Hi guys! I know I haven't been here fr quite some time, but I thought I'd inform you all that I have finally started to write again. I'm working on a new story on wattpad and it has a similar plotline to this story, thus I thought you may be interested in having a look at it? This is the description:

Alison Greene loses the man she is in love with when she accidentally becomes the CEO of a worldwide fashion retailer; Eclipse Ltd. When Jake Knights, the man she had loved for so long, leaves the country and returns two years later, a self-made millionaire, he is consumed by thoughts of revenge. He will do anything to bring the woman who he had once loved to her knees. It's an eye for an eye after all, isn't it?

"I am Alison. When the CEO of Eclipse Ltd suddenly disappeared, her father offered me the job to cover until she returns. Except, she didn't want to return so I was left with a job that I had been dreaming of for all my life. I just didn't realise that taking the job meant losing the man I love. "

"I am Jake. The girl who I imagined marrying became someone else when she was promoted to a position of power. She dumped me within days of becoming CEO and unable to watch her from afar, I moved to New York for two years, becoming an over-night millionaire when my investments got lucky. Now I am back and all I want is to see the fall of Eclipse Ltd along with its beautiful leader, Alison."

The story is called SECOND CHANCES and is written under the same pen name ILveJcb on Wattpad dot com. Go have a look, and let me know what you think of it so far!

PS I'm uploading I'm Special Bitch there as well if you want to read it again. I've had quite a few requests for that, so that's for you my beautiful readers!