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Chapter 21

The Fate of a Lycanthrope

For several long moments the world was settled in darkness. But like shattering glass the darkness broke away, making room for a bright red sun and a maroon sky. A crimson ocean beneath the two, spread for miles upon miles. There was no earth in existence, only the ocean, sun and sky. However amongst all the redness of that world, one anomaly appeared from the world of the living.

A mortal being fell from the maroon sky at a violent rate of speed. The mortal being was a cross between a human and wolf, and he also seemed to be in a deep state of unconsciousness as gravity and the pressure of the air pushed him downward. His black hair/fur and clothing whipped and moved harshly with the flow of the wind. Moments before the wolf-like creature made contact with the crimson ocean, he took the first step back toward his conscious mind.

A mere three seconds before he hit the water, the wolf's eyes had fluttered open. The impact with the water was not harsh, despite the violent rate of speed. In fact the crimson ocean welcomed the black lycanthrope with open arms, and then swallowed him whole. Once he was in the realm of red water, the semi-conscious visitor began his slow, vertical and peaceful descent to the bottom of a red ocean.

The black wolf wore a blank expression as air bubbles poured from his nostrils, and lightly spewed from his barely open mouth. His body faintly twitched and moved during the descent. The wolf came closer and closer to full consciousness, while becoming aware of himself and his surroundings. Soon his senses returned, but not all of them were active.

The black Lycan could not taste the red water that he assumed was entering his lungs, he could not feel anything, not the water, or the clothes on his skin. And he of course could not smell anything.

As for his other senses, he could only hear the bubbles of air leave his body as he continued his descent into the red abyss. The Lycans opened eyes maintained the blank expression. His brown retinas gradually scanned the sea in front of him as far as they could view. The painted colors of red and black were all he could see. Although he was conscious, the black wolf had yet to come up with a single thought.

His mind remained calm and silent. The Lycanthrope watched the last bubbles of air leave his body and return to the surface, and at that moment he finally came up with a thought, a single question.

Am I drowning? He thought to himself. However, it was quite the contrary. His descent had come to an end. Once he reached the bottom, an unknown force of gravity shifted his weight to allow him to stand on his two feet. For a moment, the werewolf did not have the strength to keep his body up straight, however the same force managed to keep him up until he could stand on his own. The ground or ocean bed he stood upon appeared to be soft black sand that gently cushioned his feet.

When the time came, Kuekuatsu had the strength to hold his body together and stand on his own. His expression still remained blank while his senses became active. His wolf ears twitched and flickered several times, his tail wagged in a lazy motion, he moved his shoulders in a circular motion, wiggled his fingers, and bent his knees.

He still could not feel anything, not even the water that supposedly surrounded his body. Now that the bubbles of air were gone, he could hear nothing. Kuekuatsu closed his eyes and took a breath, answering his earlier question, but also bringing up other questions.

As far as he knew, he was at the bottom of an ocean, and somehow the rays of red sunlight on the surface managed to reach him and keep the surrounding area illuminated; however there wasn't much to see. Only red and shadows of black for miles upon miles could be seen. At this point, Kuekuatsu tried to recall his last memory.

He searched the depths of his mind to search for some clue to clarify the situation, but sadly he couldn't find anything. His most recent memory of being in a world other than this red one was inaccessible. But he did not give up; the black wolf took another approach. He raised his left hand and slapped the palm against this forehead. He was depressed to know that he did not feel the impact, but then surely enough he did remember something, at least one thing.

"Snow…." The words awkwardly rolled off his tongue as if he spoke for the first time in his life.

"I remember….Snow…." he spoke again.

He slapped his cheeks, ruffled through his black hair, and shut his eyes to concentrate. One more word came to mind.

"Blood…..I remember…..Blood…..I was bleeding…..But why was I bleeding?" he questioned himself.

"Why don't I just save you the trouble and tell you. You're dead!" a voice that lacked emotion echoed from behind Kuekuatsu.

The black Lycanthrope froze as the words stuck into his back like shards of the coldest ice. To a small degree, he was glad that he wasn't alone anymore; however was that really a good thing? Instinctively he began sniffing in an attempt to identify the mysterious person by scent. But he only reminded himself that his sense of smell was useless in this strange red world.

