"E-eto… A-arigato… Ja ne!" the small confused girl shouted as she ren off, away from the menacing looking, misunderstood teenage boy. The boy watched her run off and shook his head, "Needs tuh lern not t' wond'r 'round at night" he spoke to himself in an uneducated manner, heaving the pipe in his hand up onto his shoulder. The dirty boy scuffled back to the abandoned house on the edge of town to get some sleep for the night.

The nightmares followed suit, his father haunted his dreams like every night; his mother was dead in the bathroom where he had found her the next morning. He didn't cry, scream or yell, for these dreams were such a regular occurrence that he became numb to their pain.

When he woke up the next morning he was quiet. He sat on the edge of his bed, thinking, wondering what he did wrong and what he should have done differently.

After a while of contemplating he stood up, upset because he knew he couldn't turn back time and fix things. He went through the empty house and scavenged through the fridge for breakfast.

Taking out an apple, he retrieved his rusted pipe and left the house. It was a rather calm day, probably because it was Sunday. The boy walked down the street as if he was looking for something. In truth, after his mother's death, he had sworn to protect the street he lived on with his life.

It was mostly the women who needed protecting the most, but he never ignored a person in need.

After about 3 hours of just wandering he decided to stop and rest. A couple of cars passed as he sat against a closed flower shop door. One car even slowed a little, as if the people inside were watching an animal in the zoo, which they might as well have been.

The teenaged boy just stared right back and the car continued on. Another half-hour passed when people started walking the city streets.

Silently, he watched families and children going on their merry way when he spotted a familiar face. The girl from the night before was across the street, walking at an oddly brisk pace, her lips moving at an incredible speed.

After he stood up, he noticed a man following her, he seemed to be listening to the foreign chatter coming out of the girl's mouth. The boy walked across the street to greet his 'friend'.

The girl stopped in her tracks and turned to the filthy street boy. She smiled a cute Japanese smile and curtsies, "Konichiwa, Hero-sama" she greeted him respectfully. He nodded in return, "You spek inglech?" he asked, his tone was a bit hard to understand.

The man that was walking with her just looked him over, he murmured something to the girl and she nodded, "Onry a rittle," she spoke with a thick accent. It seemed as if the boy's face had never smiled, but he tried.

The girl spoke quickly in her own tongue to the man accompanying her ad he once again looked over the vagabond before he leaned down and pecked the small girl's cheek, "Ja ne" he bid her and walked off back down the street he had come from.

"My name is Takuya" she spoke with a smile in her tone that matched the one on her face. Pebbles scattered as the boy shifted his feet. He didn't want his name to be known really by anyone, mainly so his identity wouldn't be known.

The girl waited for a response, realizing she wouldn't get one she nodded, then repeated her name once more. The boy gave an awkward nod, he had tried not to make any friends because everyone had some evil in them and it would only lead to pain.

Before he knew it, they were walking and Takuya was talking quickly to him in her foreign tongue, occasionally making small comments in English. The rough boy would listen, even though he didn't know what she was saying; it didn't seem to matter to him.

It was mid-afternoon by the time they had gone back to Takuya's home. The boy shifted and gave a small wave, "See yuh leter den" he turned to walk off when two arms wrapped around his torso. He turned around stiffly, not used to contact in a gentle positive way.

"Ja ne… it mearns see ya" she spoke again, "Ca I see you again?" she asked him cutely. The boy pushed her awat slightly, "Ah can't, yor boyfren' woul'n't appreshiate it." The lovely girl pouted, processing the words that he spoke, "I am… not arroud to be you-r friend…?" she asked slowly, confused in her thick accent.

The door opened, "Takuya" the man inside spoke, the girl looked over at him and smiled. Takuya took her boyfriend's hand and looked back at the nameless boy but he had already taken off, not wanting to explain why he couldn't form any sort of relationship with the girl he had saved.