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Apple Bottom Academy (edited)

Chapter 1: Apple Bottom Academy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ July ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Daphne's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of terrible singing. More like two, terrible singers. I groaned, rolling over onto my stomach, covering my ears with my pillow, eyes squeezed shut tight. Annoyance rose in my chest as I realized I wasn't going to get in any more sleep. The singing got louder.

"STOP IT!" I cried, infuriated. No one heard me.

I growled climbing out of bed. Yawning, I stretched and sighed, heading downstairs still in my pajama shorts and loose t-shirt. My hair was still a mess. I went straight towards the kitchen. "What's going on in here?"

My mother was dancing around the kitchen, her hair and makeup already done. She had a broad smile on her young face and there was something about her that screamed happiness. Her dirty blonde locks were wrapped tightly into a messy bun and she was wearing a nice outfit, unlike the suits that she usually wore to work.

My father was sitting at the breakfast table, all dressed and ready to go. He was reading the newspaper, as per usual, and I stifled a laugh as I knew that this was all for show. The only thing he ever read in the paper were the comics.

And of course, the singing came from them.

"Oh, my baby!" my mother cried, running over to squeeze the air out of my body. "My baby is all grown up."

I frowned, confused. What brought this on? What the heck is going on?!

"Oh, my baby!" my father sang, the tone set deep in his voice. I cringed as my mother followed his example, singing as his harmony.

I sighed, closing my eyes and taking deep breaths, calming myself down. I shook my head as my mother and father went to the center of the room and began to dance and sing, moving around the room.

Now, after living with them for thirteen years, I still don't see any resemblance between the three of us. How could I even be a little bit related to these two weirdos? While both my parents had light hair and pale skin, my father with his hazel eyes and my mother with her green ones, I looked nothing like them. My hair was darker than the night sky, darker even than charcoal. It shimmered almost dark, dark blue in the right light. Almost like magic. My skin was pale too, but where theirs made them looked pinkish-white, my skin glowered with a tinge of sparkles, as though I sprinkled glitter on my body. And my eyes. I didn't even want to talk about that. Mine should've been somewhere between green and hazel, maybe even brown. But it wasn't. It was a weird, almost violet-kind of colour.

Plus, even our personalities were different. At least I wasn't embarrassing.

I was certainly embarrassed, though.

"What is going on?" I repeated, folding my arms across my chest, glaring at the happy couple.

"Oh, my baby!" my mother said again. "You got accepted into a private school!"


"Yes, that's right! On a scholarship! It's an all-exclusive school, just for girls, and it sounds wonderful!" my father exclaimed, grinning like a maniac.

My jaw had dropped and my eyes had widened. "I'm not going." I decided, stomping my foot. "Is this some kind of stupid, practical joke?"

"WHAT?!" It was my parents' turn to be surprised now.

"I'm not going." I told them again. "I don't care if it's a private school, I don't care about some stupid scholarship that I did not apply for, I don't care about it at all! I just want to attend high school next year with all my friends, just like we planned."

"But, Daphne dear, this is an excellent, once-in-a-lifetime chance!" My father explained. "You can't just give it up."

"Your father's right. You can always make new friends. You'll like it there, I know you will. As long as you give it a chance. You never had much friends here, anyway." My mother continued.

I frowned, letting out a huff of disgust. "Excuse me? I have plenty of friends." I looked away from them, feeling my heart clench. That was a lie. I knew it myself. Sure, the girls were nice to me, and the boys talked to me and flirted with me, but I never really fit in. Despite bringing people back home all the time, I never brought one person more than twice. Had my parents noticed this? Had they realized that I never spoke of my friends to them, never talked to friends on late-night calls, never went out as much as I should've?

"Daphne, I know you have lots of friends. But you can always make more? Wouldn't that be nice?" My mother came over to me, wrapping her arms around me as I stood there stiffly. "Please, just give it some thought."

I swallowed hard. "I can always make new friends at high school, Mom. I don't want to go far away.I like the way things are going. Don't you?"

