I officially declare this the old version of the story.


Chapter 1: Dreams Do Come True

The moon shined over a field of grassy plains, within the center of those plains, stood a boy with dark disheveled hair, and caramel-colored skin. He was dressed in a short-sleeved black shirt, baggy pants and grey shoes; while staring peacefully at the moon. He closed his eyes, took in a deep breath, and let out a long echoing howl that traveled across the moonlit plains, like a swift breeze of wind. At the end of it, his wolf-like ears pricked up to the sound of grass being crushed underneath the footsteps that walked toward him. Slowly, he turned around to face this unknown person, unsure if they were friend or foe. Standing before him by a mere few feet, was a person wearing a red cloak, with a hood covering their face. A gentle breeze rolled downwind, carrying with it the person's scent. The boy easily picked up on the smell, and realized that the aroma was of a human female. He narrowed his eyes on the girl, after getting the first clue as to who she was.

"Who are you?" he asks the girl in the red cloak.

Rather than answer his question, she held out her hands and proceeded to remove the hood covering her head, revealing her bright red hair, light skin, and emerald green eyes which seemed to glow with the moonlight shining upon them. Another breeze gently brushed past them. The girls red hair flowed gracefully with the winds current, while her cloak flapped in the wind. He stared at her for a moment, captivated by her beauty, but shook off the infatuation, and then asked again who she was, in a more demanding tone. She answered him in a calm soothing voice saying "Save me, Kuekuatsu".

"Save you?" he replied, while giving her a puzzled look. "Wait…how, do you know my name?" he added, with a faint growl, knowing full well, that he did not address his name first.

"That's because you are going to tell me, after you save me" she smiled. The wind had died down, and her hair rested on her shoulders, while her cloak returned to its stagnant position.

"What do you mean save you?" he asked with a confused look on his face. His curiosity of the girl's identity grew, and so did his suspicion.

"You don't seem to be in any danger". The boy started to walk toward the girl in the red cloak, wondering why she still hasn't answered his original question. He examined her from head to toe, seeing nothing, nor sensing, anything threatening about her. Neither did he sense any potential threats in the surrounding area. The only thing the boy saw or sensed was her innocence.

"I will be in danger" her smile faded. "And you will save me….you have to". Tears began to fill in her eyes, as she hung her head down to stare at the blades of grass below, which had a small tint of silver on them, courtesy of the moons glow.

"Tell me who are are…so I can save you" He said as he got closer to her. Each slow step he took was casual, as it was cautious. Although what she was saying wasn't making much sense to him, the boy felt compelled to at least try and comfort her. And more than that, he wanted to make sense of the situation.

"I will tell you, but not now…" she said, as she looked up at the boy with tears racing down her cheeks. And then she turned around, and suddenly she began to levitate about two feet off of the ground.

"Where…where are you going?" he asked, awestruck by her ability to levitate. In addition to his reaction, the boy made a gesture, asking her not to go anywhere.

She looked back and gave him one more smile, before she glided away.

"Hey…wait…Wait!" He called out to her, but she ignored him and continued to glide. The boy could not let it end like this. Not without getting some answers from the mysterious girl.

He walked faster, and then started running, now he was chasing the girl through the grassy field. After a few minutes, trees randomly sprouted out from the ground all around them, and they rapidly grew to enormous sizes, within seconds an entire forest had come to life. The change in scenery had concerned him for a moment, but he ignored it; keeping up with the girl was his top priority, because somehow, she knew his name, and for some reason, wanted him to save her. Letting her get away was not an option. At this point the boy started to transform. His hands and feet turned into paws, his face turned into a muzzle, and his clothes changed as well, to fit his new body. Now that he was in his full wolf form, running on all fours made him move at top speed, however his change in speed caused the girl to increase hers as well, and the distance between them continued widening. Soon she was out of sight, hidden somewhere in the forest that erupted to life not too long ago. The wolf stopped in his tracks. Relying on his sense of smell instead, he began to sniff out her scent again, and managed to find it after a few seconds. Before he started running again, a loud echoing howl traveled across the entire forest followed by a terrifying scream. The young wolf remained still and his ears flickered, searching for the source of the howls and screams.

This must be what she meant about danger…he thought to himself for a moment, realizing that saving her life, was his only option, if he ever wanted to get his answers. The wolf then followed the trail of the girls scent, and the sound of her screams. After a few minutes of searching, he eventually came across a clearing in the forest and standing before him, several feet away, was a large burly and furry animal standing on two legs, holding the girl in the claws of its left hand. At first, the wolf's eyes widened in shock, and then they focused on the creature, which he could not see clearly due to the lack of moonlight in the area.

"LET HER GO!" he roared, as he shifted back into his partial human form. But the monster ignored him, and stared at the girl with his glowing yellow eyes. The girl turned to look at the boy with tears in her eyes. She found it difficult to breathe due to the fact that the claws were wrapped firmly around her neck, but not enough to scratch or cut her. The girl tried with all her might to release herself from the monsters grip, but she wasn't strong enough to move a claw by a single inch.

"..Save...Me" she mouthed the words, and then managed to let out a cry which gave them life and emotion. The moon brightened its glow over them, illuminating the creature entirely, from the rows of sharp fangs in its maw, to the razor-edged claws on its two paws.

"A werewolf…" he growled. The boy immediately started running at top speed toward them, without a second thought. He couldn't let her die.

