Jayden Wilde looked at the brunette standing in front of him with tearful eyes. She had the tearful eyes…not him. She was the girl he had thought he loved, but it had all changed. He hated to admit it, but the sparkle between them had died so fast. Was it because of peer pressure he got from his mates? Was it because she was always bullied for her weight? He couldn't tell. Maybe it was all just because of his mum; she never stopped bugging him about her and it really pissed him off. Anyway, the golden eyes that had once sparkled from happiness, even if she was bullied, were dull and empty now. He swallowed and repeated what he had just said.

"Chyna, I can't do it anymore," he said, trying to put on a hard face.

Chyna smiled through her tears. "Tell me this is a joke, Jay. Please..."

Jayden ran a hand through his light hair and shook his head. Even if he was 15 years old, the future promised he'll be one of the handsomest guys in a few years. "Chyna, don't make this hard on us."

Chyna let the tears flow out, maybe on purpose, but maybe because she really couldn't keep it in anymore. "Why? What did I do?"

"I don't know, Chyna! I don't know!" Jayden said frustrated that she wasn't running off to cry in her bedroom or something. Hell, what did girls who just got dumped do? "I... I just don't love you! I don't think I ever did. I am only 15. You can't expect something long from a guy like me, can you?"

Chyna shook her head in disbelief. Her face was like an open book. It showed all her feelings; pain and confusion. "Is that it? So you're going to lie to me?"

Jayden looked confused for a second. "What?"

"Don't act like you don't know, Jayden! I know how much it bothers you. Don't you understand? It's not in my hands how I look. If I could I swear I'd make myself as beautiful as the cheerleaders, but I can't. I love you so much, don't you see? I'd give everything to look like a girl who you'll be proud of. Our age doesn't matter! What I feel for you is real! So…if you wanna end what we have…be truthful with me. I don't want you to go through the trouble of finding euphemistic excuses. We both know the reason you're dumping me is because I am overweight…but hey! Maybe you'd rather I call it 'fat' because it'll make it sound even worse, huh? Because I am ordinary, with brown hair and…weird eyes you'll dump me…I mean…why the hell am I surprised? This had been coming for me from the beginning. I don't know why I'm upset."

Jayden's face hardened and he ran a hand through his hair again. "You're not hearing what you're saying."

Chyna shook her head and pointed at herself. "You can't bear to look at me, Jay! That's it. You just couldn't be a man, could you? You had to give in to your fucking friends. Fine! If you give me up so easily, then you just weren't the guy for me. Thanks for ending it now so that I don't have to put up with your fakeness for longer. Maybe you can give me a call when you're man enough to stand up for yourself."

Jayden watched her with hard eyes. "You know what? You're right." Something just snapped in him when she winced slightly. "I am ending it because you're ugly and fat. And d'you know what? You're pathetic! God, how could I have stayed with you for so long? Everyone was right from the beginning! How could I have been so blind?"

The words hit her hard. She flinched physically as she watched the guy of her dreams, the guy she had never believed to be real, turn ugly and heartless. The tears that made her look weak were flowing down her face proudly. Slowly she turned to walk away. Her baggy jeans touched the ground as she wasn't wearing one of her belts that day. She felt ridiculous walking away. She knew his gaze was following her closely so she wanted to hide somewhere she could cry her heart out. The guy she had thought she had loved had thrown everything she had given him back at her face ruthlessly and all she could do was walk away pathetically without saying anything. How much worse could her life get? She turned to face him again when she was about ten feet away from him.

"You know what, Jayden?" she asked comfortably, the tears no longer visible. "Thanks for saving me from a life that would've been hell with you...but you know what's better? You'll regret this day one day. Don't forget that."

Jayden chuckled. Yeah right!

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