It seems as though
Summer has come again
With changes here aplenty
It looks different now, for I am new

I used to be so close to you
Our branches intertwined
Then I saw where you went wrong
The trunk, she is your guide

Do the leaves make the tree?
Is the surface all there is?
Is this pretty facade all you know?
It seems that this is so.

I saw the truth
I won't put on this act
Can't you see this isn't me?
It appears that you cannot.

I'm sorry for using my intellect
I'm sorry I yearn for more
I'm sorry I know the truth behind what matters
I'm sorry you didn't see my life shatter

So I went out on a different limb
And I haven't looked back since
I see the love, the beauty, all things so wonderful
I'm sorry I don't miss you

Finally I am accepted
Finally I can grow
Strength, identity
I never showed you that part of me

Why should I come back to you?
And do you even want me to?
I am not the one who broke off from your limb
Would you still try if you knew the real me?

I won't leave you completely
But just for once, you must accept
I am free from the binding that is your bark
Your limb is no longer mine

I went out on a different limb
And no, I'm not coming back
I'll still remember you, but the duty is now yours
Do you want me to be part of that girlish summer tree? Prove it.

I am done fighting for you. I am happier now. If you want me back, show me, though I can't guarantee I'll go.