"You're too late" growled the werewolf who finally acknowledged the boys existence, but did not see him as a threat. He raised his right arm with claws open and ready to slice. The girl no longer had the strength to scream, she simply closed her eyes tightly, shedding one last tear, and accepted her fate.

"NOOO!" he roared as the wolf swung his arm to deliver a death blow to the girl.

"STOP!" he roared again, but they were gone, the forest was gone, the moon was gone and in its place was the inside of a cave, which happened to be his room. The whole thing was a dream…was it? "..Dude..." He whispered to himself as he sat upright on his bed of grass. The boy known as Kuekuatsu put his hands to his face and started rubbing his eyes. "Was that…really a dream?" he asked himself in a slow, drowsy voice, while thinking over all the events that just took place in his mind. The moon, the grass, the girl in the red cloak, the forest, and of course …the werewolf, he wondered what it all meant, and why did it seem so real.

"Ketsu...are you okay?" asked a boy from a different section of the cave, it was his younger brother Kogenta, and apparently he woke him up after waking himself up.

"Don't worry…I'm fine, it was just a bad dream" he assured him, with a decent smile.

"Okay" he yawned as he rubbed his left eye and scratched his messy hair.

Like his brother, Kogenta had caramel-colored skin, brown eyes, and had wolf-like ears and a tail. However he had disheveled snow white hair, and was tall enough to match the height of his brother's shoulder. He wore a grey long sleeved shirt with an image of a black flaming skull and cross bones, which had the words 'Death Punks' written under it, and a pair of black sweat pants. Their clothing was produced by a company that sells flexible and durable clothes, specifically for werewolves or other humanoids that can change their forms at will. Kogenta's favorite brand name was 'Death Punks'. Kuekuatsu laid back down on his bed of grass and tried to sleep again, but it was pointless, he was wide awake, so he just laid there thinking to himself about the dream he just had, trying to make sense of what occurred during the event. However all that changed once the smell of fresh meat filled the air, and caught the attention of his sensitive canine nose. Kuekuatsu sat up again from his grassy bed and continued to sniff out the delicious scent of food with his mouth watering. He couldn't tell which type of meat he was smelling because it seem to be a mix of multiple animals: Deer, Moose, Caribou, Horse, Buffalo, Cow, Sheep, Chicken, or any other livestock, but they were all equally delicious to him, so it didn't matter what type of meat he was smelling.

"YAY! Breakfast is ready!" howled a little girl from another section of the cave.

His dark-brown haired, hyper active little sister Kaylan, was stretching out her arms and legs while happily wagging her tail as she walked outside of the cave. The youngest of the three siblings wore a pink shirt decorated in blue stars and a matching pair of pants with the opposite design.

"Awesome, I'm starving" his brother yawned as he followed her outside, but stopped when he noticed that Kuekuatsu wasn't following.

"Ketsu, are you coming?" Kogenta asked, looking back at him.

"Yea! If you don't hurry there won't be any food left" Kaylan giggled.

"Okay, Okay, I'll be right out" he told them as he wiped the drool off his mouth.

Kuekuatsu got out of his manufactured green bed, stretched out his muscles for a moment, to shake off whatever drowsiness that remained, and then followed them out of the cave. Before he reached the entrance of the cavern, he stopped for a moment, only to realize that he was wearing the same pair of clothing as in his dream. This discovery made his dream even more intriguing, and more real; however he quickly lost interest after the scent of food called out to him, beckoning the young wolf to come closer and follow the delicious aroma.

"Eh, I'll think about it later" he told himself with a shrug

After exiting the cave, he expected both his parents to be waiting for him and his siblings outside, standing in front of a fireplace roasting another batch of fresh meat on top of it; however Kuekuatsu only saw his mother standing in front of the fire. She had shoulder length dark brown hair, and wolf ears, just like his sister. His mother was about six feet tall like he was. She had the same physical traits as her children, except for eye color. Her natural eye color was a dazzling green-yellow mix; however they tend to change depending on her mood, which is one trait very few Lycanthropies have. His mother was a beautiful adult woman who wore a red kimono decorated in black clouds. A kimono is something his mother doesn't normally wear, especially out in the wilderness. So Kuekuatsu assumed that today was a special day, because his mother bought him and his siblings some new clothing including the kimono she was wearing now. He looked around, but couldn't see his father anywhere.

"Hey mom, where did dad go?" he asked while still scanning the area for his absent father.

His brother and sister noticed it as well and asked the same question.

"Where would he go at a time like this?" Kogenta yawned, still half asleep.

"Did he have something important to do? I hope he comes back okay" Kaylan looked concerned; she was already jumping to conclusions as to her father's whereabouts.

The mother looked up at her pups and gently smiled at them saying "Your father went to get some more firewood. He should be back in time for breakfast"

"Okay, but can he hurry up? 'Cause I'm starving" said Kogenta as he rubbed his stomach, which began growling, but loud enough for only him to hear.

"Yea, me too" said Kaylan as she walked over toward the fireplace.

"Me three" Kuekuatsu chuckled.

They sat down in front of the fire and wagged their tails as they watched the meat continue to roast and cook over it, and every few minutes a swift breeze of wind would blow through the flames, giving it more life and carry the scent of the food into their noses, giving them a sample of its flavor. It had the taste of certain herbs or spices that his mother had been experimenting with, and Kuekuatsu couldn't wait to try it. Overcome with greed, he reached out to grab a piece. "OW!"

His mother smacked his hand away and said

"Not until your father comes back. The same goes for you two" she wagged her finger at them in disappointment, discouraging any further attempt to take the food.

