Chapter 5- Lysander Rebuttal

The next few nights I lay in my bed thinking about the events that had just occurred, all in chronological order. The next night I didn't think about any of that, I thought of nothing- nothing at all. The next morning marked the dawn I could leave the place. I wasn't amazingly happy about this, just because I didn't want to go to high school unprepared- yet I still had the guide from Moira, so I wouldn't be totally oblivious. Someone tapped my right shoulder; I leaned forward to see who it was. Rebecca was standing on the left hand side of the bed, she looked uneasy yet smiley. This hospital bed gave me a horrible ach in my left thigh, so I dared to smile back.

"Good morning, love." She said easily.

"Hi, is it time to leave?" I asked her questionably.

"Yep, your bags are packed. Oh, and Moira Su insisted I give you the Chemistry notebook so you wouldn't be totally lost in that class, so while Aaron and me fill out the forms in the hallway, why don't you take a look." I didn't know if she actually thought that the notebook was for Chemistry, but something about the way she said Chemistry, made it seem she knew what it really was. She handed me the notebook and smiled.

"Thanks." I murmured.

"You're welcome. Will be leaving soon, and if you need anything come get us, will be in the hallway." She said exiting out of the pale room. I opened the notebook and realized I should skip the first paragraph as I already experienced the torture of it, so I skipped to the second paragraph and read:

The first day of school is always fun or rough, depends who you are and your friendship status. If you are new to a school, then I guarantee you're not hopeless, in fact, you could have a very successful high school year. Don't look for the popular people to be true friends, look for the people who graciously introduce themselves without any degree of permanence. This step will get you through your first year, what drives your high school experience depends on your friend status, if you have none high school won't have high adrenaline for you, you have some- it gets better. If you're popular; well let's just say it will make the experience much, much more pleasant.

"Honey, it's time to go." Aaron said entering the room. I quickly got off the hospital bed and snatched the notebook with me.

"I'm ready, so where do you live again?" I chocked out.

"Remember it's a secret." Oh yeah, I hate secrets.

"Okay, how long is the drive?" I asked impatiently.

"Not far, let's go on now." We left the room and went to the lobby. As we crossed the lobby Rebecca was waiting for us, Aaron and her led me to their car. It was going to be a very short ride as we were already on a highway which was going fast. That's when I noticed the sprawling, vicarious city on my left and right. It was Manhattan or New York City. I screamed out loud and Rebecca and Aaron both laughed, grinning a big smile. This was my dream and it was happening, how could this be happening? I screamed again, a little embarrassed.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked excitedly.

"Nope, you like it?" Aaron asked me.

"Like it, no..." I noticed the change of atmosphere in the car. "Love it." The old, happy, fuming atmosphere returned.

"Were glad you do." Rebecca said smiling.

"We live in a medium size apartment complex on the upper west side." Aaron said.

"Where will I go to high school?"

"Manhattan high school, it's supposed to be very good in the academic section." Rebecca said nodding her head in agreement with herself. It was only a little bit longer until we reached the apartment. It was a burgundy color, with clean white windows. It was obviously for the richer people. We parked the car in an underground parking spot. We made our way to the staircase, Aaron waved a card up against a little sensor box on the side of the wall. This made the door to the stairwell open.

"Here, keep this." Aaron said handing me the card. "It'll get you into most of the rooms in the building.

"Thank you, but what about you." I asked.

"I have my own, are you ready to see your new home?" he said a little shyly, like he was embarrassed. How could anyone be embarrassed by this? This was already bigger than I ever imagined I could ever live in myself. We made our way up the stairs and through several hallways. Soon, we reached door twenty three B. Rebecca told me to open it up with my card, I did as she told me, and as I predicted the door opened smoothly. As I peered through the door way I thought I was about to die. It was huge, way bigger than the building seemed on the outside, yet it could just be my imagination, but it was still big.

I crept through the hallway; on the left was a very modern kitchen with brand new silver kitchen appliances. Next to the kitchen was a family room, where there was a big flat screen T.V and a brown wrap around couch that was in the shape of a U. In the next room, was three computers on black desks, each one had their own twisty, moveable chair. In the next room, was obviously Aaron and Rebecca's room. It had a king sized bed with a red comforter fit for a king. The big windows on the side looked out onto a very peaceful part of the city, where I could see only a few taxies waiting for the green light, yet I saw many people chatting on their cell phones. They're bedroom, also had a master bath with a big fifteen soaker shower and gold plated toilet lid. Then I opened the next door, and I knew my pulse skipped a beat.