"Well, yes." My father answered for her, his eyes boring into mine. "But change is nice too."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not going."

"You won't even try it?" My mother plead, placing her hands on my shoulders. She turned her puppy-dog face on me.

I bit my lip, frowning. I hated it when my parents did this to me.

"Dear, it's a private school. How many chances do you get at that?" My father asked.

I sighed. I could feel myself losing this fight. There was no way backing out of it. I was doomed. "Let me…think about it." I compromised.

Both their faces brightened, because they knew my 'thinking about it' always turned out to my a 'yes'. It was almost guaranteed.

"Now," I frowned, "I'm going back to sleep. Don't disturb me."

"We won't." My mother chirped.

I nodded once and headed up the stairs, just as singing took place. High pitched, super loud singing.

I groaned.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kairi's P.O.V

Kairi turned around one last time, taking a deep breath of sea water. She looked over her beautiful city, trying to capture it all into memory. She didn't know when the next time she'd be home would be, and she didn't want to regret not taking a good look at her city. Sunlight was just beginning to penetrate the waters, casting a soft, glow on the city below her.

Kairi's multicoloured tail flickered behind her, swishing with the power of an adolescent mermaid. She reached back and touched it lovingly, knowing that in a few minutes, she'd be trading them up for a pair of human legs. Kairi shuddered at the thought. She had never really left her waters for long before. And she always had her parents there to help her. What was she going to do now? Kairi took another deep breath, cringing. She was already clumsy in the water, how was she going to survive with two legs?

"Goodbye, Atlantis." Kairi whispered. "I'll be home soon." Satisfied, Kairi turned around and headed for the guest entrance. There, she would be able to transform into a 'human', and then proceed to her new school, which would be home to her during the schooling months.

Excitement rose in Kairi's chest as she swam closer and closer to the flashing green light that indicated the guest tunnel. Finally, she was going to be attending her dream school, Apple Bottom Academy. For as long as she could remember, it had been her dream to attend there. The first time she had laid her dark, ocean-blue eyes on it, she had only been a little merchild. She had been awestruck at the beautiful girls walking around in pretty uniforms, talking and laughing with each other, wind licking at their hair. She had looked at the school itself, with its large towers and slick, white walls. The thick, black gates had been closed, sealing in a wonderful little haven. To Kairi, there was nothing more that she wanted except to be in those gates, to be able to laugh and joke around like those girls, and to study at the most important, biggest school for girls there was all over the universe. Only the best girls went there, the ones with all the privileges and rights.

And now, Kairi was going to go there too.

She wondered if, without her father's big promotion to King, she would have ever been able to fulfill her dreams.

Kairi neared the entrance, and she took a deep breath. She had been training for this for a long time. Then, she closed her eyes, reaching with her mind into the deepest parts of her core to find that little bubble of power. It was glowing with anticipation when she found it, and she pulled it slowly out of its place, using it to spread all over her body. Wherever it washed it left tingles, and she felt all warm inside. Without even realizing it, Kairi was spinning in one spot, creating a cocoon of water around herself as her tail changed from its beautiful graceful self into two pale, smooth legs.

When the power had retreated into its original place again, and Kairi felt the coolness of the waters on her skin, she opened her eyes and looked down, admiring the way her thin legs looked. Oh how pitiful! They looked like two pieces of seaweed, able to snap at any moment. Already Kairi felt a longing for her powerful, thick tail.

Kairi's face lit up as she realized that she wasn't even fully naked. Somehow, during the transformation, her bikini-like seashell top had changed into a small, flowing white dress. Kairi giggled, swimming around using her two legs to get a feel of them. She thrashed around a bit, wondering why she was moving in one spot.

Kairi stopped, looking around quickly for any eyes as her cheeks burned. That was embarrassing, even for her. Kairi took another deep breath, and pressed the little red button, opening the entrance. It was incredible how even though the doors were wide open, no water went into the tunnel. Kairi stepped carefully out of her home, and then the doors closed behind her.