"Sorry Mom" the three pups sighed.

They all waited patiently for their father to return, for about ten more minutes.

Then finally their mother said "I'm sorry I kept you waiting. Go ahead and eat" she sighed.

"We love you mom!" said the three of them simultaneously, as they grabbed as many pieces of cooked meat as possible, then savagely ate like a pack of wild wolves.

"Hey! remember to chew your food. I don't want any of you choking" she ordered like a typical mom.

"Sorry mom" said the three of them at the same time again, as they slowed their eating pace. About five minutes after they started eating, they suddenly heard a rustling in the bushes nearby. The mother stood up, closed her eyes and sniffed out the scent of the potential intruder, after a few seconds she opened her eyes and said

"There you are!" in a frustrated tone.

Out from the bushes of the forest, came an eight foot tall, white furred werewolf, carrying a white horned deer under his left arm, a large hunting knife holstered to his leather belt, a long wooden spear that was just as tall as he was; strapped over his back, and a stack of fire wood under his right arm. "Sorry I'm late" he said in a deep strong voice.

"Good Morning Dad!" Kaylan howled happily, and waved at him.

"Morning Dad"

"It's about time you got here, dad"

Kogenta and Kuekuatsu greeted their father as well, then quickly returned to eating to their hearts content. The Mother continued to glare at him and growl as if she were threatening him. Knowing full well that he owed her an explanation, the father started off with an apology.

"I'm sorry for being late Keiko, but you see, while I was collecting firewood this deer was drinking from the creek nearby, and I was starving at the time and couldn't wait to come back, so I…."

She cut him off before he could say another word.

"Decided to have an early snack? Before you came back!" she finished his sentence, growling even louder than before, his excuse for being late did not suffice.

The three pups sensed an argument about to rear its ugly head, but they were too busy eating to care, because naturally, their parents are bound to have a argument every once and a while, and then make up for it later.

"You listen to me Axel!"She began to rant, as her eyes shifted into a red color.

"I spent all night hunting for this food that our children are now eating. Bought this new Kimono for myself and other new clothes for our children, yesterday at the free market, so we could have a nice family breakfast on specifically this day! That I have been waiting all month for! And do you know why!? Do you?!" she finished. Snarling at her mate, waiting for him to reply,

Her eyes were now crimson red, fangs started to show and so did her claws. Their mother tends to transform without realizing it when she's angry. Kuekuatsu and his siblings continued to eat quietly pretending not to notice what was going on in front of them.

"Why is mom yelling at dad?" Kaylan whispered to her brothers.

"I think it's their anniversary or something" Kogenta whispered back with a shrug.

"That probably explains why mom decided to dress nicely in the wilderness" Kuekuatsu added, with a chuckle.

"Keiko, I understand that this day is important to you, and again I'm sorry for being late, but I'm here now" he said sincerely.

The mother continued to growl at her mate, then walked up to him and gave him a powerful punch in the stomach. In his current form, Kuekuatsu's father was much larger than his mother was, because she remained partially human like the rest of them. However that didn't matter, because with one strong blow the father fell to the ground on his knees and groaned in pain, dropping the fire wood and the deer. Keiko finally stopped growling, her eyes changed back to their normal green-yellow color, her fangs and claws reverted to their normal sizes.

"I'll forgive you, but you won't eat until I tell you to, and you are sleeping outside the cave tonight" she said coldly.

"Fair enough" said the father as he stood back up.

She picked up the deer which their father, not only just hunted, but also took a bite out of, and put it inside the cave to be dealt with later. Axel placed the firewood he collected elsewhere. Finally they all sat down around the fire together as a pack, and ate the meal that their mother had apparently worked hard for. They continued to eat the pounds of meat that their beloved mother provided for them, for about a half hour. During that time, in the back Kuekuatsu's mind, he kept thinking back to the dream he had, and how real it felt. However he kept suppressing those thoughts, because after all, it was just a dream. After they finished their meal, there was nothing but bones left.

Kuekuatsu and his siblings smiled widely and said "Thank you Mom, We Love you".

"And I love you" she smiled back at them, proud to know that they were satisfied with their meal.

At that moment, the father hugged her from behind, and sneaked a kiss on her cheek, then whispered in her ear.

"I love you as well" their mother blushed and nudged him in the shoulder and called him an idiot, but that was her way of saying it back.

Kaylan and her mother hummed a sweet little tune, as they burned the majority of left over bones, using an enchanted fire; they had conjured with a mediocre fire spell. While the rest of them chewed on a few leftover bones of their own, and used the broken sharp edges as toothpicks. They were a typical pack of werewolves, who happened to lived in a cave at the base of a mountain at the center of a large forest. Their pack and their territory were smaller in comparison to other werewolf packs, which normally consisted of at least twenty wolves or more.

"Kuekuatsu" Axel addressed his son.

The young wolf turned and looked toward his father, giving him his full attention.

"Are you able to transform at will yet?" he asked while using the sharp edges of a broken leg bone to pick out scraps of meat from his fangs.

He nervously looked at his brother and sister for support, hoping that they would help him come up with a quick lie, but they both of them shrugged which told him

Sorry, but you're on your own, so he rolled his eyes and said

"No…but I have been practicing though" he laughed nervously, knowing that there was no humor in the situation.

His father sighed in disappointment. "You are already eighteen years old, and your wolf trials will begin soon, so it is imperative that you complete your training as soon as possible"

"Yea…I know that, but why is it so important that I take a stupid test?" he asked, with a faint growl in his voice. Although the trials were an important part of his life, he couldn't care less about it.

