Alrighty! So, this poem is dedicated to Aamori, who wanted me to write a poem containing two Greek Gods, Hypnos and Morpheus. :) She requested it awhile back, so sorry that it's taken so long... :( If anybody else would like me to write a short poem for them, PM me, and I'd be more than happy to do it. Helps with my writer's block. Lol...

I hope that this is to your liking, Aamori. :D




Father and Son;
God of Sleep and the Shaper of Dreams.
Living together; constant companions.

Sleep is required, and with it, so are Dreams;
They tease and taunt you, flatter your senses
Into thinking what you own is no longer enough.

They crush with guilt; an autonomic conscience
Ticking like a metronome,
Reminding you of every wrong you have not yet righted.

They steal away hope, and they take joy in your loss;
Your sorrow and despair, until you are
Just a mere shadow of your former self.

Hypnos and Morpheus—
Merciless, they are, the pair of them.

Smirking, laughing, rejoicing at the damage
They've caused in such a
Fragile, weakened thing
We call a heart.

Author's Note:

Here's something interesting that I looked up to see what Morpheus and Hypnos were all about... :P It's rather long, so... Yeah. :P

`Somnus, quietest of the gods, Somnus, peace of all the world, balm of the soul, who drives care away, who gives ease to weary limbs after the hard day's toil and strength renewed to meet the morrow's tasks, bid now thy Dreams, whose perfect mimicry matches the truth, in Ceyx's likeness formed appear in Trachis to Alcyone and feign the shipwreck and her dear love drowned. So Juno [Hera] orders.' Then, her task performed, Iris departed, for she could no more endure the power of Somnus, as drowsiness stole seeping through her frame, and fled away back o'er the arching rainbow as she came. The father Somnus chose from among his sons, his thronging thousand sons, one who in skill excelled to imitate the human form; Morpheus his name, than whom none can present more cunningly the features, gait and speech of men, their wonted clothes and turn of phrase….

Soon through the dewy dark on noiseless wings flew Morpheus and with brief delay arrived at Trachis town and, laying his wings aside, took Ceyx's [ghostly] form and face and, deathly pale and naked, stood beside the poor wife's bed. His beard was wet and from his sodden hair the sea-drips flowed; then leaning over her, weeping, he said : `Poor, poor Alcyone! Do you know me, your Ceyx? Am I changed in death? Look! Now you see, you recognize - ah! Not your husband but your husband's ghost. Your prayers availed me nothing. I am dead. Feed not your heart with hope, hope false and vain. A wild sou'wester in the Aegaeum sea, striking my ship, in its huge hurricane destroyed her. Over my lips, calling your name--calling in vain--the waters washed. These tidings no dubious courier brings, no vague report: myself, here, shipwrecked, my own fate reveal. Come, rise and weep! Put on your mourning! Weep! Nor unlamented suffer me to join the shadowy spirits of Tartaras (the Underworld).' So Morpheus spoke, spoke too in such a voice as she must think her husband's (and his tears she took for true), and used her Ceyx' gestures. Asleep, she moaned and wept and stretched her arms to hold him, but embraced the empty air. `Oh wait for me!' she cried, `Why haste away? I will come too.' Roused by her voice's sound and by her husband's ghost, now wide awake, she looked . . . but found him nowhere . . . She cried, `. . . He is dead, shipwrecked and drowned. I saw him, knew him, tried to hold him--as he vanished--in my arms. He was a ghost, but yet distinct and clear, truly my husband's ghost, though to be sure his face was changed, his shining grace was gone. Naked and deathly pale, with dripping hair, I saw him--woe is me!"

Excerpt from "The Ovid."

I've always imagined Hypnos and Morpheus to be a little cruel and mischievous. :P Don't know why, but that's just my personal preference. :) And, the above myth, just proves it! :P

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