The tunnel felt damp, and Kairi shivered, quickly swinging her backpack over her shoulder to take out her brand new ABA uniform.

Giggling excitedly, Kairi quickly changed, hoping for the best in her bright, new future.

Lily's P.O.V

Lily shook her head, running her fingers through the tangly mess she called her hair. Lily growled, grabbing her special silver brush and combing it through her hair as though her life depended on it. Her life did depend on it.

"No need to kill your brush," her older, annoying brother, Seth, joked as he popped his head into the bathroom. His face was freshly washed, with his dark brown hair gelled into perfection, his light brown eyes wide with fake innocence.

Lily growled again, glaring at her brother and his luck. He never went through the daily, morning troubles that she, unfortunately, had to go through.

"Hey, hey." he raised his hands up in surrender. "Just being the messenger here. Ma says to hurry up. Breakfast is ready and you don't want to be late for your first day of school."

Lily sighed, cocking her head to one side. "Would I look better with my hair up or down?"

Seth grinned. "You're gonna take my word for it?"

She nodded, her eyes wide with hope as she waited for his answer.

"Neither. You'd look the best bald."

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Lily cried angrily, slamming the door as he laughed and laughed. Lily sighed, then began hacking away at her hair again, praying to God that it would listen to her today. Just today.

Lily knew how important first impressions were. And she didn't want to mess hers up. Lily shuddered as she gave up, combing her hair into a ponytail before brushing her bangs to be just in the right place. Seth had told her many frightening stories about the girls' school, and even though Lily knew never to trust her brother on these things, she couldn't help but believe it. After all, she knew how vicious girls could be. And she was attending a school full of rich, snobby girls who could tear her to pieces if she didn't wear the right brand of shoes.

Lily shuddered again as she leaned into the mirror, inspecting her face. She sighed, believing that this would do for now. She grabbed her backpack off the counter, zipping it up and swinging it over her shoulder, heading out of the bathroom.

She went into the direction of the kitchen, closing her eyes and sniffing the air that was filled with the aroma of deliciousness.

"Hey, Ma." Lily greeted her mother, pecking her on the cheek. Lily narrowed her eyes at her brother, but didn't say anything. Instead, she took the seat across from him and stared at the food already on the table.

There was pancakes set on a silver plate, and maple syrup sitting beside it. Lily smiled. She had collected that syrup herself this summer, along with Seth and some of their friends. It was tough work, but fun. And involved lots of chances on having syrup fights. Lily was always the winner in those games. She snickered as she thought of how Seth was always the loser.

"What's so funny?" Seth asked as he swallowed a mouthful of pancakes. He picked up his cup of orange juice and sipped.

Lily rolled her eyes and smiled even bigger when she saw the can of Coke sitting near her plate. She quickly popped the cap and chugged. "Mhmm." Then, she took some pancakes and poured mountains of syrup on it, watching amusingly as it covered the whole top of her pancakes.

"Lily," her mother said exasperatedly. "How many times have I told you that too much syrup is bad for your health?"

"But Ma-"

"She's leaving soon, Honey. Give her a break." Lily's father appeared, his eyes crinkling at the corners with humour. "Look at them. Even our baby girl is going away."

"Father!" Lily rolled her eyes again, resisting a smile. She jumped up and gave him a hug, taking in his familiar, fatherly scent that she had grown up in. Lily knew in a heartbeat that she would miss her father now that she was leaving.

Her father patted her back affectionately, running a hand through his lightly silver-streaked dark brown hair that Seth had inherited. "Go finish up. You'll be late for school."

"No, I won't." she retorted, sitting back down and cutting up her pancakes quickly. "Seth would never let me be late."

"You got that right, Sis." he grinned, downing his orange juice. "Ah….all set?"

Lily stared wide-eyed at her brother, then looked down at her pancakes that she hadn't touched. Then, she looked back up at her brother.

Seth burst into laughter as their parents chuckled.

Lily rolled her eyes, but she giggled too. Maybe it wasn't just her father that she'd be missing once she began attending ABA. Maybe it was just these simple moments that made up her happy life that she was going to miss.

