Muslim Woman

She's covered up
Unlike the West
Her clothes aren't tight
Upon her breast
Her family's strength
When she's her best
Strong-willed, can't say
That she's oppressed

She doesn't care
Who thinks her odd
She's happy with
Her faith in God
She carries on
Ahead she nods
She knows the way
To rightly plod

Knows forgiveness
Should she stumble
Shows mercy when
Others fumble
And when pride makes
This world tumble
She manages
To keep humble

Though some people
At her glower
And think that she
Has no power
She still prevails
Through each hour
Through each attack
And word sour

People have no
Right to be mean
Just because your
Way she won't lean
She doesn't feel
The need to preen
And for that she
Is twice as keen

Her glamour's not
Shown in her clothes
But when she loves
Even her foes
For in the end
Her beauty shows
Not in her looks
But what she knows