This was my room, and I couldn't have been more impressed. A very big bed was in the center surrounded by pictures of my favorite artist Leonardo Da Vinci, I loved art yet I never could paint. It was painted a light purple, there was three doors in the room. In the first door was my very own walk in closet, it was filled with brand name expensive cloths and dresses fit for a princess, I also managed to find accessories including some Prada shoes. The next door was a bathroom. It was fairly big, although, not as big as Rebecca and Aaron's. It had a shower and a big Jacuzzi bath, and a nice toilet on the left side. The last door was the most surprising yet pleasant. It was my own library. It had a big round table with many chairs around it. Surrounding it was thick shelves filled with books, movies, and music soundtracks. My own personal library filled with my favorite pieces of literature, movies, and music, could this day get any better? I didn't think so, not at all.

I jumped on my bed and lay there for several minutes, was this actually happening. All of this seemed just like a fairytale, orphan gets big shot apartment in west Manhattan. "Do you like it?" Rebecca said slipping into my bedroom.

"I feel like this is all too good to be true." I told her honestly.

"I know what you mean." She said graciously.

"How can you guys afford all of this?" I asked her confused.

"Good stock market decisions." She said laughing.

"Wow, it's an amazing place you have."

"Oh, I know, so you checked out all the rooms in here?" she asked.

"Yeah, yet I don't understand one thing- how did you know all my favorite literature?"

"Well at the orphanage, Rene, told us. There are favorites also."

"Rene?" I asked surprised.

"A nice lady, you were in good hands there." She had no idea. Rene told me she had never met the couple physically, how did Rene tell her about this.

"I love literature." She said.

"You like Dickens and Shakespeare?" I asked her questionably.

"There my absolute favorite."

"Tis torture and not mercy. Heaven is here. Where Juliet lives, and every cat and dog and little mouse, every unworthy thing, live here in heaven and may look on her, But Romeo may not."

"William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 3.3, so much passion and faith written in those few lines by Shakespeare." She said breathlessly. She obviously did love Shakespeare like me. The next few hours I just lay on my bed listening to the music I inserted into the stereo, it was some Beethoven. Then I decided I was through of sitting, I instantly returned to the library and looked for the right music piece and found it. Metallica.

I turned up the stereo as loud as it would go and retreated out of the library as I danced furiously to the rhythm of the song playing. Then I thought of the closet and entered it still managing to dance along to the rhythm of the song. I was looking for a dress, a dress that I could easily slow dance in while managing to fist pump it out. I chose a slim red dress that was very right; it was made out of leather. It was very revealing, but I could easily have fun with it. I put on a necklace and black bracelet and slipped on some black high pump shoes. I ran into the bathroom and explored my hair, the first time I was in there I realized I forgot to check the cabinet beneath the sink. To my delightful surprise, it was coated with tons of make-up and hair product and accessories. It took me a frightening ten minutes to figure out which make up I should put on, another ten minutes applying it. After that, I started my hair by putting some product in it that would make it easier to curl.

I took out the curling iron from underneath the sink and started curling my hair, how I managed to make my hair look amazing was beyond me, but by the time I was done with myself I looked like a true female rocker; a new Joan Jett. I found a camera in the library and with the beat of the music I took pictures of myself rocking out, at some point I smelled food cooking and realized it was already dinner time. I exited my room to see that Rebecca was cooking a feat up made up of meats, beans, vegetables, fruits, salads, soups, sauces, peppers, and deserts.

"What is this?" I asked Rebecca who didn't notice me come in. When she looked up she saw my outfit, hair, and makeup selection and looked oddly fascinated in it.

"Who taught you how to dress like that? You look exactly how I looked in my prime years. You look so distinguished, gorgeous." I figured out fashion when I was ten years old when Rene prescribed a prescription of Seventeen for my birthday.

"Years of reading fashion magazines."

"Wow…anyways it's dinner." She said smiling.

"It's a feast! Why would you cook this on an ordinary day?" I asked her confused.

"Oh, we eat like this most days."

"Are you serious? I haven't had this much food since the restaurant!"

"I'm glad you're exited." She said. She looked at me sternly. "You better go fit into something more appropriate and clean the makeup of your face before Aaron see's you."

"Alright." I followed her instructions precisely. I went into my room and picked out a pale purple eyelet laced dress. I took off the makeup and straightened my hair. I looked refreshing and beautiful, in just a simple dress and straight hair. I was actually starting to believe in myself, that I just might enjoy high school. After than I skipped slightly to the kitchen table, there, the feast was cooked and about to be served, it looked and smelled even more delicious now. Aaron was already sitting down a little round table. Around the table were four chairs, one of which, I would be eating my first feast in. I envy that chair.

"Sit down." Aaron insisted.

"Okay, so when exactly do I start high school?" I asked.

"Not tomorrow but the next day."

"Should I be scared?" I asked him honestly.

"No, I think you should just be who you are." He said smiling.

"That's encouraging, thanks."

