Chapter One: Is it over yet?

Tick, Tickā€¦ The second hand seemed to barely move in the last minute of class. Sarah sat on the edge of her seat waiting for the bell to ring, the faster she could get out of class the faster she could get on the bus.


Finally the bell had run and Sarah was out of the classroom faster then anyone else. She stopped at her locker and dropped off her books only to have her locker slammed in her face by the jocks that had sat in the back of her last class. Thank goodness she was done anyways. Walking towards the bus lane Sarah tried to ignore the giants that seemed to be stalking her.

"DICK! You ever seen one?"

Sarah shook her head, why was it that even in high school people had to be immature about her last name, you would have thought that they would have grown up by now. Continuing walking she got more pissed off the longer she hear them talk and until she had had enough.

Turning around she noticed that not only were they jocks they were huge and man did they have good bodies. She had no idea that they made football jerseys that big. Even that didn't scare her, she was pissed

"Yes I have but I bet you never had because you've never had one Fucker"

Turning around with a smile on her face she continued stalking to the bus, unaware of the gaping stares she was receiving.

Hopping on to the bus she said Hi to the bus driver and picked a seat near the middle even though her stop was the last and the entire bus was basically empty.

Senior year in a new school was something Sarah was not expecting when she finished her junior year. The day after the family camping trip her dad said he had some important news that he needed to tell her and her mother. Being an only child had its advantages, you normally know what was going on, but she had been blindsided by this.

"Sweetie, your mom and I have talked about this a lot and we have decided that I am taking a job in Washington State." My dad finished up with a large smile on his face that faded quickly at the look at her face.

Sarah was in shock, plain and simple. Moving before her senior year, but her friends were here; the rest of the week she as in a haze. The house got packed in record time, or at least it seemed that way and less then a week after the announcement they were on the road to Washington State.

Coming out of the memory, she shook her head only to see the jock she just insulted walk on the bus, and man did he look pissed.