He loves Amy. Destiny, A.K.A me, loves Cane, A.K.A him. Amy, well . . . she loves . . . not Cane. Although they are going out. You see I am a . . . seer, I um . . . see things . . . things that are not meant for normal people to see. Those things are thoughts. You know how in Sims, they have little bubbles above their heads, well, that's what I see. It's different though, what I see are the people's thoughts. All they're thoughts. All at once. It actually is very annoying, I constantly get headaches. The worst part is, I'm all alone. Don't get me wrong, Cane's amazing, I mean I love him, but I wish I had just one girl friend . . . and by that I mean friend that's a girl for those of you who thought differently.

It all started when I moved to Naples, Florida. I hated my mom, which wasn't good, since she was the only person I had. My dad had never been in my life, he was just some guy. See, I had girl and guy friends then. Only none of my guy friends were all that close to me. All my good girl friends were nice, beautiful, and friends. I mean with each other, they were all friends with each other.

My mom had wanted to move, no reason why, just because. She ruined my life. Or so I thought at the time, but if we hadn't moved, I wouldn't have met Cane . . . and I'd probably be dead. I'll explain that later though. Right now let's focus on, well, the beginning.

I had once met a seer, she had told me a lot, but not everything. 1st, the seer gene goes to every other generation. That's why my mom is normal. It also only goes to the females, in our family, but in another, if it started with a guy, it only goes to a guy. This is why the gene was lost over the years, in many families. Oh, and if you have 2 grandchildren of the seer gene gender, it goes to only one.

My grandma, she was the one and only seer that I knew. She taught me, well, everything I know about being a seer. My grandma died when I was 8 years old, but I remember(faintly) everything she told me. Such as, a side effect of being a seer . . . fainting in large crowds(only when you're little), and getting headaches with more than one person(again, when you're little). Although, there were exceptions to that rule. If, as you grow up, you don't lose that side effect, then you will die early. There is absolutely no doubt about it, it will happen.

Our family, well, we haven't had the best of luck with that, you see, my great great grandma, she died at age 23. My great great great great great great grandma, died at 25, and so forth. It skips, it goes to every other seer. And, the dying age drops 2 years, every time. So according to this pattern, I'm scheduled to die at age 21. I hope it doesn't happen.

a/n:Please reveiw, I know it isn't that good yet, but as it goes it gets better. Keep in mind, this is only the prologue. Oh, and if you find a tho, instead of though, please tell me, i think I got them all, but I'm not sure.