As Lily shovelled down the remainder of her breakfast, she wondered briefly if she would ever find such moments like this at her new school.

Isabella's P.O.V

"Bye, slithers." Isabella whispered to her pet snake, tears filling her eyes at the thought of leaving him behind. "I'll miss you."

"HURRY UP, ISABELLA OR YOU'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" came a loud, booming voice down the hallway from Isabella's room.

Izzy frowned, tapping the glass tank once more. "I'll be home soon. Promise."

To Izzy, the only thing she would miss would be Slithers. There was nothing else that she would even remember if she had the choice here in Heliopolis. Izzy was secretly glad that she was leaving once more for boarding school, even though now she was attending a new one-- the one all female graduates of Castlefield Elementary Academy went to.

Izzy wasn't even surprised. She had been prepared all her life to go to Apple Bottom Academy. The only reason she was even allowed to go was to be a representative for her people, since the King didn't have any daughters. Her father was the next highest rank, the Lord Rossi, and so Isabella was sent off to the Upperworld.

As Izzy stood in front of her mirror, fixing the purple tie on her new uniform, she wondered once again why her father didn't just send her older sister, Lena, even though she already knew the answer. It was because her sister would've been admitted late. Rather send Izzy to the Elementary Academy and then to ABA so that she was well prepared then send Lena who had been attending Wingold Institute all her life.

"ISABELLA!" her sister screamed again.

Izzy rolled her eyes, sighing. She picked up her black backpack ringed with red and orange, filled to the brim with new notebooks and writing utensils. Swinging it over her shoulder, Izzy blew a kiss to Slithers, and headed out.

"What took you so long?" Lena growled, her cold brown eyes narrowing in Izzy's direction. "Don't you know how lucky you are to go to Apple Bottom?"

Izzy pursed her lips, ignoring her sister purposefully as she grabbed a snack from the table.

Lena was now finishing off her last year at college, right here in Heliopolis. But she was already working for their father, making new plans and putting them into action to make their city a better place. Soon, once she was graduated, she would work full time for their father, and ultimately, the King.

Izzy grinded her teeth as she headed for the door. She had been told a million times by both her father and Lena that she was favoured by the King. They were even hoping that the King's middle son would "take a fancy in her and ask for her hand". Izzy rolled her eyes. The day that Lena became a princess was the day that Izzy doused herself in acid water willingly.

"Oh, honey! Were you going to leave without a goodbye?" her mother cried, running over to give Izzy a hug. Isabella cringed slightly, knowing that this was all a show. Her "mother" wasn't really her mom; she was her stepmother. Isabella's real mother died when Izzy was just a teeny child, and her father had gotten married not soon after that. All through Isabella's life, she had only known this woman. This didn't necessary mean that she had to like her. She tried too hard, and she never got the point that Isabella didn't want her to. Besides, Isabella knew that her stepmother loved Lena more. After all, she had never given her a tough time. Backstabber, Isabella thought harshly.

"I'll be back soon." she voiced aloud, giving her stepmother a forced smile. "Really. You won't even notice I was gone."

Lena snorted. "You've got that right."

Izzy's golden eyes flashed red dangerously, but then they returned to their normal, amber colour. She could keep her cool, she could do that. Just a few more, torturous moments, then she'd be off to her new life.

"You be good, okay?" Her stepmother warned, as she picked and primed Isabella's uniform, making sure it looked perfect. "Bring back good grades, and be a good representative for us at that fancy school."

"I know, Mum." Isabella said dutifully, shivering inside at calling her 'mum'. But she had been trained to do so ever since she was a kid, or else her father would bitch at her. "I should go now. I don't want to be late for my first day."

Her stepmother sniffed, and nodded. "Be good." she repeated, then stepped aside for Isabella to pass. She gave another wan smile before heading out the door. Once outside, she let out a sigh of relief, then turned to the direction that she had to go to get to her new school. Isabella took a deep breath, knowing that she was free for ten months now.

