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Alice Rhodes was just your normal seventeen-year-old girl. Average in most ways and in no particular way unique. Her hair flowed halfway down her neck and was strawberry blond that shifted colors in the right light. She had a pretty, athletic figures and long legs. With her mothers blue eyes she was a charming sort of girl, but nothing that stood out from others her age. She had a few close friends, all of which were getting ready for their senior year at St. Mary's Immortal Blessing Private School.

There was only one summer left before they left high school behind and it was slowly coming to a close. Soon the fall semester would begin and they would be back, hard at work. Alice and Autumn would both be back on the soccer team where Alice had been captain the year before and in honor of their last year; Alice was even planning on joining the school newspaper.

There were times Alice had dreams of things utterly hilarious and she liked to write them into little stories. If the editor liked them she could get them printed in the school papers. That had been an idea she'd been toying with since freshman year but had been to shy to act on it. Now that she'd be a senior and the top of the student food chain, she wasn't so hesitant as she had been.

"This is great." Tina chuckled, brushing back her thick red hair and flipping through Alice's binder of short stories she'd been working on. It seemed that if nothing else, school always gave her time to daydream.

"Well hurry up with it." Autumn said, nudging her with her foot from where she laid on the couch. Being tallest of the three she hardly had to stretch to touch her friend. The two of them were often over at Alice's house as they had been much of the summer. They liked the largeness of it and the quiet of having no one breathing down their necks; not to mention each other's company.

Alice's mother was a therapist and her father was a lawyer. With serious positions like that, bills were easy to pay and the wealth was spread around. Her parents weren't often home, especially her father and with Alice home much of the time alone they hired two house keepers to keep an eye on things. Not that it mattered when Alice brought her friends over.

"I'll take my time, thanks." Tina said, pushing Autumn's foot away. "I gotta know what happens."

Autumn huffed. "Then hurry up!"

"Relax." Alice chuckled, her legs hanging off the side of the chair where she slouched. "I wanted feedback not an argument with both of you slowly getting louder."

"Sorry." The two said in unison but Autumn was still waiting impatiently.

It had become a habit of the two of them to fight over Alice's short stories. There were times in class she would find her notebooks missing and would look over to see the two of them hovered over it. It had actually been Tina's idea for her to get them printed in the school paper, and had been prodding at her friend for years to go through with it.

Tina chuckled, looking back up at Alice. "Sister Mary Francis won't let this get printed, you know."

Alice turned a shade of red. "Well that wasn't one I would submit. I'd keep the paper strictly PG. That was just for fun."

"Yes, indeed." Tina grinned.

"Hurry up!" Autumn said, nudging Tina with her foot again.

"Okay, okay, chill." Tina said, shoving her away again. "I'm still reading."

"Alice." Autumn whined, turning to look at her. "She's had it forever. Tell her it's my turn already."

"You're too old to sound like that." Alice chuckled. "It's only been ten minutes, you'll get your turn too."

"Is this all you girls plan on doing today?"

The three looked up to one of the house keepers standing in the door way with her hand placed firmly on her hip as she stood weighted on one side. She was a young woman but it was really brought out with her dark eye shadow and bright red lipstick. She wasn't the sort of woman most would hire to look after a house while the owners were away or busy but she did her job well and did so only to secure her rather generous pay check.

"Does it matter, Lane?" Alice raised an eye. Normally Alice was the most polite girl, and everyone knew it, but the keepers of her house got on her nerves more then most ever would.

"It's beautiful out." Lane shook her head. "Wouldn't you rather be outside?"

"We're not ten. You can't kick us out just cause it's pretty out. We'll go out later if we feel like it, kay?"

Lane frowned faintly and sighed before shaking her head and walking out.

"Jeez Alice." Autumn mocked in a teasing tone. "Even when your disagreeing and being rude, your can't get over the fact that you're a sweetheart. How will Taylor be able to resist."

Alice smiled a little, turning a pleasant shade of cherry red. It had been an open conversation between her two friends that Taylor had been something of an interest. He was both good looking and smart, but with that came a line to get to him.

"Maybe, but it hasn't done me any good so far, has it." Alice muttered, pressing her face into the chair's pillow. Taylor had always been a sweet guy that seemed perfect, but she never had the nerve to ask him out, or even talk to him that much outside of class. The summer had been dry of anything more then sightings of him.

"WHAT!" Tina shrieked, tossing Autumn the binder and grabbing a pillow of her own before proceeding to pummel Alice with it. "How could you stop writing there?!"

