Alien Ethics

A/N: A Jarvonite from planet Jarva, named Jehu (Yay-hoo) comes to Earth, only to find that there are overly eager scientists that want to experiment on him.

Chapter 1--Greetings From Jarva

Jehu is my designation. I arrived from Jarva not too long ago to study this strange planet you Earthlings know as home. I had no idea what to expect as soon as I landed, because no sooner had my saucer 'parked' above a corn field when I was being man-handled, quite literally, by scientists, physicists and other researchers who were taking me away to an undisclosed location. I wasn't the type to exhibit or experience fear, but I felt that my mission was about to be compromised. Luckily for me my recorder was sentient and could take information on its own. The only trouble is that my android recording unit, or ARU, as I called it, had been confiscated by the 'researchers' to inspect it and try to understand what made it 'tick', so to speak. I was starting to lose all hope as soon as I found myself going into a dimly lit laboratory until I realized my mind was far superior than to those of the scientists.

I wasn't about to allow them to experiment on me, not if I had anything to say about it.

Chapter 2--An Attempt at Escape

The laboratory was rudimentary at best in its structure, but labyrinthine in its design. Whoever had been in charged of the architecture had been insanely clever or completely mentally unstable. Perhaps both. At this point and time, I cared little for the history of the building itself or the architect. All I wanted was to flee from it and from those who wanted nothing more to rip me open and display my lifeless corpse to gawking scientists and researchers around the world.

It seemed as though I was racing through the halls of the facility for hours until I seemed to come to what was an exit, but I made it no further than that. I used my translator to speak to the researcher spiriting me back to the dingy laboratory.

"Don't I at least have a say in what you are about to do to me ? I have no desire to be studied, cut open and operated on. I am not some creature here for your amusement ! I came here in peace. It's a pity I lost my immobilization ray or I would be blasting you all with it and fleeing from here !", I cried, at the top of my lungs. Sadly, my voice was high-pitched even translated and many of the scientists in the room laughed at my plea and my plight.

"Would if we could, star child, but we're obligated by the powers that be to have evidence of your kind.", one scientist offered. I could tell she wasn't too fond of the institution that was forcing her to do something that she disagreed with. I felt that if I appealed to this human female that she might let me go. I felt if I made a wager with the humans that satisfied my agreement of studying them and in return them having a piece of my flesh for study. In essence I knew that eventually both of us would win out, but I had to convince this female that I was worth saving and everyone, both myself and the researchers could come to a consensus.

I spoke to the human female woman about my plan.

"It's well thought out, star child. If I were in your skin, I would most likely do the same thing that you are doing now. Are you really so certain that the others can see you for what you are, a scout, not a threat ?", the sage scientist said, knowing the motives of her colleagues well in advance.

"I know most of them will take my side but there will be those who are persuaded only by greed, fortune and fame. There will be little I can do to talk them out of that.", I replied, realistically. But I knew I had to try.

Before any operations were begun, I began to speak to the researchers and scientists and had them reconsider my option.

"Surely there are some among you who wouldn't be against studying a specimen of mine ?", I asked, generously. Many of the older scientists stroked their chins pensively and I could see all of the humans were in the process of deep thought. Many of them found the exchange acceptable but there was one who hadn't. He was a rather thin, lanky, weak looking earthling.

"I came too far to prove that we're not alone in this Universe of ours and I won't rest until we have defining proof. Once this alien is recognized as actual, physical evidence of this point, I can rest easy at night.", the doctor said. Another doctor said he was only interested in having me experimented on for the glory of it and for no other reason. I was thinking of holding back my information from this primitive people but many of them had redeeming qualities so, I decided to impart my wisdom to a few choice scientists to share with those who wanted to learn and spread my wealth.

"So, it's a deal then ?", I finally said after the last greedy scientist had come to the conclusion that it was better to take a sample of my tissue for study and allow me to complete my mission while I was here. I had never should've turned my guard down, however. Although I didn't have my immobilizer ray on hand, I couldn't have escaped the grasp of that human being because I was already feeling tired, hungry and thirsty. I didn't have any energy to wriggle free from his bony grasp and for the first time in my life felt worthless.

