I was in my Creative Writing class when I was talking to a fellow classmate who was talking about the T.V. show Family Guy when I said, "I hate that show." I was accused instantly of being un-American. Then somebody else pointed out that I had written a Grapes of Wrath Fanfiction for the Fanfiction assignment we were given at the beginning of the month which makes me very American. They asked what was I? My response was:

"I'm classic American but not contemporary American. Contemporarily, I'm Canadian. Ms. B, is contemporarily even a word?"

Result: My teacher shook her head and just laughed to which I quickly responded, "It is now! Contemporarily is an adverb describing the way of someone's personal views in the contemporary age. As a sidenote for all of in this class, I may be contemporarily Canadian, but I do not like Justin Bieber."

The class responded by syaing that makes me un-Canadian. So then I replied, "Fine then, I am contemporarily not contemporary. Furthermore, I am contemporarily me."