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Chapter 25

"What the fuck do you mean he's the alpha? I'm the fucking alpha Benjamin! No one else! Your loyalty is to me!"

Even with the T V turned up, I could hear Nik yelling. I shifted, my belly now huge. I stared at it, watching my bowl of potato chips balanced on it. That was the one good thing about pregnancy—my ability to balance plates on bowls on my stomach now. Nik loved it—especially when the FIFA World Cup was on.

"You tell that fucking Don that if I find another rogue wolf wondering on my land, I will rip his bowels out and make him watch me feed them to his children!"

I scrunched up my face at the words. If being excessively violently graphic was an Olympic sport, Nik would have a room full of gold medals. A door slammed, and I swore my unborn children stirred. Ben stalked by, not bothering to even glance at me as he left the house. Nik trailed closely being him. "Put him in his place Beta!"

"Yes, Alpha." I rose an inquisitive brow at him when Nik turned to me.

"So, what was that all about?" I asked, popping another chip in my mouth. I hated Salt and Vinegar…yet I craved Salt and Vinegar. It was obvious these were Nik's kids—they liked torturing me.

"Nothing." He sat beside me, running a hand through his hair.

"Feeding someone's children their intestines is not nothing. Come on, tell me."

He gave me a sideways glance. "Michel Stefanini recently died."

"Stefanini?" I could feel my eyes widen. "The Genovese family?"

"Yes. The new Don has been making quite a name for himself though—namely by making rogues who are loyal to him." I didn't say anything. Nik's jaw twitched. " I was hoping that this wouldn't happen…that they'd keep to themselves you know." His fingers ran through his hair. "I already got Cummiskey…" He was talking mostly to himself, I could tell. "And Ben…"

"Is Ben apart of the Genovese family or something?" I could tell, he was worried about Benjamin. And if he was a part of such a family, it would make sense for him to be concerned. Nik's face contorted.

"No." He seemed completely bemused by my suggestion. "Ben's…" He paused, as if he was weighing whether or not to tell me. "Ben's last name is Cefalu."

"Huh?" What was that supposed to mean.

"His Uncle is Domenico Cefalu…. The Gambino family."

"What? So Marian…"

"Marian is his mother's mom. And she never approved of her daughter marrying into the mob." Ben was a gangster…or mobster…or he was a criminal. I frowned. No wonder he was such a complete and utter asshole all the time. It was clearly genetic. Learn something new every day I suppose. "What?"

"I'm just…Is Benjamin an Italian name?"

"It's biblical. Marian is Catholic Albany, you shouldn't be surprised." I watched his lip twitch up in a slight smile. I was learning the small things that made him smile—how to make him stop thinking about problems for at least a small while. "Besides, it's not even his first name."


"His name is Alessandro Gianmaria Beniamino Gabriele Cefalu."

"Where the fuck did we get Benjamin from?"

His laugh was musical really—this loud, boisterous sound that warmed my expanding belly pleasantly. "Beniamino. It's Italian for Benjamin. I've always known him as Benjamin though." My face was still twisted in a bizarre expression of confusion and understanding. He let out a breath, his smile faltering. "You don't need to worry about all this anyway. You should focus on our babies."

"I'm not worried." A smile brightened my face. "I have all the faith in the world that you'll deal with this." This must have been what Nik was talking about all those months ago in the hospital—this don and his rogues. I turned back to the TV, setting in my mind to push this out of my head. Nik would handle it. I just had to keep telling myself that.


I rested my head against the table of my new desk, my nose taking in the scent of paper fresh out the printer. I stared at the computer screen, looking at the 138 emails I already had. I'd only been here a month and I was already feeling a little overwhelmed. I took a breath, staring at my clock. It was only 9 am. My brow rose at my office door opening. I sat up, taking in the form of Nik. He was wearing a black suit with a soft green shirt underneath. I smiled at the fact he wasn't wearing a tie. The top button was left open to expose a hint of tanned skin. I could feel a soft growl growing in my throat as I watched him shut my door. I clenched my thighs. Damn this baby belly—making sex so difficult now. "Hi," my voice came out quiet, and I hope seductive.

