The weight of a friendship gone wrong is close to that of a cancer tumor; irreparable. Always there. The pain at times subsiding, but never really disappearing. A constant nagging at your heart, something you desperately want and need to fix, but you can't; facing it just makes the pain grow, swelling the tumor that plagues you. Someone you once shared unconditional and unjudgemental love with now being a consistent source of disappointment and pain. A person you once trusted, a person who once trusted you, raping your heart and stabbing your conscience. Hard to see the tables turn so far. Hard to face the new facts that tear a friendship limb from dying limb.
...So what do you do? What do you do when the crash has already happened, and there's no climax to anticipate? What do you do in the aftermath? With the wreckage, with the shambles of the future that you once hoped to build?...There's not an answer. Not even a statement of guidance. I don't have the answer. Here I stand, without an answer, in the ruins of my broken heart. And yours.