Kuekuatsu turned with caution and faced the one who claimed that he was dead. The black wolf's eyes widened in shock when he saw an elf about his age, with black spiky hair and purple-blue eyes. The memories shot through him like a jolt of electricity. Seeing that familiar face was the shock he needed to remember his last moments. Within seconds the werewolf became fueled with rage. He willed his claws and fangs to grow to their full extent, and in an instant he charged at the elf that stabbed him in the back.

"GRRAAWRRR!!!!" The black Lycan roared with nothing but violence and vengeance on his mind.

The elf was impassive; he simply glared at the raging Lycanthrope that was intent on ripping him to shreds. But he had other plans. Without warning, smoky black tendrils erupted from the soft black sand and wrapped themselves around Kuekuatsu, restricting his movements completely.

"I am not who you think I am…I merely took the appearance of the one who killed you, just to see how you would react." The imposter admitted with a shrug. His attempt to amuse himself did not work out the way he wanted.

For a moment Kuekuatsu was blind with rage, but he calmed down enough to speak properly.

"….If….If you are not him….then who are you?!!" He demanded while struggling to move, which only made the smoky tentacles hold me tighter.

The one posing as the elf assassin sighed and said

"I was hoping you would figure it out automatically by viewing this appearance, but I guess I have to spell it out for you again. And as a bonus, I'll give you a hint so you don't get confused." The imposter glared at Kuekuatsu with cold intimidating eyes. His words also seemed to insult the black wolf.

He held out his hand in a nonchalant motion, and in a flash of red lightning, a large crimson bladed scythe that was taller than he was, materialized into his right hand.

"I…am Death…!" he hissed. "Do you get it now Lycan? Or shall I give you another hint?" He mocked the wolf with ice in his voice.

"…Death…?" Kuekuatsu whispered to himself, and then stopped struggling with his restraints. He hung his head down as he contemplated the situation.

The black Lycanthrope was at a loss for words. And wasn't quite sure what he should be feeling at the moment. Fear, anger, and sadness were options he had, but none of which he truly felt. Things had become more real to him now, and the reason he was unwillingly, kneeling before The Reaper was clear. While still in the form of the assassin, the imposter moved closer to the restrained wolf, stood on one knee and asked

"Do you understand now?" He asked again. "Perhaps I should take that idiotic expression of yours as a yes"

"…Yes…yes I understand the situation…." Kuekuatsu managed to mutter as his head rose to stare at the god of death.

"Good, now we can move on" he replied in an emotionless tone.

From his point of view, the black wolf looked pitiful and defeated. But that was to be expected. Now that he knew the situation, the journey to the dark depths of despair would begin. The death god stood up straight and held out his free hand. Black smoke came to the palm of his hand and solidified, as he drew it close to him. The onyx mist enveloped him and provided privacy as the god changed into his true form.

Kuekuatsu watched in astonishment, as the god's size grew taller to match the height of the scythe. Some of the smoke dissipated, revealing that the skin on his hands had turned into bleached white bones.

A black robe/cloak that had the fluid motion of smoke fashioned itself around the skeleton. While his right hand held the crimson scythe with pride, his left hand motioned to place a hood over his skull, and then with a snap of his boney fingers a black and green fiery portal roared to life before them. Without giving a command, the reaper allowed the smoke tendrils to release the black Lycan, and somehow gravity brought him back to his feet.

"This next part is simple. Enter this portal, and you will immediately begin living out the rest of your afterlife." he hissed while directing him toward the portal.

*BA-DUMP* Kuekuatsu felt his heart beat, the same heart that was pierced by an unknown metal.

*BA-DUMP* the black wolf hesitated. His right hand slowly motioned to his chest. Since he arrived in the world of red, his sense of touch or feeling was nonexistent, until now.

The death god easily became impatient with the wolf.

"Calling this task, simplemust be an overstatement for you" the god snarled from within his hood.

"Or have you already become consumed by despair?" His head tilted slightly, somewhat curious about the wolf, which he came to view as an idiot did not move, but simply clutched his chest.

Kuekuatsu paused for another moment. He knew the situation, and understood that it would be wise to follow the god's instructions. However he could not accept it. The individual heartbeats were weak, but to him they each were powerful.

Each beat reminded him of why he must live. For the family he loved. For the questions he wanted answered, and to see the person he recently became friends with. All that was reason enough to live. In that moment, the werewolf's decision had been made. He was going to take the feeble thread of life he had left and find a way to escape death.

Having lost his patience, the death god reached with his left hand to grab the wolf and toss him into the black/green portal. However, the Lycanthrope did not give him the chance. Kuekuatsu instinctively jumped back, removing himself from the god's attempt to grasp him.

