I wrote this about a year ago, it's really just a blurb. Read, review, tell me what you think. It would be really helpful. And though it is just a blurb, I personally think it's one of my better blurbs. :P

He wouldn't dare, would he? I'd been trusted to him for protection; he was my Tied. I was sworn to him from birth and he had sworn his protection to me each year since he was two years old. It was tradition, but tradition didn't include this. I had angered him, and in turn he threatened to push me from the window of my room on the 24th floor of the apartment building.

I had caught him with another girl and it tore my heart apart, but when I confronted him he had exploded in my face saying I had no proof. He claimed I was lying, but I insisted that I saw him. He backed me up to the window, which was open.

"You have never been worthy of me! How dare you question my loyalty to you, Lupa!" He bellowed in my face, threatening to push me out.

"Please don't, Chase!" I pleaded with him, "Forget what I said!"

"I can never forget!" He looked to the window. "But people can forget you."

I screamed as he shoved me out the window. I desperately tried to grab on to something, but the stone was slick from resent rain. I looked down, wishing I had not, and realized that this fall would kill me. It was late, so not many people were below. Good, I wouldn't hurt anyone in the process. The wind lashed through my hair as I plummeted. As I got nearer to the ground, I braced myself.

I heard a crack, a scream, and a rush of footsteps. No pain, weird. But I felt nothing, saw nothing, smelled nothing, tasted nothing, and heard nothing. Was I dead? I didn't feel like it. Wasn't I supposed to be somewhere? Not in this nothingness? Oh, well, I figured, I'll just sleep.

When I woke, there was a boy my age hovering over me. He had golden brown eyes, not hazel, and black hair with gray tips. His hair barely covered his left eye, and he kind of looked like one of those gothic kids at my school.

"Are you awake?" He asked anxiously as my eyes flittered open.

"Huh? How am I alive?" I tried to sit up, only to see the room spin and find my head on a pillow again.

He glared at me, "What, are you suicidal or something!? Are you not thankful for your life?!"

His loud voice made my head hurt worse. "Huh? What are you talking about?"

"You jumped from a building about 100 stories high! And now you're wondering how you lived?! Did you intend on dying?!" He roared.

"What?" I was still trying to figure out what was going on, and he wasn't helping, "I didn't jump…"

"You didn't?" He was stunned for some reason.

"Do I look like the suicidal type?" I asked, unsure, "Chase pushed me. I'm just wondering how the hell I'm alive."

"Well, our type can go mad sometimes," He smirked, "And of course you're alive. That kind of impact isn't enough to kill you."

He lost me. "What the hell are you talking about?"

He stared at me, perplexed, "You're a wolf, aren't you? You look like it…"

"What do you mean? I look like a wolf?" This kid had lost it.

"Well you have golden eyes and black hair," He pointed out my genetics.

"Your point?" I inquired as an older woman walked into the room.

For the first time, I realized I was lying on a couch. There was a desk pushed into the corner of the room, facing a window. The boy that was talking to me was sitting on a large ottoman, surrounded by a few other leather chairs. The woman came in from behind me, through a door in the opposite corner from the desk. There was a large bookshelf next to it full of mythology books.

"Xan, I hope you're not being rude to this young lady." The woman admonished the boy sitting next to me.

"Of course not," He smiled innocently. "She seems to have hit her head pretty hard; she doesn't think she's a wolf."

"I think you hit your head," I glared at him. "I'm human, not a wolf."

"Of course you're human!" Xan rolled his eyes. "We all are, but you and I are part wolf."