Smiling brighter then before, she began her way. She didn't know what to expect, but she did know that whatever it was, it wouldn't be any worse then living here.

Daphne's P.O.V

I yawned, covering my mouth politely. However, it wasn't necessary because I was the only one on the bus. Frowning, I stared out the window, leaning my head on the cold glass. I didn't even know that there was a bus called the Ivylonia Express. I didn't even know what an Ivylonia was.

I closed my eyes, taking deep breaths.

I was already wearing my school uniform, which the school had sent weeks earlier after I had chosen what I wanted from a catalogue. The uniform that I was wearing consisted of a mid-thigh black pleated skirt, with gold and purple lining, a white, fitted blouse and a black blazer on the outside, which was also embroidered with gold and purple. On the left side was the crest of Apple Bottom Academy, the name of the private school that I was going to be attending. I had snorted the first time I heard it. I also wore purple knee highs, with the tops that were at my knees sparkly gold. There was a purple tie to complete the outfit, which I had made it into a little bow. The school had told me that this was what students wore for orientation, in other words, the first day of school.

Luckily, after today, students can wear anything, as long as it was part of the uniform policy, and the rest of the things I had ordered were in the suitcases in the cabinets up on the racks above me, as though we were on a plane. I thought it was strange though, that there did not come a bill for any of the things I had chosen. It was as though all the clothes and other necessities were free.

Suddenly, the bus stopped. "Nearly Ivylonia." a male's voice said over a P.A system. So Ivylonia was a place, I thought. The doors popped over, and a girl's voice chirped, "Thank you, Sir!"

I glanced outside, and realized that we were now at a beach. I frowned. I didn't live anywhere near a beach, and I had only been on the bus for maybe about an hour. Had I miscalculated the time that I had actually been on the bus?

I looked back to the front of the bus, where a girl was standing. She was looking around, a nervous but excited look on her face. Then, her ocean blue eyes landed on me. They lit up and pulling a suitcase behind her, she headed towards me.

That was when I noticed the uniform, and how identical it was to mine. So she was a student for Apple Bottom Academy too.

Then, out of the blue, the girl tripped (over what, I don't know) and fell, her suitcase clashing down too. She cried out as she landed on her elbows, her dark, chocolate brown locks splayed out around her.

"Are you okay?!" I exclaimed, sitting upright as I watched her, wide eyed.

She looked up and gave an embarrassed smile. "Yeah. I'm uh…" she slowly got up, brushing herself off and grabbing her suitcase. "I'm not yet used to two legs."

I was silent for a second, then burst into laughter. "Haha! That's funny!"

She stared blankly at me, tilting her head, confusion all over her face.

"Get into a seat, m'am!" came over the P.A system, and the girl hurriedly threw her suitcase up into one of the cabinets, then plopped down beside me.

"You know, I've never seen someone on this bus that lived further then I did." She gave a small, shy smile, sticking out her hand. "I'm Kairi Jones. Year One. Nice to meet you."

Year One. That was the equivalent to 'grade nine'. This was because there was an elementary private school that students went to before attending the two private schools; one for females, Apple Bottom academy, and one for males, Xylon Toxic Academy, I had read in the pamphlet.

"Daphne Nelson." I introduced myself, shaking her hand. "Year One."

"So, are you nervous?" the girl -Kairi- asked, fidgeting with the edge of her skirt. "'Cause I'm really nervous. It's been my dream since I was a little mergirl to go to Apple Bottom Academy. I never went to Castlefield Elementary though. My father didn't want me to go there. Instead, he told me to go to our own elementary school, then transfer to ABA. He's a little overprotective, but I'm getting him to change that."

I frowned. "Mergirl? Castlefield?" I began to smirk, shaking my head and rolling my eyes. This girl was a real joker.

She blinked at me. "I'm a mermaid." she said, as though it were obvious. "We just left Pearl Harbour…entrance to Atlantis. I thought you knew."