"You dare to resist?" The god was more surprised than angered.

"I thought you understood the situation" hissed the reaper as his boney fingers tightened their grip on the crimson scythe.

"I do understand…but something tells me it's not my time yet." Kuekuatsu glared at the reaper, baring his fangs.

"…You Lycanthrope are all the same, even while looking me in the face, you refuse to accept your fate!" Death scowled at the wolf.

"I am NOT going to die!" The black wolf growled.

"FOOL!! You are already dead!" he snapped, slamming the butt of his scythe on the black sand, causing an earthquake that lasted for a few seconds.

The Lycan wobbled after the quake, but kept his balance.

"No. That's where you're wrong. I can feel my heartbeat. It's weak, but I can still feel it." He smirked with pride.

The reaper was shocked, but only for a brief moment. He recalled similar encounters in the past with other mortal souls that still felt their heartbeat. However that did not make a difference. The outcome was always the same for those who enter the world of red.

"Don't even think about it! No one escapes me!" He snarled, and then held his scythe as if he was ready to fight.

"We'll see about that!" the Lycan growled, and took a defensive stance. He made sure to keep his arrogance in check. Feeling a faint heartbeat wasn't going to be enough to earn his life back.

The Reaper made a horrible screeching noise then swung his scythe at the black Lycan. Kuekuatsu barely dodged the attack while clutching his ears which folded back in pain. And then he backed away; he needed to get as far away from the god as possible, because he had no real intention of fighting death itself.

The death god spread his arms apart, as four black smoky tendrils poured forth from his robe and darted toward the werewolf. Kuekuatsu side stepped to the left, ducked, and back flipped. However the fourth tendril managed to grab his left leg while in mid-air. In an instant the black tentacle retracted, dragging the wolf with it. The black Lycan reached over and slashed the tendril with his claws.

He landed on his hands, and then flipped back onto his feet. Feeling insulted by his defiance, the death god increased his offense. Fifteen more tendrils poured from his robe. He struck the butt of his scythe against the black sand, causing another earthquake while also causing twenty more tendrils to erupt from the sand. Seeing that the odds were against him, Kuekuatsu felt that he had no choice but to fight until he thought of an escape plan. The tendrils surrounded the wolf, but they were stagnant while their master spoke.

"Whatever you do, it won't matter. There is no escape once you enter this world. And I don't care if you feltyour heart beat. You are dead! Cut this arrogant bravery crap of yours and accept it!" The god's cold words echoed far and wide and seemed to have an intimidating effect.

Within that moment, the faint beating sound of Kuekuatsu's heart became weaker. Once again the black wolf felt lost, he no chance of escape, and he definitely did not have the strength to fight the god of death. But still his beating heart was his only glimmer of hope. No matter the odds, he had to fight for his life. The werewolf scowled at the reaper, then threw his head back as he echoed a howl. For the first time, Kuekuatsu transformed with zero difficulty.

"Go ahead and bare you fangs at me, the result would still be same. You will enter that portal whether you want to or not" Two electric red orbs glowed from within the death gods hood.

"You're going to have to drag me in there, kicking and screaming" Kuekuatsu growled after his howl.

"That can be arranged! You arrogant fool!"

The dozens of black tendrils which surrounded the black werewolf launched themselves at him. The wolf rushed forward, while slashing tentacles that lashed out at him from left and right, jumped up and flipped, dodging several tendrils in mid-air. With both claws out, he lunged at the god as returned to the ground. Unfortunately his arms became restricted before he could reach his target. The two tendrils slammed the wolf to the ground while the others snaked over to him. Kuekuatsu rose to his knees, and then ripped apart his binds with his fangs.

Some of the many black tendrils began to coil themselves around the Lycans limbs and tighten their grip. The reaper watched as the werewolf desperately cut through the many tentacles that tried to bind him. The death god was even more impatient than before, and wanted to end the foolish rebellion. He tightened his grip on the crimson scythe, and red electricity sparked to life and flowed through the black tendrils.

Kuekuatsu saw the red electricity, and hastened to free himself. With one mighty slash he ripped through fifteen tendrils, and then jumped high into the air before the red lighting could reach him. While in the air, Kuekuatsu felt a strange but familiar sensation around his body.

