Any characters in this story is purely fictional, any resemblance to any real life person is purely coincidental.

By the way, FICTION. and all the characters belong to me.

Read. Devou. Enjoy.

Hmmm. Where to begin?

I guess a background to this whole circus:

McAllister Prepatory.

A school nestled within the white blanketed mountains of Vermont. A school where, if you manage to graduate, you get a one way ticket to any Ivy League school in the nation.


Harvard, Princeton, Yale.

You got top priority if you went to this school ; mainly because the graduation requirements were almost impossible to meet.

Of course it was very selective; only 200 students exactly per graduating class, no exceptsion, no refunds, no leaving.

A school that I was 'lucky' enough to get into. Needless to say, you have to have some certain connections to even think about getting into the school. Which I happen to have: my grandfather as the former dean of the academy and my father, the head of NASA.

Oh yes, pressure- to the highest degree.

Sadly enough, I didn't have the gifted mind of my father, I am normal, to the shock and shame of my parents. I have A's, but I also have some B's. I play tennis and I also fence, but I am not a team captain for either. I have an average profile; I inherited my father's green eyes with gold flakes, my Asian mother's thick silky black hair and her toned skin. But I am no Megan Fox or Tyra Banks.


Plain old Amanda Daily.

Nevertheless, I got through this school with being Amanda: a Junior, granddaughter of the former dean. Daughter of the head of NASA, doubles player in tennis, fencer, 67st smartest in the school.

A person with a non-existent love life.

Enough about me...Welcome to McAllister Prep!

The number one thing here: sports.

The entire school was involved with sports because everyone was just too rich or too powerful or too smart, that your lifestyle could not determine you place on the social hierarchy. Thus, the hierarchy was based on how talented and successful the team you played for was every year.

And so far, every year water polo dominated the charts, basketball always second and tennis and fencing battled it out for third. I was in both, tennis and fencing, so naturally I was neutral, to the frustration of both of my team mates. Still, they were both during different seasons (Tennis during the spring, badminton winter) so nobody bothered me too much about it.

The entire ranking went usually as follows: Boys Water Polo, Boys Basketball, Coed Tennis, Coed Fencing, girls soccer, boys soccer, girls basketeball etc.

That being said, boys who were on the water polo team were always admired and adored by all the girls. Junior varsity and varsity ruled the entire school, they were all the best looking out of all the school, I'm talking about Abercrombie models—the strenuous fifty laps in the pool definitely had their benefits. The basketball team boys were those who wanted to be at the top of the school. I guess you could say that the entire school was dominated by the boy to boy rivalry.

The coed sports went along for the ride.

There were only fourteen guys part of the varsity team.

Four coaches.

And one manager.

The varsity team had basically the same numbers except only two coaches. Freshmen were not allowed to join the team, rather if they wanted to make the team during their sophomore year, they would join the pre-water polo team, to train; all they did was swim laps and practice their form.

Any way.

One manager per team.

Fall sport.

IN an effort to attach themselves onto the team, the girls, all ages, applied to become manager for the team. It was the only true way to get close to any guys on the water polo team, on top of that, you would receive school credit.

Because this was a serious matter, the Dean got to chose the manager for both.

And guess who ignorantly applied?


It was totally meant to be a joke.

My 'friends' wanted to turn in their apps but were too chicken to, so I applied with them as moral support. I know this sounds cheesy, but it would literally be one of the most important decisions of my life.

This was more of an intro...more will come very soon