A/N: Inspired by 40 year old virgin men who spend their time on 'dating games' (mainly those with hentai, yay free hentai!) and for once DarkNeko-sama tried it out (girl version) and found out that it was super Kawaii!! I mean, there's bishounen!!! So many bishounen!!! But too bad there isn't enough of these 'dating games' for girls… T-T DarkNeko-sama wants more!! So this series is inspired by DarkNeko's 30 minute playing time of these dating games, girl version and also inspired by 'WebKare' the one that made the trend of virtual boyfriends(In Japan)!

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1st Encounter:

Internet's gift to otaku girls

Soft brown hair, cute private smile, smart school clothes, bishounen face, beautiful bright welcoming eyes, everything perfect… the number one guy… the latest trend in Japan… and it's all at my fingertips… the most beautiful boys in Japan… admired by all… more bishounen than you can poke a stick at…

"…Virtual boyfriends…" I say as I clicked furiously on the school's computer, which is only used for emergencies, "The number one trend on the internet…"

Yes, now in modern Japan 2020 all women, of all ages, are under the trend of the most famous of all internet trends… Virtual Boyfriends… It was known to many perverted men to be the 'dating game' where they would go into situations to capture a virtual girls heart… but now it's for girls too… it's the best thing in the world… it's…

"It's the internet's gift to all otaku girls!!!" I yell as I get out of my chair due to being excited.

"What is it now…"

"Oh, just another of her otaku spasm's…"

"… What a loser…"

"Hmph," I managed to say as I pushed up my fake glasses and picking up my bag, "You people don't even know what you're missing out on…"

I walked away with pride but was soon shattered when some menacing boy yells out, "I'm pretty sure whatever I'm missing out on isn't as worth it compared to masturbation!"

"Stupid real life boys…" I mutter as I walk out of the library doors.

I looked up at the all too fake blue sky and the artificial sun and frowned at how the real world isn't as good as the virtual world. I continued walking across the courtyard as the middle-schoolers threw a basketball at each other.

"Hey, watch out~" One kid called.

I turned to face them to find the ball on its way towards my face. I recalled my options at this point but no options popped into my head… I tried again but no options appeared… this isn't right!! There's supposed to be some damn options for me to choose… it's already too late.

The ball slammed into my face and slowly made its way down to the ground. I placed a hand over my nose to reveal something red… and warm… what is this?

"Hey are you alright?" The kid calls as he ran towards me.

I stared at the red thing on my palm with wide and terrified eyes. I turned to the boy and he quickly took a few steps backwards… maybe because of my expression…

"U~Uwah!!!" He quickly grabbed the ball and ran away while his friends have already decided to run in the first place.

I turned back to my hand and stared at it. "What is this…?"

"Um… I think its called blood…" I hear a boy's voice call from behind me making me jolt, "… You know… the stuff that comes out of a girls—"

I turned to him. I scanned him up and down… three times to categorize him. He looked at me with a confused look.

"Blonde hair, foreigner… school uniform messy, dropkick… black wrist bands, rebel… no tie, a very rebellious boy… pants have been modified, doesn't like school rules…" I say with a hand under my chin as I scanned down, "Chains hanging from pants, individual reasons… black converse shoes instead of school shoes, a very rebellious type…"

I looked up to scan his face some more to find a mischievous smile planted on his lips. I placed my hands on my hips and stared back at him.

"Verdict: Douchebag. Anything else to note: Has a bad smile, not my type and also…" I squinted closely as I recorded it into my handheld recorder, "Has black eyes… the blonde hair is fake and he's not a foreigner… must bleaches it monthly…"

I clicked the button to stop and took out the tape and held it towards him. He stared back at me confused. I placed it close to his face.

"Here... It'll be a keepsake of our…" I looked down at my hello kitty watched and smiled back at him, "… It'll be a keepsake of our 15 second conversation. Ciao, my foreign friend..."

I placed it into his school shirt pocket and continued walking to my class. When I returned back to the empty class I quickly got out my portable game system also known as Ninpendo DF* and started to play the dating game.

"This time I want a loli… they're more outgoing than a megane…" I mutter as I took my seat and started pressing the buttons.

I wouldn't call myself a pro at stuff like this or an amateur... I'm just playing this to escape… I guess… I caught my reflection on the screen to find dry blood cascading down my face. I touched it and wondered why I haven't found out about this stuff and I'm fricken 14 years old… So this is the life of an otaku…

"I guess I'll be stuck like this… oh well, back to my dating game…" I say as I started to play my favourite dating game and tried my best to capture the heart of the cold hearted megane.

Well... I guess that's it… wait, I forgot to introduce myself. Himezumi, Narue. Other categories: Female, otaku, video game junkie, cosplayer, loner, bishounen lover and anime/manga lover. Wears fake glasses from time to time, wears different styled clothing and mainly cosplaying, medium length hair with wavy ends, naturally light brown hair color with emerald green eyes.

Uses formats such as PC, Ninpendo DF, PFP, PF3.5, Z Box 361 and other gaming formats to complete my dating game experience. Things go my way at times but then the bishounen have to be so cold hearted that I would never make them fall in love… they're so cruel…

So, life is a cold-hearted bitch so I guess the virtual world is it's good twin sister that takes care of others and I'm guessing this is the part of me to say: 'And this the story about my life', but I seriously don't want to because right now I'm at the peak of making him fall in love with me… So please 'Do not Disturb', oh and also: "This is the story about snippets of my life~" So there I gave you a reason to tune into it, now go I need to complete this or I'll have to start all over again…

*The incorrect spelling of gaming formats: I seriously don't want to pay the Nintendo company or the other companies for dragging them into my story so I went with Ninpendo DF instead of Nintendo DS and so on…

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