Dependent On You and Your Memories.

I can't remember...
Have I always been where I am now?
Have I always felt this feeling?

Surely not; but nothing else seems to
Exist; nothing else feels tangible.
Only you did, and now,

Nothing does.

I sigh, and the wind answers.
It sounds nothing like your voice;
It howls and cries, a constant white noise...
I would never tune you out.

The grass prickles, wet with dew,
Beneath my sensitive, barely covered skin.
A constant discomfort, one that I will have to
Become accustomed to,
Like you got used to me.

I'm alone,
Lying on a blanket of grass,
Drenched with moonlight.

I look surreal,
For I am
Colored silver.

Silver like the far-off specks that
They call stars; burning up and eventually
Dying off, one by one.

Silver was my favorite color, once.
Forever ago, It seems, I
Saw the broken promises
Dance in your silver eyes.

I'm cold and shivering, but
I can't bring myself to move
From this place, not yet.
It's peaceful;
The outside now matches the inside.

I smile and close my eyes.

I dream of speckled stars, glowing bright, and
The warmth that your touch brought.
I awaken, only to find
That you are still here.

Here with me,
Mirrored by the milky shade of the stars;
Still there, locked deep within the hollow void
That once cradled my heart.

My memories of you and I
Are forever stained


Author's Note:

(Edited on: 8/22/10)

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