Strung out and floating,

I feel my mind reeling.

I know I need to focus.

The thoughts tumble around,

Like socks in a dryer.

I can't seem to focus on,

Just one.

Worries are there,

Mixed in with some doubts.

Eageness is small,

But in there, too.

Anger is there,

And some cloudy misery.

Happiness is fleeting,

Barely registering.

Fear is strong,

And never relenting.

And through the whole cycle,

Cold, cruel phrases,

Sing out at me like sirens.

What is the point in these hateful thoughts?

What is the meaning of my confusion?

Why can't I write what I want to write?

Why can't I be what I want to be?

Why can't I breathe?

Drowning in them now,

In my hateful thoughts.

I need to resurface,

Before the pressing weight of the water,

Crushes me again.

NOTE: Um.....can't focus on anything. So I decided to write something else. :) R&R? Maybe?