And to his surprise, he did not immediately fall back to the black sanded ground. The wolf looked down and saw more black tendrils coiled with red electricity rush up toward him. Without a second thought, he used his arms to lift his body upwards. It only took Kuekuatsu a few seconds to realize he was swimming. This world of red was truly a strange one he thought, but appreciated the convenience nonetheless.

The black wolf looked up and saw the bright red sun, and at the same time, his faint heart beat grew a bit stronger as he approached the surface. The Reaper let out another terrible screeching noise as he jumped off the ground, and flew toward the Lycan at an alarming rate of speed. Hearing the screech caused Kuekuatsu to wince in pain and clutch his flickering ears. However he managed to dodge the red/black tentacles that chased him. From his viewpoint, the surface looked so close, but in actuality it was far, very far.

Within the next four seconds the reaper caught up with him, commanded the tendrils to standby without saying a word, and attacked with his scythe. Kuekuatsu swam up again, barely avoiding a horizontal slash of the crimson scythe. Before he could go any further, the death god appeared before him again. Not wanting the god to have a chance to attack, Kuekuatsu went on the offensive and slashed at the reaper several times.

But the god easily blocked his attacks with his divine weapon. The reaper raised his scythe to make a vertical slash, and Kuekuatsu immediately swam backward. The black wolf avoided the powerful slash which would have sliced him in two, but even though he dodged the blade, he did not and definitely could not avoid the shockwave the scythe created.

The force pushed him back down into the depths of the crimson ocean. The tendrils became active again and caught the Lycan, and immediately the wolf was shocked by the red lightning. From there he was thrown downward, and crashed into the black sand at the bottom. Kuekuatsu twitched and groaned in pain. It was good that he was able to feel, but that did not help the situation.

And to add to his troubles, the sound of his heart beat had weakened again, to the point where it was barely audible to him and its beating was scarce. The black Lycan tried to lift his body, but before he could even wag his tail, the black tendrils, without the red lighting flowing through them this time, wrapped around him. The Reaper had captured him again and there was nothing he could do now.

"I told you that no one escapes me, but I suppose it's pointless to reason with an idiot" he said coldly, then started to drag Kuekuatsu toward the black/green flaming portal.

"No…. Let…Let go of me…!" Kuekuatsu's voice was weak, but loud enough to be a growl.

He tried with all his might to break free from the restraints, but it was pointless now, especially in his weakened state.

"Your kind will never change, but then again, you're not the only race to try and defy me…" he hissed cold words.

A moment later, the two were mere inches away from the black and green portal, but before the death god could shove the wolf inside of it. The familiar voice of a goddess shouted.


While the reaper remained unfazed. Kuekuatsu was surprised and fueled with a new sense of hope.

"…How DAREyou enter my world without permission…!" the death god kept his gaze upon the portal, rather than look at the newcomer. His words were filled with cold hatred.

Kuekuatsu wanted to speak up and greet the goddess, but the tendrils that bound him to the black sand had a merciless grip, which added to the lingering pain of the electrocution he suffered earlier. He had no choice but to remain silent for the time being and endure the pain as much as he could.

"Release him now Yama'Kuuta!" The goddess demanded while addressing the death god by his true name.

With another terrible screech, the reaper slammed the butt of his crimson scythe on the black sand, causing yet another earthquake as he turned to face the moon goddess. The electric red orbs from within his hood burned violently bright. And more red lightning came, randomly striking the black sand.

"Why would I ever do such a thing? He died. His soul entered my world and I am here to claim his soul. It's as simple as that, and other thing. NEVER, call me Yama'Kuuta. I dropped that name a long time ago." His words were like blades of ice.

"I am a god just like you. Therefore, I have the right to call you by your true name. Now I will say it again, release Kuekuatsu!" Tsukiyomi's voice was still strong and confident, and still beautiful to hear.

Where she stood, the black sand turned silver, and her presence seemed to alter the scene little by little. The red lightning that randomly fell down from the sky did not dare came near her and the remaining black tendrils kept their distance.

"You have yet to give me a good reason to release this Lycanthrope. And in addition to that, you have no right to order me around, especially when you are in my domain." The death god, calmed himself a bit, but was still enraged.

"I know, and I apologize for that" Tsukiyomi sighed, then motioned toward the Lycan and the reaper.

"I am also aware of your laws here. But this case is very important and I beg of you to bend them just this once" She pleaded with the death god.

"Bend my own rules?! Are you serious" He felt insulted. "It seems that your audacity knows no bounds…" the death god snarled.

