Born to Lead Life

I craft your existence,
from beginning to end.
I keep your experience,
from nill to death.

I born, grow, and age,
just like you.
I see, hear and know things,
the way you do.
I live, laugh and love,
through and in you.

For I define your existence,
and I determine your worth,
For I am devine Spirit,
the essence of your everything.

Comfort and Danger

I teach you to fear,
and to overcome fear.
I lead you through death,
and give you a life.
I render your hopes to ashes,
but set your passions ablaze.
I am the reason for power,
but also the cause of downfall.
You can choose to conquer,
or be conquered by me.

Just Another Pathetic Cry

I hold you to me,
like parent to child.
That is why many,
named me 'Mother'.

You drink from my face,
just as you step on it.
You love my skin,
just as you destroy it.

Yet I stay here regardless,
enduring silently,
because I adore you,
like parent to child,
and I always will.

Please love me,
just as I adore you.
Please embrace me,
like I hold you.

Please Love Me More

I miss those times
before industrial revolution,
where I was clean and green,
without harmful gases.

I regret not rebelling,
to the additional pollution,
seen in me now,
when I was first introduced to.

I wish I can go back,
and not have indicators,
sticking through my breaths,
measuring my toxic content.

I dream of the day,
I'm given a voice.
I'd tell you people,
to please love me more.

Oasis of Life

I am on Earth,
and I cover
70% of its face.

I am in Air,
and without me,
your skins will crack.

I am on Fire,
for I hold the power,
to tame flames.

I am in Spirit,
for it is me,
that keeps you alive.

I am the Water,
and I live around, in,
and for you.