His Mother sat next to him and said "It's going to test your ability to survive on your own, but you already know that, so why bother to ask?"

She put her arm around him, held him close as she started scratching him behind the ear which made him feel completely relaxed.

"Look it's not that I don't appreciate the survival skills you taught me. It's just that I don't see the purpose in having other werewolves judge me about it, especially the elders" Kuekuatsu said, with a faint growl at the end of his sentence.

"I understand how you feel my son, but you must understand that this is a tradition, and that it is important, because you will not be able to live on your own nor will you be recognized as a leader of your own pack" his father continued. "And I know the elders can be very judgmental, but they are still the wolf elders, and they maintain the responsibility of guiding all Lycanthrope.

"I agree with your father" his mother added.

"You may not like it now, but when the time comes, you will understand" she continued to scratch behind his ear, relieving any stress or worry that her son may have.

"Don't worry Ketsu, we'll be there to cheer you on when you do the trials" Kaylan smiled, attempting to raise her brothers spirits.

"Yea, and if you don't pass, how can I ever hope to complete the trials when I turn eighteen?" Kogenta asked, with a smirk.

"Okay, Okay, I'll pass the trials if it will make you guys stop nagging me so much…by the way, when does it start?" Kuekuatsu asked, displaying his ignorance toward the event.

"At the end of the week" his father answered, with a small growl. He was annoyed by his son's negative attitude toward the event.

"So I suggest you start training again, starting with tonight's full moon. After the ceremony is over" he added. "You should definitely be able to control at least one of the transformations by then"

Full moon? Kuekuatsu thought to himself for a moment, and then remembered his dream from last night. The girl in the red cloak was being killed by a werewolf under the full moon.

"Is something wrong, Kuekuatsu?" Keiko asked, seeing her son deep in thought, with a serious look on his face.

"Ketsu had a bad dream" Kogenta answered, remembering his brother's words earlier that morning.

"Dude!" Kuekuatsu exclaimed, and glared at his younger brother. He wasn't ready to start talking about his dream, because he didn't understand it himself, so keeping it quiet seemed like the best option at the time.

"What? Its true, isn't it?" Kogenta replied defensively, and returned his brothers glare.

Then he removed himself from his mother's arms, and got up saying. "I'm heading out for a bit, I'll be back later"

"Where are you going, Ketsu?" Kaylan asked, bewildered by her brothers sudden desire to leave.

"Tell us about your dream" his father added, beginning to sense that it bothered his son somehow.

Kuekuatsu paused to think about whether or not he should tell them, but he decided against it, and instead, he told them.

"I'm going to meditate in the forest for a while, I'll tell you about my dream when I come back later" Kuekuatsu said, wanting to deal with the contents of his dream on his own first, before sharing with anyone else.

"Very well then, have a good day my son" said his father, deciding not to pry into the matter, knowing that it would only produce a potential argument.

"Don't be out too long, and be careful" said his mother who had a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry mom, I am not a puppy anymore" he reminded her. "And I'll just be gone for a few hours".

"If you're not back by midnight, I got dibs on your room" Kogenta chuckled.

"Aw, that's not fair, I wanted to call dibs first" Kaylan pouted.

Kuekuatsu glared at his siblings, folded his arms and said

"It's good to know that you two would rather fight over my room, than wish me a safe trip through the forest" he rolled his eyes, in annoyance.

"Sorry, Ketsu" they both said sincerely.

"It was just a joke" Kogenta added, with a shrug and nervous smile.

"Have fun meditating" Kaylan giggled, and her tail wagged.

"Ugh, whatever" he shrugged and couldn't help but smile at his sisters optimism, and cheerful attitude that sometimes came out of nowhere. He waved everyone goodbye as he walked away, and they waved back at him. It was just a dream…he thought to himself. None of it was real….

Kuekuatsu spent the rest of the morning; casually walking through the forest, putting any thoughts about the dream he had last night, out of his mind. And as a distraction he started wondering how he's going to deal with the wolf trials at the end of the week, because he didn't have much choice, since he agreed to participate in the trials years ago, which he somewhat regrets to this day.

Every year when a werewolf reaches the age of eighteen, and they wish to respectfully leave their pack and either travel on their own or start their new pack, will be summoned to Moro'kairo a village located in the land of Luna'Crest which happens to be the werewolf capital of the world, or so it was called. The continent Kuekuatsu lived in was far east from Luna'Crest, across the ocean, and south of the Ice mountains which was far north from where he lived. All eighteen year old wolves from around the world were required to attend the event, if he or she ever wishes to leave their pack, and start their very own, even if their leave is temporary. The trials consist of several tests and obstacles that will test a werewolf's ability to hunt, fight, learn, and overall survive any situation. Personally, Kuekuatsu believed that the trials were ridiculous and unnecessary, but despite that, he also believed that he was ready for the trials, but so far the one thing he hadn't fully mastered, was the ability to transform at will, without the influence of the full moon. There were two optional forms a Lycanthrope can take, either the four legged or the two legged form. However, staying in his partial human form was the best he can do for the time being. Unlike his two siblings, who seem to have their transformations under control, and were younger than he was. Although, in his dream, he was perfectly able to shift into a four legged werewolf, and that was a reality he wanted to come true. In the past, Kuekuatsu had been able to transform easily during the influence of the full moon, and during those times, transforming wasn't the only issue.