He smiled at me, this lopsided and boyish grin that had me biting my lip. "Well, hello." He turned to fully face me as he stripped himself of his jacket. My eyes roved over him, landing on his belt buckle. There was always something so fascinating and sexual about belt buckles. About a man who wore his pants just a little low with a belt. A belt that seemed to be the entranceway to a land of goodies. I squeezed my thighs tighter. I felt like reaching out and undoing that belt, and maybe unbuttoning some more of his shirt buttons. Yes. Definitely would unbutton that. I took a sharp breath in.

"God Albany…I'm positive every wolf on the floor can smell how aroused you are now." I blushed, a deep beet red. Letting out a distraught whimper, I allowed my head to his the desk. "Albany…" I felt his hand touch my shoulder. "You know, Dr. McNamara did say that sex could even be good for the baby." My head turned quickly, taking in his cheeky grin as he stared down at me.

Pounce. That is really the only way to describe what I did to him at that moment. I pounced on him, pushing him down into one of the plush armchairs near the wall. I kissed him like a starved woman, and in all honestly, I was starved. He tasted amazing. I kissed him harder, like a junkie getting their fix after trying to be clean but failing miserably. Straddling him, my fingers worked on those damn buttons I had been eyeing earlier. I had warded off sex when I found out I was pregnant—especially when I had experienced bleeding. The doctor had said no sex for a week but that had really made me even more utterly terrified that we were hurting the baby. My wolf was adamant about how foolish I was being and ranting about how I was depriving us of some much needed fun time.

I stood, suddenly realizing how difficult it would be to do this sitting. I wasn't showing much, but I had never quite ever liked that position. And my pregnancy only made me dislike it more. Nik looked at me, concern on his face. "What's wrong?" I looked around my office, trying to find a good spot for this. My brain racked itself, trying to remember what positions I had read about in the plethora of pregnancy books I had bought. My eyes landed on the desk. Smiling, I reached under my skirt, pulling down my panties and bent over on the desk, being sure to keep my stomach from touching the hard, flat surface. "Albany?"

"Ok, I'm ready." It all seemed a little awkward, but I didn't care. I was horny, and Nik was here. I wiggled my butt. "Nikolaas Jansen unbutton those pants and get over here!" I pouted at him and watched the emotions wash over his face. His features settled on one of lust. Standing, I watched him unbuckle his pants. I always liked watching him do that—as if he was opening a present for me. He moved behind me, his hand brushing against my wetness. I bit my lip—I was now sure that the wolves on the floor could smell me, and I didn't need them hearing me too.

A rush of air left me when he slid into me. My toes curled as his deep thrusts rocked me on my heels. I should have taken my shoes off. A mewl left me as he pushed himself to the hilt and let out a low groan. I felt his hand touch my thigh, moving around me and to my front to rub against my button of nerves. I bit my lip harder, my chest heaving against the hard wood. I had most definitely missed this sensation of being filled, of being connected to him in a way that no one else was going to have the pleasure of experiencing. My breath came out in quick pants as he moved in me, his thrusts becoming short and shallow. My knees shook as pleasure skyrocketed down my spine and into my limbs. I was sure I broke the skin of my lip I was biting it so hard to muffle my noises. His pace quickened against me as I squeezed him. he let out a low, ragged breath followed by a groan—a deep satisfied groan that made me sure he was licking his lips behind me.

I stayed like that for moment, letting him lift my legs to slide my underwear back on. "I have to go." He looked at his watch as I stood, straightening my hair with my fingers. I let out a breath, trying to steady my breathing. How he could recover so quickly was a mystery to me. I watched him situate with clothes and put back on his jacket. His shirt was all wrinkled in the back now. I moved to him, placing kiss against his cheek. "You've got that interview today, right?"

"Yeah. If she's alright I'll probably hire her on the spot." He turned his head, kissing me against my lips. "I hope every bitch you walk by smells me."

He let out a laugh. "I'm quite sure they will. And every man I know will be quite aware as well." He gave me another quick kiss before leaving. I plopped down on my chair, smiling. I could smell him all over me.

"Who do you think you are? You don't know me!" I stood at the sound. What the hell was going on. I poked my head out of the door, watching as a woman yelled at Nik. What had he done? "Nik? Babe, what the hell are you doing?" He turned to me, his face, red in anger. My eyes drifted to the woman. She had short, hair, styled in a flipped bob. Her khaki skirt and red blouse stood out against her brown skin. Nik had definitely said or done something, because there was a fire lit in her eyes.

