Author's Note/Background Info: I rant in old english. I don't know why, but it just comes natural. It usually does nothing for me - except in this instance provide me with a good quote. When I said this I had a recording device recording bird songs from my window. I am aware that the action is rather nerdy, but give me a break. I forgot to pause the recording when I recieved a phone call from someone who only had my number for an assigned group project. They were in our school's presentation of a play, and personally I enjoyed the way the Middle School plays worked much better. I am an assistant director for the Middle School plays and enjoy it very much, however the High School play cast doesn't like the Middle School productions (personally I think they are sour grapes because we can actually sell out a crowd and they are lucky if they sell half the available seating). The person was interested for the sake of the cast where my loyalties lied at the end of a bitter conversation. Now these people don't care about me in the first place, and many of the people in the Middle School cast actually consider me a buddy. Where do you think my loyalties lie?

"Where do mine loyalties lie they ask? I shall tell them where mine loyalties lie. They lie with the people I hold most dear, with those that mine love's arm hath extended and hath touched, and those whose love's arm hath extended (and will remain extended) and hath sincerely and selflessly touched me. For so long hath I been out casted by those who now ask me where mine loyalties lie, and the ones mine loyalties hath lied with, know, that by their ever so selfless love, they have earned mine loyalties, and need not ask. Am I to switch mine loyalties just because now they think of mine benefits? No I say no! Those who hath cared about me since mine known presence within them, without once taking a look at me and having to ask if I am worthy of their compassion, hath moved me so to the point that I know what it feels like to be loved. Despite the fact that those who hath extended their love's arm may very well be considered – by those who ask me where mine loyalties lie – unworthy of time and compassion, I choose to love them, and they choose me to be their lover, despite mine being considered also – by those who ask me where mine loyalties lie – unworthy of time and compassion. Go forth and tell those who ask me where mine loyalties lie that I wish not to encounter them, as they are insolent and insensitive fiends. I shall return to those whom I love – and those who love me – against the will of their cruel and base thoughts. For who are they to tell me what to do and whom to love? I shall let nothing short of love alone keep me from where mine love's arm hath extended and where from the love's arm of those who love me hath extended."

Endnote: The production went really well for the Middle School and I am proud I stuck to my guns.