"Hey, c'mon!" Alice defended, covering her head, "I was writing in the car, I didn't have time to finish."

"Ah, that's why your handwriting suddenly sucks." Autumn noted, having already leaned back and begun to read.

"Spoilers." Tina demanded.

Alice smiled simply. "No. I can't give you spoilers when even I'm not sure what's gonna happen next."

Tina stared for a moment before slouching back onto the floor. "You really suck you know that?"

"Thanks a lot Teeny, I love you too." Alice rolled her eyes. It had embarrassed her at first, showing her friends those kinds of stories she'd started writing. The ones that became more risqué and that could possibly get her booted out of school. That alone had her guarding her papers carefully.

Tina huffed, "You better."

Alice smiled, poking the back of her friends' head. "Sure I can find some way to make it up to you, eh?"

Tina nodded. "Wanna head out Latter's Field so I can get some sketches of you two playing?"

"When I'm done." Autumn muttered.

"When she's done." Alice laughed.

"Good then. Hurry up." Tina mocked, crawling over to Autumn to bother her as she tried to read. "Hurry, hurry, hurry,"

"Teeny, I'm gonna kick you hard in a second." Autumn mumbled, turning her back to both of them as she continued to read. She didn't get as distracted as Tina did when she read. She had a one-track mind when it came to some things. Tina read so often she could multitask while she did so, and still read in record time. Autumn liked a little more silence.

"Better back off, you know how hard she can kick." Alice smiled, leaning forward to grab her shoes.

"Freaking hyper, athletic people." Tina chuckled.

"Put your shoes on, Autumn." Alice chuckled.

"Reading." She whined.

"You can read in the car." Tina said, lacing her shoes up before going to grab her sketchbook from her bag.

Autumn muttered something as she grabbed her shoes and without putting them on, followed the other two out to the garage where Alice's car was parked, and climbing into the car with her nose still pressed into Alice's binder. Alice actually had a driver her parents had on call but she almost never used him. Being carted around and dropped off by someone wasn't the kind of thing she wanted to be involved with.

When they arrived at Latter's Field, it was already full of teens making the most of their summer. Boys playing sports and girls watching, pretending to be interested in just the games. Alice grabbed her soccer ball from her trunk and the three of them walked towards an emptier field not yet taken. Tina sat off to the side with her sketchbook open on her lap while Autumn followed Alice out.

The moment the ball was dropped the two were in a sudden match against one another. It was something they did often and the markers they used for goals couldn't be moved. Sketching them when they played was one of Tina's favorite subjects, and it especially got a lot of notice at school. Autumn and Alice had been playing for years and both had an impressive track record in the sport. After nearly an hour had passed and a score of 3-2 hadn't changed in twenty minutes they were interrupted by a group of boys who stood behind Tina and watched just as intently as she was.

"Hey Tina." Mikey said, leaning down by here. "Think they'd mind if we made this a bigger match?"

"Bigger match?" she asked, looking up at him. Mikey was one of those nice looking boys that was almost to good looking. His hair was short and dark but there was something about his lean build and the shape of his jaw that was down right attractive.

He nodded. "Yeah well. Two on two. Taylor wants to have a go and I'll go along to keep it even."

Tina raised an eye and looked up as Taylor and the other guys that watched her friends play. Taylor was every high school girl's dream. His hair was dark blond and just long enough to make girls want to run their hands through it. He wasn't very tall for a guy but on average he was still taller then most girls, and with the money his family had he could afford to look good. She had stopped sketching a while before when the clouds had formed and she didn't have the light she wanted from the sun anymore so as far as she was concerned they could leave, but this might have been the chance Alice needed to talk to the boy.

"You can ask." She nodded.

Mikey grinned and nodded. "Sure. AUTUMN! ALICE!"

Everyone winced when he yelled suddenly without warning but he succeeded in getting there attention and also in making both girls fall as then were both in the middle of trying to get the ball away from the other.

He laughed. "My bad…Two on two?" he asked, pointed to himself and gesturing to Taylor.

Tina smiled a little when Alice froze on the spot but Autumn only grinned, not caring one way or the other. "Yeah c'mon."

Autumn showed them where the goal lines were and there wasn't much else to explain. She stood, bouncing the ball off on her knees while Alice silently tried to pull herself together.

"You okay Allie?" Mikey asked with a smile.

"Fine." Alice said, mustering up a nervous smile. "Tired, more of a workout today then I planned."

"Tell me about it, but I'll beat you one day." He grinned.

