Unexpectedly, he was next to me again. So close, our shoulders touched. I feared his connection, afraid he would draw me in again with his inescapable charm. He barely looked at me now, barely spoke to me. We drove on in silence, and I rested my head on his shoulder. It still fit. Being this close again, I felt a deep yearning for what we once were, even with the weight of what lay ahead resting on my chest. We drove on, every second getting closer to our destination.

Pulling up outside the steel green gates, I climbed out of the car, with him close behind me. Still he did not talk, but remained distracted. The building inside the gate was crowded with people; chaotic, frantic people reflecting the darkness gathering in the sky above. The car pulled away from the curb with a gentle purr, leaving him, myself and an unidentified guest alone on the pathway. Slowly, we made our way beyond the cold green gates, and into the madness.

There was a meeting, a discussion. It was determined now that I was the one who needed to find a way to save the place from final destruction, as the red and black sky gathered above us. People were panicking again, screaming and chaotic. The wind was picking up now, and the end of the world was drawing close. We stood among the chaos, facing each other with little emotion. He seemed indifferent to the impending destruction, and to my fragile touch. I was still lost for a solution, and the place was descending further into madness. We stood closer, now, the faint scent of remembrance and nostalgia drifting past us in the rising winds.