"Yama'Kuuta, I am asking you nicely. Please relinquish Kuekuatsu to me"

"I sense a threat behind those words" The reaper held his weapon in a defensive stance.

"I do not wish to quarrel with you. But the fate of the world depends on Kuekuatsu's life" Her words were serious, but somehow still beautiful.

"Allow me explain something to you. I am well aware that Kuronous is in the process of reviving. And I am also aware that this Lycanthrope in particular, will help deal with him. HOWEVER, what I understand is that this Lycan died, and his soul came here. It does not matter who it is. Once a mortal soul comes here, they belong to me!" He gestured at the black wolf.

"And as an act of generosity, I will give you some advice. Find another champion to fight Kuronous!!!" His screeching voice was painful to Kuekuatsu's sensitive ears.

"You found one the first time, so why not do it again?" his question was rhetorical.

"His existence should answer your question, Yama'Kuuta. You were there ten thousand years ago. Tell me that he does not resemble the Kuekuatsu from back then!" She dared her fellow spirit god.

"How many times must I tell you? It does not matter who it is! Those who—"

"I am aware of your laws Yama'Kuuta! But this is about fate. And that boy….My child… is fated to fight against Kuronous…." There were traces of sadness in her voice.

"Hmm...Your child huh? Well you have many other children on earth. Go attend to them and leave this one to me." The reaper mocked the goddess.

"I will not repeat myself. And there is nothing you can say or do to convince me to let this Lycanthrope free. So leave now, or else I shall become hostile" He warned.

Kuekuatsu laid on the bed of black sand, still in pain from head to toe. Hearing the two spirit gods argue about him left the wolf feeling confused, he vaguely remembered his brother Kogenta mentioning the name Kuronous and now the name was being passed back and forth between the two gods. He started to question himself, like he did before during the last battle with the grey Lycan.

If he was indeed the reincarnation of another werewolf from ten thousand years ago, then were his actions his own? And does the same go for his future actions, assuming he even has a future. Perhaps his definition of fate was an illusion, and he was an utter fool to think that way. While he contemplated those new revelations, his faint heart beats were on the verge of dying out. Soon he would be as dead as the reaper said he was.

"It seems that I have no choice in the matter….I will have to take Kuekuatsu from you…by force." She glared at god she once called a friend.

The moon goddess held out her left hand and a staff materialized out of silver light. The staff matched the height of the reapers scythe. It had a crescent moon at one end, and a full moon at another. She then pointed the crescent moon end at Kuekuatsu, and with a small circular flick of the staff, silver light obliterated the tendrils and the black wolf was freed from his binds. But even though he became liberated, the Lycan was still immobile and silent.

"I advise you to correct your mistake by leaving now." The reaper hissed.

"You are no warrior Tsukiyomi, unlike your husband who can't wait to break out of his prison." The death god shifted into an attacking position.

"We both know that he is no longer my husband!" her voice was a mix and anger and sadness.

Tsukiyomi twirled her silver staff and shot a ray of energy from the full moon end of the weapon. The silver ray of light blew past the reaper, and he realized what her target was the moment the energy past him.

He did not need see, to know that the flaming portal had been destroyed. But that did not bother him; he could always construct a new portal. For his counter attack, he commanded the black smoky tentacles and streaks of red lightning to strike the moon goddess. The misty tendrils slithered over while the red electricity arced toward their target.

Tsukiyomi stood her ground, and twirled her staff. With a horizontal slash of the crescent moon, she ripped through the tendrils with blades of silver energy. She switched to the full moon and held the staff upward, and the silver orb absorbed the red lightning, turning it red. She then took aim and sent the electricity back at the reaper. The crimson scythe absorbed the red lightning, and the death god cackled while his weapon sparked with power.

"Did you really think you could use my own power against me?" he mocked the moon goddess.

"Well of course I knew that wouldn't work. That is why I used it to distract you" The goddess grinned.

"Distract?" The reaper inquired.

He glanced over to his left and realized that Kuekuatsu was no longer lying by his side. From there the death god looked up to see the werewolf, who was still unconscious, in a crescent moon cradle which was gradually carrying him up to the surface. Although he was curious about when the moon princess did such a thing, he cared more about the fact that his prisoner was getting away, and as the god of death, he would never let such a thing happen.

"Cheap tricks like that will get you nowhere! This is my world and you must obey my laws!" The reaper bellowed.

