The home to all, somewhere where we can never fall.
The peace it brings,
melody of all races sing.
The unity,
laughter from the community.
Mother Earth,
It's our origin and birth.
Here we belong,
Where we will forever stand strong.


Warming or cooling,
the reason why we are living.
Light breeze or howling,
when the wind will sing us its song.
Humid or refreshed,
our desires never crushed.
Extend and welcome,
Allow air to cleanse all the glum.


Tears and rain,
Should not be what we call pain.
Laughs and smiles,
is what it brings from miles.
Tamed or wild,
it has everything complied.
With gratitude,
water shall change our attitude.


Passion and love,
holds you like a dove.
Desire and yearn,
Light and let it burn.
Ablaze and bright,
the beauty ignite.
Within and true,
Loyalty shins through.
Comfort and heat,
Never will fire glow with defeat.


The first laugh and cry,
the world through our very eyes.
From the ashes we rise,
the heart and soul with no disguise.
The life given to us,
what our Goddess has blessed.
With pride and respect,
the evil shall never have effect.