Goddess of flowers, God of Trees.

There was a princess named Amira. She had lived in a castle with her parents, and she loved to spend most of her time outside. There had been only one problem, the outside was not very beautiful. Princess Amira thought it was ugly and depressing yet she couldn't put her finger on the reason. She had grown up her whole life with powers, yet she could never quite understand what they did. She knew that she was more than just a princess, she knew she was supposed to be more than that. But she didn't know what she was supposed to be, she knew there was a reason to the powers, and what she thought of the outside. But yet each and every day she couldn't figure out how she was supposed to use them and what they were for, just like she knew there was a reason for the depressingness of the outside but she couldn't figure out how to fix it. She was 16 before when she met Prince Amir who thought the same thing as she, that there was something that needed fixing on the outside, but he could not think of it. He also had some mysterious powers, and they knew at moment they were meant to be and that they were supposed to figure these things out on their own with each other's help. They realised that their names were but only one letter apart and looked to their names to figure it out. Within a few months they had realised what the outside was missing; trees, and flowers and such. So they knew right away their powers were supposed to help with that, Amir worked on making trees. While Amira worked on the flowers, within weeks they figured out how to use their powers, to make the flowers and the trees. They created their trees and flowers. Many different kinds from flowers such as; lilies, roses, belladonnas, and many many more. There were many kinds of trees too starting with; oak, maple, elm, and much more. From then on Princess Amira was known as Goddess Amira, the goddess of flowers, and Prince Amir known as God Amir, god of trees. They lived together making the world a beautiful place.

Review, tell me what you think. it's not long and not the best but it's just a myth about the creation of flowers and trees. i wrote it for my English class, in a 5 minutes. And if people like it i might be able to turn into something sorta like a story. If enough people like it i can make a first chapter of it and leave this up to kinda tell you what will happen, this way you know what happens but you'd still get a chance to know the characters and read what they go through to get there.