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Spoiler Chapter

Pimp my avatar

What may have happened after the last chapter

Last week I had high hopes for actually finishing it off properly. Apparently I changed my mind, just like always, and I should write all this stuff down before I go back on my word.

So let the spoilers begin!

9th Encounter?

Once opening her eyes, Narue would become quite deaf at the start of the 9th Encounter. She finds herself in a realm filled with digit and numbers (just as expected from going inside a game), she is then given the option to change her appearance, which gives us our title as her avatar is pimped out to whoever she desires to be, of curse by now she can hear properly.

After pimping her 'avatar' she soon wakes up to find it's the next day. Thinking it's just a dream, Narue continues her daily routine and goes to school only to notice her surroundings are different and that somehow she was already playing THE GAME.

Before actually meeting the characters in the game, a bug stuffed up her visual and hearing aspect of the game causing the system to shut down and Narue waking up in the real world. She is then informed that she is late for school and proceeds to leave the game as it was.

At school, a boy that has similar features to Megane (but lacking the glasses part and a little bit more outgoing) is revealed to be transferring into her school and Rebel seems to be fine and not injured at all from the last encounter but he does seem to be a bit distant for now.

After the 9th Encounter:

Narue continues throughout her game without a hitch, despite some glitches she continues on with an option of about 5 guys to choose to be the ultimate boyfriend (or whatever it is).

The story would have switched from time to time to the game and real life. But is later on meshed together into this surreal reality in which she can't tell which ones which.

Along with playing in the game, Narue has a choice to interact with characters in reality in which she only has two choices: Rebel or 'Megane'. Later on in the story it is revealed that Megane's data/spirit had been transferred through cyberspace (or whatever it is) and into the nearest body, coincidently into the body of the boy Narue met in the game store which would have been the ultimate candidate for Megane's data.

Moving aside, as Narue plays she becomes more fatigue and tired but when Narue chats with Rebel she becomes quite 'normal-like' and acts like a proper teenager and not an otaku, same with interacting with 'Megane'. It is revealed that many other players have symptoms of fatigue and aggression in which these cases are never investigated as its 'common' for gamers.

The more Narue plays the more she feels trapped in the game world…

Leading up to the ending:

'Megane' soon reveals his secret to Narue and that he doesn't have enough time and needs to go back into his little Nintendo before the boy that he's controlling dies, seeing that he's not meant to be 'inside' his body (heh heh XD).

Narue promises Megane she would help him out as soon as he helps her stay off the dating game. A deal is created and they both try to solve the mystery of the game's intention.

Rebel seems to have gone missing along with mass amounts of females across Japan. Narue and Megane both decide to go back to the games shop to ask questions to find the old lady smiling cunningly.

Final curtain call:

Narue confronting the old lady causes her to reveal her true identity. The old lady 'rips off' her skin to reveal a young teenaged girl. This girl then tells them that she teamed up with Rebel to create a game that would steal 'energy' or so to speak people's soul and place them into androids/robots she had been working on.

Of course these androids would be used for evil. It's pretty obvious.

Anyway, Rebel bursts in explains everything to Narue (more like gives her a stupid excuse) but Narue doesn't buy it.

I apologise for this stupid ending down below as I only thought of it seconds ago

Seeing that I have no idea how it ends yet, I may as well give you something.

Surprisingly there's a showdown and seeing that Narue is not an expert at combat she pretty much fails and has to have Megane save her butt, who isn't an expert but still manages to defeat the robots that were attacking them (Oh I forgot that they were being attacked by the robots Old Hag had created) and Megane goes 'Pew, Pew, Pew' with his laser gun causing all of them to explode.

And then Old Hag grabs some machine guns and goes 'Pew, Pew, Pew' kicking Megane's ass to the curb. Obviously Rebel doesn't do anything and just lies there incapable of doing anything same as Narue.

So there is a battle off with the Old Hag and Megane while both Rebel and Narue make a run for it and in the end both Old Hag and Megane die and Rebel and Narue live. THE END.



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