Ice wedged between us, freezing cold.
A bitter war has been declared.
There's no forgiving! It's resolved!
Launch your first battle! I'm not scared!

Assaults are filling up the air.
Fierce accusations bomb our house.
All ammunition is prepared:
The hurtful words, the tears, the shouts.

Your grumpy face won't block my way!
I am determined to succeed!
I'll fire now! You better pray!
Prepare yourself for a defeat!

But, suddenly, you turn the tide,
And drive me back an extra mile;
Revealing slowly... slick and wide,
Your deadly weapon... killer smile!

Alluring warmth destroys the ice,
Drowning my wrath in waves of fire...
There is no doubt, I'll pay the price.
Yet, I am swallowed by desire...

Again, the battle was not fair!
I now lay hostage in your arms.
I can withstand your angry glare,
But not the essence of these charms...