Adjusting to the new body he would shift into had proven to be awkward and difficult. He remembered the times when young wolves from other packs would tease and annoy him for his inability to transform properly, and the lack of control over his wolf form. But those times were over. Kuekuatsu knew that the time for him to master that ability was close, he felt it. Proving those other Lycans wrong was part of the reason why he agreed to do the wolf trials. At this point, thinking so much about the trials left Kuekuatsu in a bad mood, to clear his head, he continued to walk through the lively deciduous forest, which was teeming with animal life, the aquatic creatures that lived in the nearby ponds or rivers, and of course the plant life that was responsible for preserving the herbivores and other wildlife. He even climbed a few trees, and then jumped to others like they were platforms, just as a simple exercise of his acrobatics. All while thinking quietly to himself for the next few hours, having thoughts that were unrelated to the wolf trials or his recent dream.

Kuekuatsu landed on a large sturdy branch, back flipped, grabbed the same branch, and used it as a swinging pole to launch himself to another tree. He landed on the side of that tree, the second he did that, he bent his knees and propelled himself toward another tee. He quickly realized that he was no longer in the forest, after he jumped out of one last tree and landed on the ground, he came across a field of grassy plains. Kuekuatsu gazed across the open field, which seemed to go on for miles and miles with no end in sight, and at that moment he noticed how much this field looked just like the grassy field in his dream, which could only mean that it is all coming true, or at least it was starting to. However, thinking too much about the details of the dream, seemed to only annoy him, so he went on to focus on meditating, which was his original plan to begin with. He walked deeper into the plains and looked into the sky which made him realize something else. The weather had changed. It had gone from being sunny to cloudy with light rain fall.

Luckily for him it was the kind of weather he sometimes enjoys spending the whole day in. He found a comfortable place to sit down and relax within the grassy field. Then he closed his eyes, and sat there peacefully as mother nature gracefully showered her children. After a few seconds of sitting in the rain, his mind began to clear, and become free of all worry and care, his body became completely still, his heartbeat and his breathing slowed to a minimal pace. Soon he began to feel everything around him. Kuekuatsu's senses had intensified. More than just the small droplets of rain washing over him, he felt the blades of grass that he sat on, the texture of the clothes he wore, his ears pricked up to the sound of a bird building its nest in a nearby tree, his ears began to flicker in a pattern, as he heard multiple noises, or vibrations all around him, from the heartbeat of a cricket, to the pecking of a wood pecker.

As he continued to listen to the nature all around him, he picked up on the sound of footsteps, and each step was fast paced, which told him that someone was running. At first he thought that it was probably nothing, just someone taking a jog. But after a few seconds, that all changed as soon as he heard that startling scream of terror. His reaction at first was complete surprise and confusion; He nearly broke his sense of concentration, but Kuekuatsu managed to regain his composure and listened again in case what he heard was only his imagination, which was doubtful. For almost a full minute everything was silent, until he heard another scream that was much louder than the first one. Kuekuatsu's concentration had broken this time, and his moment of peace was now gone.

He opened his eyes and wondered, what would make someone scream like that? He continued to sit there in the grass thinking for a few more seconds, when yet another terrible scream echoed through the forest, but this time it was a cry for help. Kuekuatsu stood up and closed his eyes again to try and listen carefully, to find out where exactly the voice was coming from, he also started to sniff around for the persons scent as an alternative. Whoever it was, he or she was not alone. There was another pair of footsteps running in the forest with the first pair. Suddenly he heard an echoing howl spread vibrantly through the forest. That howl had answered his question. Now he knew that somewhere in the woods, a werewolf was hunting down a human being. But this new development, brought up another question. "Why is a werewolf, hunting a human?" He asked himself, almost bewildered by the very thought of such an incident. Because hunting humans had become forbidden amongst his race. According to his father, the law was passed by the great wolf elders hundreds of years ago. The purpose of the law was to end or at least minimize the feuds, hunting's, and killings between their races. The law formed a truce between the races and any other humanoid species.

Also it helped avoid the chances of war, and protects the freedoms of Lycans to blend into any society, and ultimately separate themselves from the real monsters who decide live outside the laws. It all seemed quite strange at first, but now he understood that a rouge wolf had decided to attack an innocent person. At that point Kuekuatsu realized that he couldn't ignore this, although something about the situation was familiar. His personal time had to wait, so he calmed myself and did a quick exercise to relax his muscles, and then he dropped on all fours in an attempt to transform, which sadly ended unsuccessfully, but regardless, he ran back into the forest to begin his pursuit. As Kuekuatsu followed the screams and howls deeper into the woods, he realized that the human in danger was a girl based on the tone of her voice, and if he wanted to save her he had to pick up the pace, but the best way to do that was if he transformed.

However that unfortunately wasn't an option in this situation, because unlike his siblings and parents, it required serious concentration for someone as inexperienced as he was, and he already failed during his earlier attempt. Despite that inconvenience, he was closing in on them anyway, so he was confident that he would make it time. Their scents had become stronger which meant he was getting closer, but Kuekuatsu was still a bit too far away to even see them. That werewolf must have been toying with the girl, because normally when a werewolf hunts their prey, its victim is only allowed to scream either once, or not at all. The chase went on for about three more minutes when he finally managed to catch up with them. He saw the werewolf in front of him, but he couldn't see the girl which meant that she must have been further up ahead. Her screams had become even louder since he joined the chase, however Kuekuatsu still couldn't see her, instead he only saw what was chasing her. An animal made up of a large mass of bulky gray fur; at least this is what he saw from his point of view. He could only imagine that on her side, she would see a large, razor sharp-toothed, furry, blood-thirsty, glowing eyed, monster who wants to tear her to pieces.

