clocks are very curious objects
they tick and tock as they please
they pay me no mind, none at all
so i decided that i would return the favor
by not caring if they work or not
not checking if their beats are stable
not attending at them, none at all

we are in a fight, me and time
clocks are merely our victims
one could say it's unfair of us
to sacrifice clocks in this strife
when they should remember how
clocks sided with time and how i
am merely waiting on defense
with my never-ending despair in tow

clocks are very silent objects
too mournful, very considerate, so silent
well, i cannot count their incessant rhythm
of their gears, screws and all anymore
since they have stopped ticking and tocking
for me a while ago, yet i cannot even recall
the exact time and date, not that it matters
though it would have been nice to know
i guess it just wasn't meant to be shown