Chapter 3--Android Recording Unit: Launch !

"No other worldly life form can dictate how I'm supposed to live my life ! Didn't you know rules, traditions and laws were made to be broken, alien ?", the bespectacled, salt-and-pepper haired scientist laughed, maniacally. I didn't respond to the delusional human's rhetorical inquiry. I felt utterly helpless as the mad human strapped me down and set up a camera to record all of his findings in real time. I couldn't audibly shudder, but my disgust was apparent and my actions spoke volumes against this scientist's actions.

I had remembered earlier that my ARU had been confiscated but I didn't recall if it had been tinkered with or not. If it had, it was most likely that the humans who had looked at its inner workings had been utterly flummoxed by it. I used telepathy to call the ARU to my aide, and it worked like a charm. Not only is it programmed to record everything it surveys but it is also equipped with specialty devices that can help me in case of trouble.

The crazed scientist was not expecting a humble sphere android to come to my rescue.

"What the devil is this ?", he asked, apparently haven forgotten about my android. He obviously hadn't been the one who pulled ARU aside to observe it.

I said nothing, only gave a telepathic command. A blinding light shone into the scientist's eye and he screeched in pain, losing his footing. Quickly, ARU untied me from the metal gurney and I raced out of the small, confining laboratory I had been brought to. I knew the scientist would return, but at least I had friends back in the establishment that would protect me from this man's evil intent.

Chapter 4--Protected From Harm

Everything I recorded, fascinated me, good or bad. But, it was happening at such a rapid pace, I could barely process it all. Luckily, ARU's processors had been built for such an intense download of information. The other scientists already were aware that Dr. Walden Straight (which I thought was a bizarre and ironic name for him) was on my trail and would be led right back to the original laboratory where I was to be 'exhumed'. I thought it was rather fascinating but tragic to see this story unfolding before my eyes because it illustrated the human experience. Human beings were rather complex, but their rudimentary habits were understandable. Like any other creature on the earth, they wanted to survive, but some had methods of doing so that I thought were despicable. On my world, we live peaceably and I didn't know what 'violence' was until I had been sent to Earth to scout it. I personally thought that the Lofty Seers were daft when they had wanted to give me their sage wisdom and share it with these earthlings. Of course, not all of them were bad, nor were they all immoral or unworthy of this wisdom. Maybe, just maybe, they could save themselves before they destroyed themselves completely.

Eventually, Dr. Straight came to collect me but not without a fight. I had nary a scratch on my exterior as the other doctors came to my rescue and called the local asylum to have Walden put away for good.

"Sometimes, even insanity has an insidious way of creeping into what otherwise may be a good intention at the start.", the female whom I convinced said wisely. I felt a pang of what I learned to be 'sadness' when I had been reminded by my android what my true purpose on this planet had been. I desired to stay longer, but that wasn't in my directive. As if I were a disobedient child, the android pulled me by my tiniest digit out of the laboratory and from the scientists' grasp. I dared not ask my own unit why but I knew my purpose had come to an end and I had to return to Jarva. The unfamiliar and uncomfortable emotion faded no sooner as I boarded my craft and returned toward my familiar star system.


I was unaware how much one singular act of kindness could touch me even light years away from Earth. Although the scientists did use my knowledge, only a handful of educated human beings used the information to better themselves. It was a slight shift, but over time the ripple effect began to appear. It would grow year to year, gaining strength the more people heeded my knowledge and shared the wealth of information and began seeing everything from a new perspective.

I did not care whether I was credited with helping the planet heal (or what of the broken world could be healed even if it was a fractional section). It didn't matter to me. I had served my purpose well and I returned to studying and analyzing as I usually had. The kindness I still felt from my human friend stayed long with me and I often sent her thoughts and vibrations telepathically, hoping that they would reach her, and somehow…I think she knows that I wish her and her kind well.

Afterthoughts of Jehu the Jarvanite…