds eye? Devin pondered with an amused smile; without explanation, Devin reached out and with the most tender touch rubbed Chance's shoulder in small circular motions.

___ ___

A/N: Okay, perhaps some things I need to clear up.
First. "Anthro" is a name that I have decided to give these odd half human half wolf creatures that act and live like a normal human but with some slight variations. And yes, they all have tails. We'll learn more about these fascinating creatures in the next chapter or two.
Second. When Devin pulled Chance's jeans off; that wasn't a um...well...frisky scene, that was just to make Chance a little more comfortable.
Third. If you ever come across three year old tuna, just leave it be! Trust me it is the most face twisting thing you'll ever come across!