Lady Gaga's Lovegame blared throughout the old house. The vibrations shot up the party goer's bodies creating more tension between dancers and lovers, not to mention the topic of the song. He shoved him against the wall closest to the stairs, honestly they had tried moving upstairs and making the whole fiasco slightly more private, but he had had enough of staring lustily at the blue eyed boy. Against the wall they went, forcefully pressing lips together the tension hardly releasing between the two. Their hands tangled in hair and running up shirts, he bit the boy's lip playfully enticing a smile. His tongue soon found its way inside of the boy's mouth; the rainbow didn't quite taste like skittles but was still delicious. His hand moved down only to be stopped they parted for a minute, staring at each other. Seconds past and he felt it tugging at him like hours.

"Not in public," The boy mumbled to him.

Their lips met again, unable to be held back any longer, they laughed at their desperation.

"I'm sure we could find somewhere more private…"