He couldn't allow that happen now that he's become a part of the situation. The chase continued for a few more moments, until the Lycan had enough fun and was done toying with his prey, so he started to move in for the kill. It was now or never, Kuekuatsu had to either get past him, to get to the girl or restrict his movements completely so she can get away, but to do that He needed to move faster, and transforming would take too long. So Kuekuatsu improvised and took a deep breath, and put all his strength into his legs and jumped high into the air. He grabbed onto a tree branch near the canopy and once again used it as a swinging pole, after one rotation, Kuekuatsu launched himself toward the gray Lycanthrope at an incredible speed. The werewolf roared triumphantly when he thought he had won, but that all changed when Kuekuatsu stabbed him in the back with his claws, and tackled him to the ground before he could grab the girl. If the werewolf wasn't so focused on his prey, he would have noticed Kuekuatsu's presence, and then dodged his attack. The both of them tumbled and rolled on the ground, but Kuekuatsu managed to stay on top and keep him pinned to the ground, which was very difficult to do because the werewolf was as big as his father. The Lycan was confused and furious with what just happened; now he started struggling to push the younger wolf off, but he kept him down for the time being. He used this window of opportunity to help the girl escape. Kuekuatsu looked up at her, and yelled


As soon as he said that, time seemed to slow down as his eyes widened in shock, the second he saw the red cloak she was wearing.

"No way..." his voice trailed off in astonishment "It's not possible…"

There was no way he could deny the reality of the dream now, but being awestruck wasn't going to help the situation. The girl in the red cloak turned around to look at him for a brief moment, while breathing heavily after all that running. Perhaps she wanted to see the face of her savior. And it looked as though she wanted to say 'thank you', but she was unable to say a single word. Instead she bowed, then took his advice and ran off deeper into the woods. Unfortunately he couldn't get a good look at her face because of her red hood, and he still couldn't rule out the possibility that this girl could be different from the one he saw in his dream, however it didn't matter as long as she got away safely. After a few seconds, Kuekuatsu suddenly felt a huge force beneath him; it started to lift him up. He had forgotten who he was trying to pin down. The Lycan roared loudly as it overpowered and grabbed Kuekuatsu by the neck, and growled furiously as he stared at him. The claws wrapped around his neck dug into his skin and choked Kuekuatsu, as he desperately tried to free himself. He plunged his own claws into the arm that choked him. The pain barely even fazed the gray wolf, but it did annoy him. Then with a powerful thrust of his arm, the Lycan threw him against the nearest tree. The force was so great, that the tree fell down as soon as Kuekuatsu slammed against it, breaking or fracturing multiple bones, and leaving an imprint in the process. He struggled at first, but quickly got back up and regained his balance and plucked out a few splinters, as his bones reconnected. The werewolf could have kept chasing her, and completely ignored him as if Kuekuatsu was a minor annoyance, but it seemed as though he managed to damage his ego when he interfered with his hunt. The Lycans stared and growled at each other for a few moments. Kuekuatsu stayed calm, and was ready for a fight. The werewolf on the other hand, glared at him viciously as he growled loudly. Obviously he was seriously pissed off at him, because his lunch got away. And would love nothing more than to rip him to shreds before he went back to find his prey. When it came to combat Kuekuatsu had plenty of experience, but it was all from training with his father, and he had never faced anyone who truly wanted to kill him, but he did not let this intimidate him. Plus he shouldn't be hunting an innocent human in the first place, so Kuekuatsu felt that it was his duty to enforce a law passed by their ancestors. He would ask him why he was trying to eat that girl, but the answer was obvious, it's because he's hungry. They continued to stare at each other, one daring the other to make the first move.

Then he finally the wolf spoke first

"HOW DARE YOU INTERFERE WITH MY HUNT! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! YOU LITTLE RUNT!" he roared, revealing his mighty fangs and rows of razor-edged teeth.

Runt!? Did he seriously just call me a Runt?! As if I was just a mere puppy! He didn't really know why, but Kuekuatsu became seriously offended by what he said.

So in an act of anger, Kuekuatsu roared back at him in reply


The werewolf howled in laughter at his rant. "Let me guess, I am breaking the sacred 'no human killing' law?"

"Exactly!" Kuekuatsu exclaimed.

He threw his head back and laughed even louder "I don't care what the law says! I will do what I want, whenever I want too!" he ranted, and resumed his vicious growls.

"All who follow this law, and side themselves with the humans, and any other race are not worthy to call themselves a werewolf!" He ended his rant with a bark.

Kuekuatsu stood there, and said nothing in reply; he only growled even louder, glared death at the older Lycanthrope, and willed his fangs and claws to grow to their full extent.

The rouge wolf grinned at Kuekuatsu's intimidating expression, showing his sharp canines as he said. "And I suppose 'you' are going to stop me from catching that girl?" His words both insulted the young black wolf, and called out for a challenge.

"You're smarter than you look!" Kuekuatsu growled trying to show a sarcastic grin, but couldn't do it with his rage building so much.

"And there's a good reason why the great wolf elders passed that law. It was to separate from our savage and bloody history, and to distinguish the Lycans who can control their instincts from the real monsters like YOU!"

With that said, Kuekuatsu shifted into an attack position, getting ready to make a move in case he decided to make a move against him first, or to chase after the girl again.