"No problem, now we eat!" He said. This meal was better than anything I had ever tasted in my life, the stir-fry chicken, the mouthwatering potatoes, and the broiled vegetables were only the first dent of this fine meal. Then came the toasted pitas and buttered noodles. After that came the desserts, my personal favorite part. Strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce, ice cream topped with a pure cherry, vanilla candy, chocolate chip cookies, and a whole platter filled with different sweets. It was a heavenly adventure tasting the different types of sweets, and the taste of the cookies made my taste buds explode with pure delight. After, a mouthful of discussions, laughter, stories, and sarcasm the night went long until the moon fell from the sky.

I woke up. It was already noon; I couldn't believe how good I slept on this heavenly bed. It felt like I was sleeping on a thick marshmallow or cloud nine. The comforter helped keep the creeping openness apart from the open claustrophobia. It was just a good day already, and it had just begun, technically. I instantly ran into the library turned on the music and scouted for my dress wear today. I took out a white blouse and put on some comfortable tight jeans. I didn't put them on though, instead I lay them on the floor. I ran into the bathroom. This was it.

This was the first day I was going to use this huge, titanic shower. I took off my pajamas and I put myself in. I turned the knob and a steamy water reached my skin, as the water ran down my spine I was flattened, impressed. It felt too good to explain, just the clean crystal water reaching my skin made my spirit fly away. After the longest shower I had ever taken was up, I put on a purple robe. It was fuzzy, which was very comforting. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Now, I returned to my clothes and put them on. I returned to the bathroom to apply some makeup, today I went with a pale pink color for my lips and a sultry tan for my blush. I put some lip gloss on just to make my lips a little bit shinier.

I decided to curl my hair today, not fully, just a few curls here and there. It turned out to be a good hair day, and I thought I looked pretty darn good. I was just wondering how good I could compete against the devil at school Moira was chatting about at the restaurant. I did the annual dancing around like a fool, jumping on my bed and making a complete moron of myself, but hey, girls just want to have fun.

"What are you doing?" I heard a voice say with laughter in the doorway.

"Moira!" I said with excitement. Moira would be the first I could tour my own room to.

"I can't believe this, you look so- materialistic." She said amazed.

"I try."

"I never saw how beautiful you could be at the restaurant, I'm a blind girl."

"It's okay, I forgive you." I said happily. "Now, what are you here for?"

"I was just going to come over here to say I'm so sorry about the accident, but now that I think of it. Want to go school supply shopping?" she asked me grinning.

"I'll have to ask, but sure!" I said apprehensively. I went immediately to ask Aaron or Rebecca if it was good. I managed to find Rebecca watching a mid-day soap opera, she said it was fine. She said she never thought of getting you me anything, so you're free to go. Score one.

It was about a twenty minute drive to a place in central Manhattan that Moira Su said she always got her stuff. She said she would also be purchasing things. Her wallet was thick, with a red design on it. I had never thought of it, but I didn't bring any money. I was done for. "Uh, Moira, I don't have any money." I said effortlessly.

"It s'okay my parents told me I should treat you." That's probably why her wallet was as thick as some firewood.

"You're my lifesaver, you know that?" I asked her smiling.

"Of course I know that silly!" she said giggling her infectiousness giggle. I started laughing just because of it, actually. A laugh worth a million words is what I should call it, a beautiful story could be written out of it, or a triumph symphony. Once we were in the store, I was impressed, although I'm easily impressed; it was lined with all kinds of goods, pencils, pens, markers, and many other school supplies. "So what was it like to be hit by a car?"

"I'm not going to lie, it was painful."

"Did you see the light?" How ironic!

"Something like that." I answered smiling.

"Your hilarious." She said sarcastically.

"Yep, so, when does school start?" I asked her breaking the jokes up into a more appropriate conversation in a school supplies store.

"It already started!" She answered.

"I thought it started tomorrow." Now I was started to get worried.

"No, you start tomorrow, we started last week." Great, that totally put a damper even more on tomorrow. I was tense and Moira could see that.

"Don't be afraid, it's a waste of your time." She said crossly.

"I'm not afraid just, nervous." I said starting to peer around for some interesting or noteworthy things I should get for class. I found some pens and pencils I liked, I snatched them from the shelf and continued on- being as frugal as I possibly could.

"It will be rough; I'm not going to lie. But you will get use to it, I promise you." She said smiling as convincingly as she could. The problem was, we could both see through the lies. High school is not heaven, it's actually the most dangerous hell there is out there. "Don't be fooled though, it could be horrible the first few weeks, and when I mean horrible, I don't mean a dagger to the heart. I mean bad grades, overly friendly geeks, horrible teachers, disgusting toilets, Elaine." She paused.

"Who's Elaine?"

"Remember we went out to eat and I was telling you about the devil of the school?" She waited for a serene reply.

"Absolutely." I remembered it clearly.

"She is the devil of the school." She shook her head. "Making girls insecure by her beautiful body, translucent skin, golden hair, pronounced features, and her wardrobe style, and that is just the beginning to her life." She said disgusted.