"At what?" Taylor asked, raising an eye as he looked between the two.

"Running." Mikey shrugged. He lived just a few door's down from Alice, so early in the morning when she got up to run he ended up joining her. They'd been doing it for years and made plans now what mornings they would meet.

"Oh right." Autumn chuckled. "I forgot ya'll run before the freakin sun comes up."

"Fall training." Mikey and Alice both said with a half a shrug.

"Right." Taylor chuckled, looking from Autumn to Alice before smiling. It was that boyish look that had girls swooning. "Well you don't mind if he have a quick game do you?"

"C—course not." Alice smiled; brushing off her jeans once before the game got started. They boys were good, but soccer wasn't actually their game. Mikey was on the track and lacrosse team and Taylor was practically a baseball all star. Autumn and Alice had them beat, all the on lookers knew that despite how the game lingered on.

Alice was the only one not playing with everything she had, she wasn't playing the way she had been when it was just Autumn. Something about playing with Taylor had her uneasy. Being so close to him, close enough to see him sweat and hear his labored breathing as he ran after the ball almost had her breathing hard for a different matter entirely. Whenever there was the tiniest break in the game he would smile at her or even wink. It was almost as if he seemed to know she was going easy on him.

"Lets go Alice! Autumn!" Tina cheered, and even Mikey and Taylor's friends seemed to be routing for the girls' team. It continued on until Alice's last goal almost seemed to trigged a clap of thunder and had nearly everyone on the field jumping in surprise if not screaming.

As if from a sudden wave, it was pouring. A wall of water seemed to pass over them, having the field drenched in seconds and having the occupants running for cover anywhere they could find it, and parents scooping up their kids and rounding them off.

"Oh, fantastic!" Tina hissing, shoving her sketching book under her shirt and hunching over to make sure it didn't get wet.

"We could have won!" Mikey yelled, leaning against Taylor to push him down into the mud. "You suck, man!"

"Fuck you." Taylor laughed, dragging him down too before pushing him away. "Alice and Autumn know how to play too damn well."

"Maybe next time boys." Autumn mocked. "If you try real hard."

Taylor laughed and grinned up at the girls. "Maybe we do just suck and you girls were only playing us for fools."

"Probably." Autumn snickered, discreetly nudging Alice who didn't seem to be able to think of a descent thing to say.

"Bitch. Both of you." Mikey chuckled.

Taylor smiled, looking to Alice while all of them were getting drenched. "That true Alice? You going easy on us?"

Alice froze, her stomach rolling into knots as she didn't know how to answer. Some guys didn't like girls going easy on them, and others didn't want to look bad in front of their friends. Luckily, Tina saved her from the embarrassment.

"My sketches! C'mon! I'm getting soaked can't we go?" Tina pleaded, sounding desperate.

"Yeah." Alice said immediately, grabbing the soccer ball and holding it under her arm despite it covering her in mud.

"Hey, hey, hey! Can we get a ride?" Mikey begged.

"They do look pretty pathetic." Autumn chuckled, before running after Tina who was already running to Alice's car.

"Yeah." Alice said, trying not to think about Taylor Runer in her car. "C'mon."

They piled in her car, Tina in the passenger seat and the other three in the back. All of them sighed in relief when Alice turned the heat on. It might have been summer but it was cold and dark out and now they were all wet too. When the car became silent, Mikey started humming, earning a smile from everyone in the car, and when it was still silent, he started to get louder.

"Okay." Tina said, reaching forward to turn the radio on.

"Hey." Mikey complained. "I was back here giving you your own concert to jam out to."

"Nonsense." Alice chuckled. "I'll have to deal with that early tomorrow morning, don't subject them to it now."

"Ouch." Mikey muttered.

"Awe, poor thing." Autumn teased.

"Do you two really hang out a lot then?" Taylor chuckled, sitting behind the passenger seat and leaning against the door so he could watch Alice as she drove.

"At least four days a week. In the morning. Our school schedules never really match." Alice said, happy to be in front so no one could see her red face.

"And she runs me ragged." Mikey sighed dramatically.

Alice smiled a little. "Not my fault you can't keep up."

"It's on." Mikey said seriously. "Lets go. Right now."

"It's raining and I gotta get home." Tina chuckled. "Race in the morning."

"Fine." Mikey muttered, sitting back and leaning against Autumn.

It wasn't long before Alice dropped of Tina first, and then it was Mikey who switched into the passenger seat. They talked a little but for the most part it was quiet. When she pulled into Taylor's drive way he leaned up far enough to kiss Alice's cheek.