"ENOUGH OF THIS!" he roared, fed up with the sight of the younger Lycan.

"I still have her scent, so I'll find that girl, as soon as I'm done with the likes of you!" He growled angrily.

Then he got on all four legs, quickly shifting into a four legged werewolf, and then lunged at him, with pure killing intent in his eyes. Kuekuatsu roared back at him, and then dodged his first move easily. The gray Lycan quickly turned around, and swung his heavy paw, to try and slash him with his claws. Kuekuatsu ducked to avoid it, while on the ground; he stood on both hands and propelled his body upwards, kicking the Lycan in the face with both feet. Kuekuatsu flipped over and landed back on his feet. Quickly recovering from the kick to the face, the gray wolf shifted forms again, and made a swipe with his arm, at an amazing speed. The black Lycan jumped back barely avoiding the attack, and could have sworn for a split second, that the older Lycans claws had glowed bright red. The gray Lycan changed yet again, once his hands turned into paws; he lunged at Kuekuatsu, aiming to rip his throat out with his fangs. The black Lycan was backed up against a tree, and made a split second decision on how to avoid the attack. He jumped up and plunged his claws into the bark of the tree, and began climbing it. Finding his attempt to escape foolish, the gray Lycan used his claws to climb the tree as well, and caught up very quickly. Once they were high enough, the older wolf swiped his claws, but Kuekuatsu jumped off the tree and did a back flip, thus avoiding the attack. As he fell to the ground, he clawed into the back of the gray Lycan and dragged his claws downward until he reached the tail. Once he had a tight grip on the tail, the black wolf stuck the claws on his feet into the tree bark again, to gain some traction as he pulled with all his might. The slash wounds on the back were annoying, but the pain to his tail was unbearable. The gray wolf gave in to the pain and released his claws from the tree. As the werewolf began to fall, Kuekuatsu finally let go of his tail, and barely dodged a slash of his claw as he fell down. The second the gray Lycan hit the ground with a powerful

*THUD* which shook the ground around him for a mere split second.

Kuekuatsu leapt off the tree again with a back flip, and slammed, feet first, into the gray Lycans chest. With a vicious growl, the young wolf began slashing away at the older wolf's muzzle and chest, doing as much damage as possible, tearing through fur and ripping his flesh. During the assault, the gray Lycans front paws shifted back into hands, and with a mighty thrust, he smacked Kuekuatsu off of him. He braced himself at the last second, but it didn't matter. The black wolf flew in mid-air for a moment, then painfully hit the ground and tumbled across the dirt which also consisted of dead leaves, rocks and small twigs. The older werewolf rolled over, and stood on his paws again. The wounds he endured had already begun to heal, as he raced toward the black Lycan. Kuekuatsu didn't have enough time to get up, so after timing it just right, he kicked the Lycan in the muzzle with his left leg, and used it to keep him and his fangs away from his throat. When one leg wasn't enough to keep him away, the black wolf kicked the older Lycan in the neck, with his right foot. The gray wolf was relentless as he snapped his jaws, and inched himself closer to Kuekuatsu trying to rip off his face, head, or throat. It was a battle of strength and he was losing.

So Kuekuatsu took a risk, and let him win. Then he barely avoided the jaws of death at the last second. While the werewolf inadvertently slammed his muzzle into the ground, leaving a taste of dirt in his mouth, Kuekuatsu rolled out from under him, using the space between his left two paws. Seeing him get away, the werewolf spat out the dirt from his mouth, and roared as he prepared for his next attack. Still on the ground, the black wolf shifted his weight and did a sweep kick, causing the gray wolf to fall to the ground, before he could even make another move. Kuekuatsu stood on his hands and jumped to his feet. Without wasting any time, lunged at the older wolf, attempting to rip his throat out, like he tried to do earlier on him, but the gray Lycans reaction was much faster, with a swipe of his left leg, he kicked the black wolf in the ribs, with a powerful force that sent him crashing into a tree, causing it to fall over. The gray wolf stood on two paws, and his front paws turned into hands again, as he rushed toward the younger wolf. Kuekuatsu stood as well, and worked through the pain he had endured, and then made the decision to meet his opponent head on.

Both Lycanthrope ran at full speed and clashed with one another. The black werewolf was slammed into the ground as a result, and rolled away to avoid a swipe of wolf claws that once again shined a bright red color. He continued to evade the gray Lycans follow up attacks, but his movements became faster with each attempted strike. Eventually the black wolf got back on his feet, and attempted a counter attack. He slashed at the Lycan, but the older wolf wore a sinister grin as he side-stepped and gave Kuekuatsu a rising knee kick to the ribs. The young wolf became airborne after the attack, and in that time, the gray werewolf successfully slashed him across the chest ripping his shirt to shreds and tearing into the boy's skin. Kuekuatsu groaned in pain as he felt the claws cut deeply into him, and the pain got worse when the received a powerful punch, that slammed him to the ground. He immediately put pressure on his chest to slow the bleeding until it eventually healed on its own. The werewolf had the advantage over him, because he was in his complete wolf form, and surely had much more experience than him. The only way Kuekuatsu could really have a chance is if he transformed himself, and matched his strength. But for now He can only rely on the survival training he learned while training with his father, because he was confident that it will keep him alive, and if he's lucky, it will help him win. The only thing Kuekuatsu could really do right now was keep him busy long enough for the girl with the red cloak to get away, and hopefully her scent might go cold so she can't be followed anymore. Kuekuatsu rolled away on the ground, as the gray werewolf slashed at him once more, and he narrowly avoided the first attack, only to receive the sensation of blades digging into his back with the second one.

