My name is Alina. I am 23 and I have a normal body. My hair is a mix between dirty blonde and brunette. He always liked brunettes… I guess I should explain. His name is Jaiden and he is my best friend. I have always liked him, although he is too preoccupied with her to even notice my intense love… Her name is Olivia, she is beautiful. A curvy body, perfect brunette hair down to her waist. She always smelled of strawberries, Jaidens favorite. She is perfect for him in every way… but that she is not me.

I wake up and all I can see behind my eye lids is Jaidens smile. My eyes flutter open, another dream about Jaiden. Damn… he is always on my mind and it's not fair…. I get dressed, a v neck long sleeve shirt, bright blue undershirt and a pleated skirt that shows off my legs. Not that anyone worthwhile would notice. I get in my black slug bug and drive to the school. I go to the university of Washington… (go huskies!!) I see Jaiden and my heart flutters. He is reading Romeo and Juliette. Again. He looks so amazing in his khaki cut offs and his black skull shirt… I am broken out of my day dream by her. She comes up and kisses him eagerly.

"Hey baby" she said in her honey voice. Goddamn why cant that be me?? I thought. "Hey love" he said in the most wonder voice in the world. His voice is like music to my ears. "Hey Jaiden" I said. "Hey Alina, How was your weekend?" my thoughts got lost in his voice, like a beautiful melody weaving through my head. "Alina?" his voice interrupted my thoughts. "Huh what??" I said confused. What had he said? Oh that's right… "eh my weekend was dull" without you I finished in my head. "it was same as always. I sat and watched TV." with a pint of rocky road ice cream, "walked my pug, and went to Lea's house." Lea is my best girl friend. See there is a difference between guy-friend and girl-friend.

As I walked to my first period, I had a sinking feeling. I had the feeling someone was watching me. But when I turned around, nothing. "hmmm" this is weird…. I have algebra and of course that was boring. My major is in culinary, although they don't have much of a culinary program:

Back at my dorm I was talking to jaiden on the phone, "we should have a movie night sometime. Just you and me"