On his command, a legion of demonic winged creatures born from the black sand flew toward the black Lycan, while the death god himself zoomed toward the moon goddess. With red lightning coiled around his weapon and onyx blades peeked out of his robes. Tsukiyomi stood her ground once more and formed a barrier of silver/gray energy. Yama'Kuuta leapt into the air and brought down his scythe in a powerful vertical slash. Red lightning blazed in all directions once the blade impacted the silver barrier.

It took seconds for the crimson scythe to slice into the barrier, reducing it to nothing. Using the crescent moon end of her staff, the moon goddess blocked the scythe while countering the red lightning and blades with her silver aura. The flying demons dismantled the silver cradle and took Kuekuatsu, tossing him around like a rag doll amongst one another. If the wolf had been conscious, he would be powerless to stop them.

Tsukiyomi struggled against the relentless power of the reaper. His red scythe continued to weigh down on her silver staff, while the red electricity and blades lashing out from his robes cut her defenses down. The death god let out a terrible screech as he forced the moon goddess backward.

"You're weak!" The reaper bellowed.

Tsukiyomi was forced to stay in a defense position, as the death god savagely slashed at her. From a distance she could almost see Kuekuatsu being tossed around by the feral demons. Time was running out for Kuekuatsu.

The link between his soul and his body was a thin line and at the brink of being cut. Her desire to save him fueled her resolve, but like Yama'Kuuta said, she was not a warrior. However she was still a goddess. Tsukiyomi's hazel eyes shimmered a brilliant silver color, and parried a downward slash of the crimson scythe. Silver spikes erupted from the ground shattering the onyx blades and red electricity.

The reaper backed off before the spikes could reach him. Tsukiyomi twirled her staff and commanded the spikes to dart toward Yama'Kuuta. A black tornado sprouted from the ground and enveloped the silver spikes. The reaper commanded the tornado to attack the goddess, but curved blades of silver energy slashed through the tornado.

Yama'Kuuta spun his scythe and decimated the silver blades in one strike. He then looked up to see the moon princess in mid-air, shooting spears from the full moon end of her staff. Red lightning arced from the scythe and collided with the spears, causing a red/silver explosion. Using another tornado to clear the debris, the death god saw that Tsukiyomi had disappeared.

Kuekuatsu's body was being carried by multiple demons and few of them constructed a flaming green/black portal to toss him into. However, before they could even reach the fiery gate, a tidal wave of silver sand crashed over them. The demons born of black sand had been destroyed while the black Lycanthrope was gently wrapped in silver energy. Tsukiyomi demolished the portal with another energy blast from her staff, and then motioned toward the unconscious Lycan.

"Do not worry my child. I shall take you away from this world of red. I promise." She lightly brushed his hair.

Dark spires emerged from the black sand, surrounding the goddess and the Lycan, the spires then formed together, encasing them inside a pyramid made of onyx sand.

"You can go. But the werewolf stays here." The reaper hissed.

"I will not leave him here with the likes of you!" Her voice echoed from within the black pyramid.

"NO ONE ESCAPES ME, TSUKIYOMI!!" A frightening screech expelled from within the death gods hood.

Silver light sliced and cracked through the pyramid until the building disintegrated. Rising from the pile of black sand, was a gray platform carrying Tsukiyomi with Kuekuatsu in her arms, while her moon staff floated by her side.

"You're going to have to make an exception this time, Yama'Kuuta" There were traces of scorn in her elegant voice.

"Must you keep mocking me with that name?!" The reaper levitated, and motioned toward them with a legion of black smoky tentacles following him.

Tsukiyomi willed the platform to rise. Any further conflict with the reaper would waste whatever precious time Kuekuatsu had left. She placed her hand on his chest, and felt a dying heart beat.

"Please…hold on just a little more" She pleaded in a whisper, and then commanded the platform to move faster.

By the time the goddess came close to the surface, the crimson ocean had become frozen over with the coldest form of ice. With her staff, Tsukiyomi sent a blast of energy at the ice, but there was no effect. Black tendrils began to poke holes in the grey platform, and tear it apart. But the assault was halted when the death god arrived.

"How many times must I stress this? There is no possible escape for that Lycan. You may as well just leave him." The reaper made a brief attempt to reason with the goddess.

The spirit god of death raised his right hand and removed his hood, revealing his dragon skull of a head. He opened his maw and a ferocious blizzard poured out with icy blades in the mix. The moon staff spun rapidly, creating a wall of silver flames to counter the blizzard. Tsukiyomi conjured a separate platform for the black wolf and used it to keep him at a safe distance.

