to break someone is impeccably real & beautiful
so viciously easy that anybody could & would
break another so often, lucidly & so grotesquely
must be the violent elegance
within your earthly fragrance
that proved to be this difficult

as i
swallowed your screams & tore your hurting

to cut you open was like rebirth
for my weary and shattered soul
with contagious pleasure i closed my eyes
as the flourescent lights reach up to the sky
i'd float in the pool of your brick-red blood
if i hadn't unlearned how to swim

as i
shattered your will & wriggled from your grasp

you have a way with dying
your eyes wide, pleading
it's not only a pretty, but beautiful sight
if only you could, my dear
see yourself with my teary & bloodshot eyes
as clearly as the hanging moon in the sky

as i
took in all of a glorious you & carved you with my heart

broken open on the white hard concrete sterile ground
your shell remains, buried in the noises of car honks & sirens
your smell is ever-lasting,
murder on my lips & filling my nostrils deeply, with the sweetest flora
the lights, blinding, here to
oh my, take you away from me

(but i won't let them
take you away from me
ever & never & forever!)