"Woah, woah, woah." I placed both hands up in defend mode, starting to feel annoyed. What was this girl talking about? "Mermaid? Atlantis? This isn't funny anymore, Kairi." Is she crazy?

She frowned. "I'm not being funny."

And the look on her face was so earnest I had to believe it.

I gulped. "So…it's real? That's all…real?" I felt lightheaded, as though I had taken a nasty fall after someone had pulled the carpet out from under me. As though someone decided to flip my world around, just for the fun of it. Already it was too much to handle and I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath.

Her eyes widened as she finally -FINALLY- got it. "Oh…Daphne, don't tell me. You're not…human, are you?"

"I am." I told her. "I'm pretty sure, anyway. I've never sprouted wings or breathed fire or used magic or anything."

She gasped. "But…that's not possible!"


"It's just not! No human can even see this bus, let alone get on it. There's magic spells to protect it and our worlds." she frowned. "There must be something in your heritage that isn't human. There has to be."

"But both my parents are human." I replied, not voicing aloud all my thoughts that I've had before. That I was different from them. That I wasn't actually their child.

Kairi nodded. "Either that or they made a mistake." she took a deep breath, turning to face me with those cool, calm eyes. "Daphne, I'll help you. I will tell you what you need to know, okay? And until the school figures out the mistake that they made, we will pretend that you are one of us. Our peoples don't like humans. You were the ones that kicked us out of our original habitat -Earth- in the first place." she gulped. "Your people sunk my kingdom, made us have to struggled for survival for eons before finally, we came back. We got help. We made it. You're going to pretend that you're a mermaid too, okay? 'Cause that's the only kind of creature I know. Well, duh. This is just for now, until we figure out what's really going on."

"Do I have to act clumsy, too?" I joked.

Kairi cracked a smile, rolling her eyes. "Haha, funny. Okay, Ivylonia is the small world for elemental creatures. Anyone who has one of the four elemental powers could live there. It is also a world that accepts races too small to have their own world. Kind of like Canada. Only different. An Ivylonian is someone who lives there. With me so far?"

I nodded.

"Good." she continued. "We're going to be attending Apple Bottom Academy, the school for girls. The one for boys is called Xylon Toxic. They are right next to each other, and usually compete with each other in sports and stuff. Castlefield Elementary Academy is the co-ed school for the young. Got it?"

I nodded again.

She smiled warmly at me, taking one of my hands. "You don't need to be afraid, okay? We're not allowed to use our powers during the school year, except for emergencies and self-defense. No one would ask you to prove your heritage as a mermaid. You'll be safe, as long as you don't act surprise to hear about wizards, dragons, shape shifters, faeries, the like. Okay?"

"Yeah." I took a deep breath. "Wow. I…I don't even have anything to say."

"Don't say much. As long as you keep your mouth shut, you'll do okay." she smiled again, then reached for a book in the small backpack she was holding. "Don't mind me."

I leaned my head against the windows again, staring outside, my fingers fiddling with the tiny red bear that hung on the small purse I had with me. On the front of the bear was red encrusted jewels, with the exception of three black ones that made up the eyes and nose. I smiled faintly at the welcoming memory that came along with the bear, reminding me of home.

The bear's equivalent was silver and black, and was in the possession of one of my only true friends from home. Her name was Kaylie, and she had taken me to an Asian market one day, to shop for cheap things. Kaylie and I were a lot alike; and we had clicked fast when we first met. We would've been best friends had she lived in our neighbourhood for a long time. But she didn't. She attended boarding school too, somewhere in England. She wouldn't say the specifics, and I never asked. She would only come home during the holidays, and in the summer. And those were the times that I was happiest during the year.

I had told Kaylie I was going to a boarding school, and she had asked where. I told her, "Someplace called Ivylonia." She had simply nodded, saying that she never knew a place with that name existed.

I hadn't either.

Later, even though I would never know it, Kaylie would only ever remember me telling her I was going to boarding school. She would never remember that it was in Ivylonia, because she had never heard of such a place before.

