A/N; Another fanfic-like thing of my story that will never be posted. Not a real fan of this one, but I guess that's because the character is really badly written. This doesn't happen, so no spoilers (: but you'll never read it so doesn't matter one way or the other...

"I remember when I first met him," A dark look from Nathan, an intrigued look from Rayner. I guess that was my cue to carry on. I sighed, it was going to be a long night, and they didn't let alcohol in the building. "Didn't think things would…you know, happen like they did."

"That your way of apologizing?" Nathan frowned; Lenora whispered something at him that I didn't catch.

"You really wanna do this Nate? I'm not the only one in this room who should be apologizing," I returned with equal force the dark look Nathan gave me.

"I've apologized more times than you've attacked him."

Rayner's confused look confirmed suspicions that the kid had barely scratched the surface of Daniel's past. Of course he knew what I did; Nathan practically throws it around in casual conversation. Was that his was of helping Daniel? Pretty lousy… I smiled to myself; guess it was time to exploit Nathan like he did me.

"What'd Daniel tell you about the missing closet door?"

"Huh? Some story from when he was a kid," Rayner shrugged, like it was relevant.

"Jeremy. Shut up."

"Why should I Nate? You never shut up did you? You wanna know the truth Rayner?" I stood up; surely I would be unwelcome after this, besides, who wants to watch someone die? "Nathan locked him in that closet, for two days."

Nathan stood up next, glaring at me; Rayner stared confused between Daniel, Nathan, and me. I knew he had the urge to ask Daniel if it were true. The pained look explained what we all already knew, he couldn't, and he may never get the chance to again. I stared down at Daniel, fighting back the urge to break something, to kill something.

"You're an asshole."

"He was the only one who stayed…" I exhaled and turned to the door, leaving. "So, you have to know he won't die."