"I'm just trying to get past this whore blocking the hallway. That's all." My eyes turned back to him, watching his shoulder twitch beneath his jacket. What had happened? I watched the woman's nostril flare at his words.

I blushed. "NIK!" Huffing, I put my hands on my hips. "I am so sorry. Please excuse my husband…Ms.?" Nik was deliberately trying to be an ass and I wasn't sure why. The woman looked at me.

"Harris. Molly Harris…"

Nik let out a loud laugh, startling me. "Nik, what is wrong with you?"

"That's your interview? You're really going to work with some woman who denies her mating?" What the hell was he talking about? "Look, she's marked, but quite proudly proclaims she is not mated! That is no one to work with." I looked at her, taking in her appearance once again. My eyes squinted as I looked at her neck beneath the collar of her shirt. There was a mark. I moved to her, grabbing her arm and pulling her into my office before either of them did something stupid.

"Go home. I'll see you later."
"Albany…" I didn't need to fight with him, not here.

"Please?" He grunted but turned and left nonetheless. "You're marked." I said once I closed the door.

"I don't see how this has anything to do with my abilities to perform this job?"

I looked at her. It had everything to do with it. If Nik was upset she was probably just like me, denying her mate. And that could be dangerous. "Well, actually, it does. You may not realize or understand this but I'm a wolf Ms. Harris, and I understand very well how this can interfere with life. What will I expect? Your mate coming for you? Possibly sabotaging your work to gain access to you? Causing enough disturbance in your life outside of work to inhibit your work?" Unwanted memories flooded my mind, bringing with it old resentment. I shook my head. I was happy now and the past was still the past. Nik and I both had made mistakes….though Nik had made way more than I had. "I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. You came highly recommended by trusted partners. But this new issue…has me worried. A lot of things could go wrong." I had liked her resume. She seemed capable and a part of me wanted to help her. Her demeanor at the mere mention of the word mate said it all.

"I don't understand what you want me to do…" Confusion marred her features.

"I'll give you this job. But only if you fix this. I need to be assured that your mate won't cause issues. This is a business, and right now, you're a liability." I tried to keep the smile off my face—the devious Nik-like smile that I was beginning to master. Though mine fell short in the more devious department. "If I hadn't found out now, I would have found out later. And either way, there is a possible or present issue." Which was all very true—I know Walter must have been livid at me for allowing Nik to affect my job… to affect the company. My own personal hang-ups had cost me a job and an apartment; though I still feel Nik was a little extreme in his retaliation against my stubbornness. I wanted to help this girl….and a much bigger part of me wanted to help this wolf who was currently without his mate. Even though I had fought Nik—I was miserable being away from him. The wolf in me constantly reminded me of its feelings about my decisions. Sometimes, painfully.

"I understand." My face twitched, but I fought the smile. Excitement filled me at the idea of being a matchmaker.

"You have one month to get this situation with your mate stable. Stable enough to not cause any major issues…" I tried to use my boss voice.

"Of course." I smiled when she left. I felt a little like a love guru. I had made it through my own issues to end up with Nik. If I could do it, anyone could. Now I just needed to find out who this wolf was.


I came home to a tense house. I could smell Nik, and others. I closed the front door. My nose twitched. Ben and Marian were here. I took a deeper breath—it smelled like perhaps Nik's father. There was someone else—but there was an overwhelming scent of pine coming from them. I walked into the living, watching as everyone stared at a single person. Nik's father looked like he was in pain, his face red, his eyes narrowed. Nik looked away long enough to look at me. "Albany." He stood. He was still in his work clothes.

"What's going on?" I moved closer, my eyes trained on the unknown person's head. Long brown hair. They turned their head, and I took in the visage of a woman. She smiled at me, her hazel eyes bright. She stood, smoothing out the invisible wrinkles in her cotton shirt. Pushing hair from her face, she turned to me fully.

"You must be Albany. Nikolaas and Hrolf have told me a lot about you." I stared at her hand. Who was this woman? "I'm Isabelle, Nikolaas's mother."

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