"We are now in Ivylonia. Thank you for taking the Ivylonia Express." came the male's voice over the P.A system once again.

Kairi put her book away, then stretched. "It's half an hour to ABA, alright?"

I nodded.

Soon, the bus began to fill up with people. Some were also students, and others were older people, obviously heading off to work. I realized that boys that went to Xylon Toxic also wore black, purple and gold. At first, it was interesting to see all the different types of creatures, although I had to stifle a scream a couple of times. But then, I slowly got used to it, which sounded strange, even in my head.

Finally, the bus driver announced that we were at Apple Bottom Academy, and Kairi and I grabbed our stuff, along with a quarter of the bus people, and headed down the steps to go outside.

Kairi and I stood outside the opened black iron gates, staring wide-eyed at the school. It looked even better then the pamphlet picture. From where we were standing, the school didn't look so big, it only looked sort of like looking at an X from the bottom or the side. Actually, that was how we were looking at it. The school was originally built looking like an X, but over the years, they had remodelled it and added extra hallways, so that now all the arms of the X were connected in more then one way, to look like a many edged star from aerial view. There was one hallway, I knew, that was longer and better then the rest. It was connected to a huge library, and then to the boys' school.

I took a deep breath, feeling nervously excited. "This is it."

Gabriella -Brie's- P.O.V

I tightened the straps to my weapons belt that hung loosely on my waist. I looked up into the mirror, tilting my head at my reflection. My ebony black hair was tied up into a pony tail with a thick, silver ribbon. My vivid pink eyes shone, rimmed with dark kohl. I was wearing all black, a stretchable shirt that showed a bit of midriff, and loose, baggy pants with lots of pockets for secret weapons. I had a sword hung almost carelessly at my side, and a quiver filled with arrows on my back. My arms were fastened with pretty, decorative pink and silver ribbons. They weren't so much decoration, though, as they were protection. There were magic spells on them so that they weren't penetrable, and since my arms were mostly covered with them, I was almost guaranteed safety. I nodded once to myself, reaching for my black gloves that I had left on my dresser and pulling it on, so that only my fingers showed.

I sighed, grabbing my bow and hurrying out the door. I wandered down the dark hallways, intent on getting there before the General got upset. A couple of servant girls curtseyed as I passed, but I ignored them.

Soon, I found myself outside the Weaponry Room, where the General always had a major pep talk before sending his troops out to train and practice.

I stepped into the room silently and skilfully, as to not draw any attention to myself. I mostly succeeded; no one saw me enter except the General, who flickered his eyes towards me.

"--greatest warrior ever!" the General exclaimed, and everyone -all males- erupted into cheering. "Now, get out there and practice until you bleed, so that you may be an ounce of what he was!"

They all stood up, saluting the General before passing by me, some giving warm hellos while others just ignored me. They were smart; no one would want to get on my bad side, nor would they want to get on the General's bad side.

"Come here, Brie." the General motioned for me. I took a couple of graceful steps and stood beside him, staring at the rock table that held his most prized weapons. Some of them he had won, and others he had made specially for him. But that wasn't what had caught my attention. Those I had seen all my life. It was the necklace that did it.

The silver jewel was tied to a simple black ribbon, and there was a small hole inside the jewel. I gasped when I saw it and glanced up at the General questionably.

"This will soon be yours." he breathed, staring down at the necklace, his fingers tracing the donut-shaped jewel gently.


He nodded. "Yes. When Princes-- Queen Monica decides, it shall be yours."

"What's the price?" I quickly asked. I had learned the hard way that everything came with a price, whether it was valuable or not.

His eyes flashed to mine, holding my glaze. "You must always do as she says. There is a war coming. I can sense it. She will need you there for her. That is the price."

I didn't reply, because I could feel that he wasn't finished.

"You will always do as she says, okay? The day you betray her will be the day you betray me! Do you understand that?" he narrowed his eyes in my direction, and I lowered my own.

"Yes, Father."

Well….that's it. How's it sound? Better then before? No? Yes?

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