Before the gray wolf could make another strike, Kuekuatsu pushed himself up with his hands and lifted his feet to slash the werewolf with his claws, but the gray wolf leaned back to avoid it. While standing on his hands, the black wolf jumped into the air. Seeing him open for an attack, the gray Lycan opened his maw and snapped at his neck. Kuekuatsu did a mid-air flip, which allowed him to dodge the fangs, and land on his feet, on top of the Lycans head. The young wolf quickly aimed to slash his throat, but the gray wolf shook him off at the last second, causing the black wolf to only graze his neck. Kuekuatsu safely hit the ground by doing a somersault and backed off as the gray Lycan began his assault. He was beginning to predict his movements as he studied him. A downward slash with his right arm, an uppercut slash with his left, and a horizontal slash with his left leg. After analyzing his pattern, he finally saw an opening and made his move by slashing the Lycans face with his own claws then proceeded to grab his right arm, to use his weight against him and slam him onto the ground, but it wasn't easy, Kuekuatsu had to use most of his own strength to flip him over because of the difference in size between the two. He backed off and took a moment to catch his breath.

"Is that all you got!?" he taunted him, while breathing heavily. Kuekuatsu's earlier slash wounds had healed, but his shirt was ruined. The same shirt his mother bought him yesterday was now shredded, and only parts that were still intact were the sleeves, but that didn't make much of a difference because they were stained with his blood.

Without responding to his earlier taunt, the grey Lycan quickly stood up, regained his balance, glared at the boy, and then roared with ferocity as he charged him at full speed. Knowing he couldn't dodge it, Kuekuatsu did the same, and as the two wolves ran toward each other, a familiar scent caught his attention, and at the last second. Kuekuatsu broke his concentration on the fight, to see who was watching them and was shocked to see who it was. Sadly he realized too late that he picked absolute worst time to drop his guard. The Lycan easily grabbed him, buried his claws into Kuekuatsu's chest and stomach, and then continued his assault by harshly slamming him into several trees, after they were knocked down, he slammed him onto the ground several times as well. He plunged his claws deeper, and then slowly pulled them back out, which made Kuekuatsu roar in pain.


Kuekuatsu roared again, then punched the gray wolf in the muzzle and stabbed him in the chest with his own claws. But that wasn't enough. He only endured his attack then grabbed him by the throat and squeezed tightly. Kuekuatsu's body was already healing, but not fast enough because he had started to cough up blood, and suffered major blood loss from when he was stabbed earlier.

"I'm going to enjoy ripping you apart!" he said with sinister grin that showed his canines again.

Kuekuatsu spat blood in his face, and then he relentlessly kicked him with his left leg, until he finally let go. He dropped to the ground on his hands and feet, got up quickly and then he lunged at him. Maybe it was the lack of blood going to his brain or the pure adrenaline, but at that moment he felt more like a wild animal than he ever did in his whole life. At first they were random, but Kuekuatsu's attacks became focused on his head, his legs, and he even viciously chomped on his tail. The werewolf fought back by striking him a few times with his claws, but He only ignored the pain, and continued to assault him with several punches and kicks. His body was so strong that hitting him felt like bashing his fists against a wall of steel; however he kept attacking regardless of that. Kuekuatsu ended his attack with an uppercut slash, but it was blocked, then with one mighty swipe of his claws the gray wolf slashed him again and sent Kuekuatsu flying backwards where he crashed and tumbled painfully onto the ground. Instinctively his wounds started to heal again, but the process was very slow and his whole body ached with pain. He struggled to get up, but it was no use, Kuekuatsu was completely exhausted. In less than a second the Lycan stood over him then grabbed him by the throat again and held him down forcefully with his left arm.

"DIE!" he roared as he immediately swung his claws at him.


A fiery explosion blasted in his face, which sent him flying backwards, crashing into several trees. Kuekuatsu simply laid there on the ground, not sure if what he just saw was real.

Did I do that?...what was that? He thought to himself, in his painful and exhausted condition.

Kuekuatsu was breathing heavily. He wondered what his next move was going to be. Because he doubted he had any fight left in him. All he could do was lay there, endure the excruciating pain and wait until his body finally healed while he remained conscious.

"Oh My God!" shouted an unknown voice, and with it came the familiar scent.

After a few minutes the girl in the red cloak was kneeling next to him, she hesitated at first, but soon she held his head up, asking if he was okay. Rather than respond, Kuekuatsu looked into her eyes, they were emerald green, and the hood was off, so he saw her bright red hair as well. Kuekuatsu couldn't deny it anymore, whatever doubt he had in his mind had been snuffed out, the dream was real, or at least, it was some sort of premonition.

"Please don't die!" she started to cry, as blood seeped out of Kuekuatsu's torso.

"Thank you for saving me, I didn't think there would be anyone else out here." tears were flowing down her cheek.

"Please say something…anything"

Between hearing her words of gratitude, Kuekuatsu's eyes widened in surprise. The same girl, who asked him to save her life, was now holding his head in her arms. Yet it seemed as though she did not know who he was, which begged the question.

Who are you? He asked in his mind.

However, seeing the expression on her face, made him want to postpone that question for a little bit longer. Despite the pain shooting through his entire body, he managed to give her a gentle smile, and said "Don't worry about it, you're safe now"

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