A/N: These are the lyrics to the lullaby Kaleb has to sing in my story A Suspension of Disbelief. I was asked to put them up here since I couldn't figure out a way to incorporate them into chapter VI. And like my characters of that story have already stated, these lyrics are cheesy. So, yeah. Enjoy.

Summer Moonlight

Listen closely to the wind whispering through your hair,
For it will tell you secrets that no one else shall hear.

And if someday the stars refuse to shine
I promise you, you will still be mine
To love and to hold;
I won't ever let you go.

But for now, just dance with me through meadows
Filled with wild flowers and rain,
And I'll sing you to sleep
On a midnight August train.

When I see the moonlight reflected in your eyes,
I pray for the sun to never again rise.
Wishing for an eternal night where we could stay forever,
Hidden from the day's radiance, under starlit skies together.

But if one day you find yourself all alone
Just call my name and I'll lead you home
Back to my side, love, where you belong.
I'll hold your hand, so don't cry; be strong.

And we'll run together through our own eternal night,
Across a meadow of wild flowers and silver starlight;
Sharing our secret with just the whispering wind,
Without worry of ever becoming lost again.

And on a midnight August train
I'll sing you this lullaby,
While I watch the summer moonlight
Dance in your eyes.