We were surrounded by clear, light water, which gently lapped against our thighs. I had no words for her, just the reverberation of my heart, cutting through the sleepy silence that hung between us. The air was saturated with a calm, lazy light, which illuminated the sharp curve of her jawline. I admired her pallid beauty under the streams of light pouring into the clearing, which gently wrapped around her form. In this field of dreams, we had met that night to let our hearts speak without words. The silence was comfortable, familiar.

Slowly, I approached her, as though moving through endless time. Moments of love, guilt and serenity reflected off of my thighs as they cut through the clear liquid that separated us, and connected us. Our eyes were locked: my large, ambiguous, hazel eyes with her sheer blue eyes.

We stood close now, face to face in the pool of light. She whispered something unknowable, and I felt an invisible pull towards her. Slowly, she began to allow herself to sink back into the water, her eyes daring me to follow her down. I conceded, dazed, intoxicated by her pull, her beauty. I allowed my body to follow her down into the water, sinking down above her form. The silence pressed in around us, screaming at us to run. I closed my eyes and felt the light caress my body, as my lips touched the surface of the water.

Soon, we were submerged in the unknown, in restless emotions. I kept my eyes closed as I continued to sink, feeling the water rush past me. It felt like an eternity that I floated there above her, timelessly enchanted by her very presence. I chanced a glance at her, and was met with her pair of ice-blue eyes. I thought I saw a whisper dancing behind her eyes, bitten back and forbidden from seeing light. I quickly closed my eyes again, afraid that it would disappear without a trace if I continued to watch her. The heavy atmosphere was suddenly ripped apart as a pair of cool lips softly met my own. The embrace lasted only a second, and in that second I could feel an exchange of a lifetime of emotion, regret, yearning and hope. She pulled back, disconnecting the exchange. I knew in that second, that I had only a moment before she would be lost forever, without hope. I pressed forward through the water until I felt my forehead softly collide with hers. Without wasting a second, I returned the embrace, and felt my heart reel as the exchange began again. There was warmth between us now, an invisible light that engulfed us.

When my lips once again left hers, I pulled back up through the water, until I could look her squarely in the face. She gave me a yearning look, flecked with a twinge of guilt. She indicated silently for me to sink back down to her, where wandering eyes could not find us. I obeyed, falling under her spell, plunging back to the depths with her, as our dance began again.

We kissed, over and over again, just long enough each time to prevent the emotions in the exchange from completely taking over us. Each time was like the first, again and again, the exhilaration burning through our veins as we held one another beneath the glassy water.

A dream for her, in a parallel dimension; ∑