"Is she really that pretty?" I asked questionably.

"Yes, and she's a bitch, too. The meanest, clique girl in the school. She run's high school people are going to look back at their high school years and not remember any of the people that were nice to them, just the mean witch that made fun of them every day." She said shaking her head in disapproval. Maybe, I would be proven wrong.

"Are you trying to scare the hell out of me?" I was curious.

"Ha, nope- its reality and you have to learn that."

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"It's not always fashion magazines or Romeo and Juliet, books are actually the most lying things on Earth, yet we still have to read." She said looking at something. "How about these binders, they look pretty and are sturdy?" She said holding a pink binder in the air.

"Uh sure- so I'm guessing you're opposed to reading?" I asked her honestly.

"I wouldn't say opposed, but I don't like fiction, lies, anything but the truth is a peeve of mine. Take it for instance, in A Midsummer's Night Dream, a beautiful novel yet I always felt as if Lysander was always just a piece of the puzzle and never came to importance at all in the novel."

"Wait, a second he beloved Helena."

"Helena only described the motifs of the story, it's really Demetrius and Hermia who tell the story, and it's as if Lysander was just a crossroad method, used in the beginning, but never really had a big role in the end, and plus he was a total jerk." She knew what she was talking about, I never really admitted the truth but I loved Lysander-yet his character is miserably taken the wrong way. He's under told and I understand where Moira is going with this, but there is more character depth that she doesn't get. Puck was the cause of it all, the mischievous fairy, Lysander loved Hermia and Helena loved Demetrius, yet due to the unmistakable poison Lysander fell for Helena, causing Hermia and Demetrius to be loved.

"It wasn't his fault he ditched Hermia." Look at me standing up for a character directly written in one of my favorite authors novels.

"Whatever you say, but I'm right."

"Okay, your right. But for argument sake, let's say you weren't- would you love the characters as much as I do." I asked her.


"Somehow I don't believe that, are you biased about something?" I asked her.

"Biased about what, it's a story." She hissed at me.

"Okay." We continued looking around for the school supplies, nothing really stood out- then again, and all's I was thinking about was how rude she had been about the whole character rebuttal. Then I decided, maybe I could use people I knew as characters, the people in the white world. I was obviously Helena and I was following Hernia, just like I was following Nicole, and I met Cliff who I instantly fell in love with. Then I guess, Demetrius would be Lucas, would that mean Nicole and Lucas would be dating, I don't know- I would work out the details later.

"Okay, were good you have everything. Are you okay?" She said looking at me doubtfully.

"It's nothing, I was just thinking."

"Well, think later- we have to go!" She shouted at me.

"Okay." I don't remember much but I just know she took me back to my apartment. I was too busy thinking about what Moira had said about Lysander, would that mean Cliff is just a cross path and he will pleasantly fade away? Who would I fall in love with? Would I fall for Demetrius, my least favorite character in the whole novel, even the stupid Puck beats the stupid Demetrius.

"Well see you tomorrow at school." She said smiling. "Here's your stuff." She handed me a plastic baggy. I held it with my fingers tucked behind the latches in the bag.

"Do we have the same classes together?"

"You have to go to the front office, they will give you your class list and where their located. The secretaries are actually really nice!" She said laughing. "I have a question though before you go, did I upset you with my comment about Lysander?"

"No, just took me off guard." I said.

"Well I'm sorry. See, books can do this to you."

"Yet there the most filling options of romance, and drama." I told her.

"I understand I stopped liking books when my sister died."

"What happened?" I asked her unaware of where this topic was going.

"When my sister died, she was reading me A Midsummer's Night Dream. It was the night she died I read ahead, it was the night I figured that he was just a cross path in the novel - that was also the night where my sister died on a cross path. I tell myself reading ahead was the cause of the accident, that it was Lysander that was driving the car that killed her. It was that night I hated Lysander." I realized that I could never tell that to a friend, and what Moira did was brave, I understand now the pain she was in after she found out about the death on the cross path, the night realized Lysander's true identity. Maybe I didn't have a grip on reality but for the first in my life, I felt heart ache, I felt horrible- I felt a disappearance of love.

"I understand your point now."

"I knew you would."

"Do you feel raw emotion when you cry?" I asked her, I've never told anyone about this.

"Yes, yes, yes…you finally get me." She said grinning.

"It's because I do that also. I lie to myself, saying I don't cry, I do cry. I cry when I'm in bed and realize all the damage my real parents have done to me. I realize the hardships of the world; I feel the pain you have even though it's never happened to me personally."

"And I guarantee it's that emotion that get's you through high school."

"I hope so."

"I have one more question."


"Are you ready for high school?" she said laughing. That's when I realized, I was not only happy but lucky to have a best friend like Moira Su.