The moon goddess retrieved her wand and extinguished the silver flames, letting the blizzard come through. With her left hand, she raised the staff and slashed downward with the crescent moon end, sending a blade of silver energy slicing through the blizzard, targeting its creator. The reaper closed his maw and deflected the silver blade with a twirling motion of his scythe.

"You cannot win" His eyes sparked with red electricity, while his cold words reached the goddess.

"I don't need to win. I just need to get Kuekuatsu out of here. Something I will accomplish" She stated.

"Why must you be so stubborn?" The reaper lightly shook his dragon skull head.

The death god raised his scythe in an attacking position.

"Why must you be so selfish?" The goddess retorted.

Tsukiyomi took a battle ready stance as well.

"Selfish?" the god's dragon skull tilted slightly to one side.

"Yes, selfish. You ought to know more about the word and its meaning, since you went as far as to create a world of your own, just so you wouldn't have to submit to our spirit laws. You're lucky you did not share the same fate Kuronous when he broke the law"

An invisible smile grew on the death god's face, as a disturbing cackle left his maw.

"Are you telling me that I've committed a crime?"

"Yes, although they may be minor, they are still crimes. I am the only reason that others haven't come here to punish you" The goddess informed him and was greatly annoyed by the maniacal laughter that came from the death god.

"We both know that I do not, nor will I ever abide by the spirit laws." He snarled.

"That is where you are wrong, Yama'Kuuta. You were there when the rules were being established and you even approved or agreed with most of the laws that we as gods chose to follow. You being here in this separate dimension is a violation. A violation that the others and I were willing to—"

"SILENCE!!" the reaper hissed. "I have heard enough from you! So I will give you one last chance to leave. Or else I will make you a prisoner along with your child and all the other souls!" The red orbs in his eye sockets sparked with violent electricity.

Having no desire to waste anymore time, Tsukiyomi went on the offensive. She summoned a great deal of energy around herself and her weapon. Silver wings spouted from her back as she charged at Yama'Kuuta.

Smoky tendrils intercepted, but were cut down by the crescent moon on her staff. Once she was close enough, Tsukiyomi made a downward thrust with the crescent moon on her staff. The reaper blocked with the middle of the scythes handle, from there he pushed the goddess back. With the aid of her wings, Tsukiyomi flipped over the death god, and used the full moon end to make an energy blast, but the attack was countered with the red lightning that expelled from the crimson scythe.

The moon princess backed off then twirled her staff before lashing out a few silver spears at the reaper, who sliced through them with ease. Yama'Kuuta slashed with his weapon, creating a shockwave which impacted with Tsukiyomi, and then he moved in after the hit had her briefly dazed. The moon goddess quickly shook off the dizziness, and then erected a silver barrier.

The death god enjoyed himself as he smacked around the barrier with his crimson scythe. He slashed it with an upward thrust causing the barrier to bounce off the ice covered surface. From there he slammed it to the left and shot red lightning from his boney fingertips, causing the barrier to reach its breaking point. Tsukiyomi felt weakened after the barrier shattered.

She was wasting time fighting an opponent she knew she could not defeat. The ice covered surface was the only thing standing in her way of getting Kuekuatsu back to life. There had to be another way to break through the ice, since her own powers weren't strong enough. Red lighting arced over to her as she contemplated. Tsukiyomi countered with a wave of silver energy, and at the same time she got an idea. With an arced slash of her staff, she sent a wave of silver wind at the reaper. The goddess followed up with an energy blast.

The death god swung his scythe and blades of red electricity cut through the wind and decimated the silver energy. Tsukiyomi held out the full moon end of the silver staff then waited. Surely enough the red lightning became absorbed by the full moon, turning it red once again, she then pointed it back at the reaper. He glared at her, daring the goddess to make the same move she did earlier. For a brief moment, the goddess kept the staff aimed at the reaper, but then she turned it upwards and expelled all the electricity at the ice above. Once the Ice and lightning collided, Tsukiyomi moved on with the next phase of her plan during the explosion she created.

"What have you done?!" The reaper screeched after shielding himself from the debris.

Seconds after the smoke cleared, a massive hole in the ice was left behind. The death god's eyes burned with rage once Tsukiyomi had disappeared again, and the black werewolf was nowhere to be seen as well. He had enough of this humiliation; it was time to end this conflict by summoning all the power he could muster. And in this world of red, he was all powerful.

