The thing I want the most, I cannot have

In my changeable mind, this pain, the only constant.

Heaven and Hell, the wheel turns one into

the other and back again.

Time runs and weeps and wastes itself away.

Half of life is death in sleep and ignorance.

Work and play one day, one time,

My whole life is on rewind,

Do this dance till we all go blind,

No matter how fast I always find

The changes are not changes after all.

Only love remains, the one I love,

who pierced Cupid's arrow with his own.

Ram, Krishna, Sri Radha,

The names melt my heart.

I cry tears for that I will never touch his feet.

Tears for worn out days and wasted nights.

I drown in the material,

below sainthood and above madness,

Still wanting my Lord, my only want.