She paints her face

Who is the character for the night?

I guess its open to interpretation

As she stands in the center of the stage

She slowly turns

She hears the applause

And the cat calls

Is this life?

Or is this just a dream?

Can any life include love

Without it going insane?

I am just a dream

Spinning around to give them what they want

Will they be satisfied when I'm off the stage?

When my scene has ended,

Will anyone even care that just for a moment

I held their attention

I became the thing they wanted

The thing they adored

When the spot lights are off

Does anyone even remember my name?

When I wipe away the nights camoflage

Am I anything to be noticed?

Who am I helping

When I remove a sweater?

What do I change

When my lips are painted red?

Who could ever really love some one

That pretends to be someone else?

Can life ever have meaning

If you spend half of it in character?

Am I real?

Does everyone see me now?

Why do I feel like a shadow

When everyone can see everything?

I am a shadow

Of the girl I used to be.