I am tired of trying to explain to people the subtleties and nuances of creativity.

Why must everything be so clean?


To be beautiful, one does not need to rationalize

So why do you prioritize the normalcy

Of what is now and what has been?

It all just changes in the end.

But I…

I can see that not all things

Are so clear and so tidy;

So why hide in the illusion

Of your world of absolution,

When nothing is certain?

Over the rainbow,

All colours explode into ashen haze.

And the visions I see

From the gift unique to me

Can only be ignored and hated,

And later debated,

Then thrown to the dogs.

So my refusal

To do the usual

Is founded in your lack

Of intelligent thought.

I wrote this after having to defend yet another creative work of a friend of mine. They all kept asking questions like, "What's the point?" There isn't always a point. There doesn't have to be a point. It's from the heart and mind, it's not logical. It just is.

We are losing our humanity.