Friday. The best day of the week. What wasn't to like, two days without school, which meant sleeping in. And sleeping in was exactly what Sarah had planned. Unfortunately, She would probably end up getting woken up by either her mother cleaning, or the sun, seeing as her room still was missing blinds almost 2 weeks after moving in.

Looking in the mirror before leaving the Sarah let out a big sigh. The worst part about switching schools your senior year? Having all the old school's spirit clothes, that you have worn in and are comfortable in. Worst part of this, my new school's rival has the same colors as my old school. Today was the first football game of the season, which was against; you guessed it, the rivals. To "increase school pride" or some bullshit like that, they were having a pep assembly. Being such a band geek often game with downfalls, one of them being that all band directors had to show over the top school spirit. This in turn meant that all band members had to be not only musically spirited, but visually spirited as well. One of these visually spirited things was wearing school colors, which my wardrobe does not currently have. This was going to be a long day.

The good thing about my Dad's new job he goes to work about the same time I had to be at school which works great for me because my car is out of commission. Did you know that when towing a car the emergency break has to be off? Well for part of the ride out here my car had the Emergency break on and was currently without brakes.

Driving up to the school the spirit was almost palatable. It was that unsaid excitement that buzzes through the hallways in anticipation of what will happen, and the confidence that you will win. It was giving me a headache and class hadn't started yet.

I hopped out of the car and grabbed my bag. "Thanks for the ride Dad."

My Dad smiled and handed me some money "Get your self a school shirt, I'll see you at the game tonight."

My dad was cool, if not a little awkward but he had good intentions. Not to mention I think he felt bad about moving me out here. I wasn't going to complain money is money. I closed the door and walked up to the front doors, which were plastered with the obligatory football flyers. The farther into the school the significance of this game really hit me. Everyone was dressed in school colors, faces were painted and the chatter of discussion was louder than normal.

Walking down the main hall was like walking through a mosh pit, near impossible. Getting to my locker was a small miracle and one I was grateful for. As I put my combo in, the volume in the hallway got even louder, the star had arrived. Rolling my eyes I shoved my books in my locker, probably harder then needed. The only addition I had made to my locker was a magnetic mirror. Making sure my hair was still in order I saw someone in the corner of the mirror looking at me. He noticed I saw him and started to walk up to me. I quickly closed my locker and turned around. The friend-- that I wasn't expecting.

"Hey. I know Ethan pissed you off but he really is a good guy. I'm Warren by the way. Can you just say hi to him to get him to shut up about you."

That brought a smile to my face. I knew what it was like to have a friend that didn't shut up about someone my best friend at my old school was like that.

"So if I say hi to him, will he leave me alone and stop scaring people from talking to me?"

Warren laughed and shook his head "I never said that, but you would make my life much easier."

Looking up at his face I sympathized with his frustration. "Ok I will talk to him to get him to shut up, but only because I feel bad for you."

I shook my head and walked off. What had I gotten myself into?