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"Time to eat my Queen," a young maid said quietly, her head bowed. The queen, our dear pharaoh, Cleopatra, beckoned us into her chambers.

I followed the girl in, a basket of figs on my arm. I smiled a little at Cleopatra, and she placed a reassuring and on my shoulder, and took the basket from me. "Thank you," she whispered so low, the other maid couldn't hear her. I merely nodded at her, silent in fear.

I would die today. I wasn't young by any means, nor did I have a family outside Cleopatra. I had been in this world for 30 years now. The only thing I was thankful for at this point was that my death, or Cleopatra and the young maid's deaths, would not be painful. Days before, my Queen had tested various snakes on prisoners sentenced to death. She had chosen the one that wouldn't be painful, but peaceful. Or so I had heard. But I dared not say a word of the fear I felt to her, though she told me to tell her everything. I always had, but this was different.

Cleopatra lifted the cloth cover off of the basket, and I could hear the faint hiss of the asps. I shivered as my Queen lifted the snake up, and handed it to the young maid. The girl blinked tears out of her eyes, and let it bite her on the neck. Cleopatra watched closely, and when the girl began to stumble, took the asp from the dying girl, the child no older than 16.

This time, the asp bit twice. Once on Cleopatra's arm, and second on her breast. A smile graced her features, and I ripped the asp off of her.

For a single moment, I contemplated letting the two women before me die, and I would run away and stay alive. But no, I couldn't. What my Queen asked of me, I would do. And so I let the asp sink its fangs into my left wrist, piercing the once delicate and smooth skin. I gasped in pure awe at how peaceful the bite made me feel.

The girl had already fallen somewhere out of my range of view and behind the bed. Cleopatra's wide eyes met mine, and she fell back onto her sheets.

I was the only one still standing. But not for long. I stumbled to the bed to be near my Queen, but my legs began to give out, and I placed my hands on the small table beside the bed. I used it to keep myself upright, and memories of my past 18 years as the maid of Cleopatra flooded my mind.

Meeting the queen, and seeing just how beautiful she was. Not her outer features which weren't as fragile as I excpected but rather sturfy, but her glowing aura. She was so intelligent, and her wisdom was evident in her dark eyes. Her hair was softer than silk, and a deep shade of black that rivaled the midnight sky. How it felt to run my fingers through it, run a brush through it.

Her affair with Julius Caesar. She was one and twenty, he 52. I remember her child born to him, the beautiful little Cesarion. He wouldn't dare go near anyone else, only Cleopatra and I.

Then, after Caesar's death, Marc Antony. I envied him. Cleopatra loved him, and I loved her. But i loved her children, and they seemed to treat me like another mother. First was Alexander Helios, named for the Greek Sun, and Cleopatra Selene II, named for the Greek Moon. Their last child was Ptolemy Philadelphus.

I remember when Marc Antony had died, by falling on his own sword after a loss. After his funeral, Cleopatra had been ill for days, mourning the only man she had truly loved. No one believed she would ever get better.

So, this is where we all stand. Near death, our souls fighting harder to get free. The young maid had probably died already, the weak child she was. I wish these tears wouldn't mar my view of the woman I had grown to love. But they did, of course, because it didn't want me to get what I wanted because I had chosen to kill myself.

"Iras," Cleopatra whispered hoarsely. "Iras." I didn't know what I did, but I made it to her, and my face was buried in her neck. "My dear Iras." She lifted my head gingerly, and pressed a small kiss upon my lips. "I hope to see you after we both die, along with Marc Antony, and all of our children when they too lose their life."

I could see the intelligence fading from her eyes quickly, just as I assumed my own did. Thats when the guards decided to come in. They pushed me away from my love.

And I fell. Fell into more than one darkness.