"Thanks for the ride." He said, smiling with that cute boyish look that would probably be famous someday.

"No trouble." She muttered, going red and mousy.

He smiled one more time and slipped out of the car before going back in. She wished the other two would have stayed quiet but she knew her luck didn't run that deep.

"Oooh." Autumn teased.

"He's so damn thick in the head." Mikey complained. "He needs to grow a pair or something."

Alice laughed suddenly. "Sure Mikey. If that helps you sleep at night. Okay."

He made a face at her and smiled as she drove Autumn home, and with a quick goodbye it was just the two of them again. Alice and Mikey had been friends longer then most anyone realized. Even Autumn and Tina didn't realize Mikey was in many of the pictures Alice had from when she was younger. Some of them her mother had even framed and had hanging on the wall. Their fathers worked together and oddly enough, their mother's had gone to school together. They were the best of friends and no one seemed to realize it.

"He's not worth it Alice." He said after a pause.

"You like to tell me that." Alice sighed, driving slow now. They'd often had many long conversations in one of their cars in one of their driveways.

"Deep down, Alice. Real deep down. Taylor Runer is a self centered, manipulative prick." Mikey argued. "He thinks only about himself and how he can look good. I can't believe you were going easy on him on the field. You should have tripped him and watched him fall flat on his face."

"I wasn't going easy on him." Alice said defensively but quieted when Mikey gave her a disbelieving look. "Only a little."

"He's not good for any self respecting girl, Allie. Seriously, I know. I'm with him all the time." Mikey sighed.

"Why?" Alice glared at him. "If you're comparing him to Lucifer, why is he always around you."

Mikey smiled a little. "Maybe I'm just the same as him. I can just admit it."

"You're not." She sighed.

"Allie. Taylor has no feelings for you. I don't wanna make you feel bad and I don't wanna hurt your feelings but I can't let him pretend to come onto you when it would just be one sided. Please believe that."

"I know I'm not his type—"

"Fuck that Allie. No, he's not good enough for you. Your dad would shoot him, or pay someone to shoot him at the very least."

"Thanks…" She muttered dryly.

"Ah fuck, I hurt your feelings." He sighed as they pulled into his driveway, only a few doors down from hers.

"No." She said softly. "I know your right. I just gotta hope…"

"Hope for something better please." Mikey muttered. "And I'll watch over you."

She smiled a little. "Thanks Mikey…I'd like to be there when you get the nerve to tell Autumn how you feel."

He laughed nervously and smiled. "Yeah...we'll see." He said, kissing her cheek before getting out of the car. "See you in the morning."

"Briiight and early." She chuckled, pulling away a moment later as she watched him run inside to get out of the rain.

They had had this discussion many times, and she'd never shared it with Tina or Autumn before. They thought she and Taylor would be the cutest couple but she knew even if that were to happen, Mikey would throw a fit. He was more like her secrete brother and wouldn't take kindly to Taylor playing games. She wasn't sure what to think of her infatuation but if she couldn't learn to talk around him soon then she'd really have nothing to worry about anyway.

She pulled into her driveway and into her garage. Her mothers' car was there but she wasn't surprised to see her father's still missing. He said he might have to go to New York and she was assuming that was exactly what happened. With as often as her parents worked she was surprised they even had time for her to be born.

She got out, frowning at the wet state of her car's interior. She'd need to get the seats cleaned now. They were covered in mud and sweat. With a sigh she trudged up to the door and whined when she found it locked.

"Hey!" she banged on the door. "Lane! Mom!" she banged harder. "Lane! Erin!"

After a few more moments of banging, Alice sighed. If they were upstairs there was no way any of them heard her banging. She went out through the side door of the garage and wince immediately when the cold rain hit her skin.

"Shit." She muttered.

Pulling her hair back she ran for it around the side of the house towards the front. She had her key clenched in her fist so she could open the door as fast as she could and get warm. It was pouring harder then it had been earlier and already the yard was full of puddles.

Running at full speed she had almost reached the porch before her leg suddenly sunk into a puddle that was apparently much deeper then she thought.

"The hell. Damn mud…" she muttered when she couldn't pull her leg out.

Not even a moment had passed before Alice's eyes went wide and she let out a piercing scream as she sank up to her knees, waist, shoulders. Struggling harder and panicking with terrified tears in her eyes. She was sucked completely down into the puddle and fell through to the other side where she was falling from the sky.

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