*BA-DUMP* Kuekuatsu's heart beat, and the connection between his soul and body had become steady once he was above the crimson ocean, however time was still of the essence. The moon goddess carried him in her arms once again, and flew high into the maroon sky, which had been stained by a large silver gateway.

"What took you so long?! We can't hold this gate open for much longer!" A godlike voice roared down to the moon goddess.

"You should have sent me down there to deal with Yama'Kuuta!" Another godlike voice shouted.

"I apologize for taking so long, but I am here now" She greeted her fellow spirit gods once she arrived.

"So, that's him? He really does look like the Kuekuatsu from ten thousand years ago" The spirit god who stood on the left of the silver gate gazed at the black werewolf with curiosity.

His body was the shape of a human while he had the head of a green dragon whose horns pointed backward and his eyes burned with cold blue light. He wore an emerald green tunic with a gold belt and onyx pants. His dragon tail swayed from side to side. Twin onyx katana swords were strapped to his side.

"He had better be worth this trip! I never want to come back to this distasteful world again!" Grunted the god on the right side of the gate

He had the head of a shark with a human like body. He wore a cobalt blue sash around his muscular grey skinned body and pants being held up by a bronze belt. A gold battle axe was strapped to his back.

"He is worth it! Now we must make haste before—"

Red tendrils from the maroon sky coiled themselves around the two gods who held the gateway open. Lightning came down as well, striking all three spirit gods. A terrifying screech came from below. Black tornados, demons born of the black sand, and tendrils that reached impossible lengths as well as more arcs of red lightning came to greet the three spirit gods who were trespassing in their master's world.

The red sun blazed a level a heat that was almost unbearable. The two spirit gods struggled in pain while Tsukiyomi did her best to keep the black wolf out of harm's way. She attempted to rush for the gate, but it immediately became blocked by the sand demons. The screech turned into maniacal laughter once the reaper arrived.

"Well isn't this fantastic! Shenron and Susanoo, I never imagined that you two, let alone Tsukiyomi would ever enter my realm!" The death god threw his dragon skull back and continued his disturbed laughter after addressing the dragon and shark by their true names.

The ice on the ocean melted, and the red water whipped and churned. Creating tidal waves and whirlpools in all direction, and the tornados absorbed portions of the crimson ocean and circled around the gods. Thunder roared proudly in the maroon sky while red lightning ripped through it and occasionally struck the three spirit gods. The sand demons, especially the ones guarding the silver gate, which was slowly closing, danced and howled with delight as the ghastly scene raged on.

"GIVE ME THE BOY, TSUKIYOMI!!" The reapers screech was in tune with raging storm.

"NEVER!" She shouted back and winced in pain. Despite her suffering, Kuekuatsu's well being was her only concern.

"I've had enough of this!" The dragon known as Shenron reached for his twin swords and ripped the red tentacles that bound him to shreds.

"It's time for you to receive your punishment Yama'Kuuta!" Susanoo retrieved his axe, and slashed through the red tendrils, freeing himself.

"MY PUNISHMENT?! NEED I REMIND YOU THAT THIS IS MY WORLD!!?" The reaper readied his scythe and his boney fingers grew into five inch claws.

Susanoo made the first offense and charged at the reaper, decimating demon, tentacles, and tornados in his wake. The death god twirled his scythe horizontally before bringing it down with a thrust to counter the upward thrust of Susanoo's battle axe. The gods backed away briefly before clashing their blades again. Shenron dispatched the sand demons guarding the gate, and freed Tsukiyomi from her binds.

"Susanoo and I shall deal with Yama'Kuuta, you go on ahead!" He informed her before charging into battle.

Tsukiyomi expressed her gratitude as the god departed. She turned her attention back to the gate, which was closing, but at a slow rate. As the moon goddess made her way, red and black tendrils lashed out, however she made quick work of them with her moon staff. Once she was a mere inch from the portal, Tsukiyomi briefly turned back to see the three gods locked in combat.

Yama'Kuuta blocked and countered the many attacks of his two opponents with no trouble at all. Each clash of their blades brought more chaos to world of red. It was a sight that brought sadness to Tsukiyomi's heart, and the thought of what fate had in store for the black lycanthrope in her arms filled her with more sorrow. As tears leaked out from her hazel eyes, she turned to enter the silver gateway and take her child away as she promised.

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