I really missed writing with these characters. I adore Peter, Samuel and Amanda so much. I looked back and it's been almost two years since I've written about them. So I decided to write a little epilogue...To show you how the characters are doing.

It give you an inside look into Peter's thoughts, so that should be interesting, it also reveals how he and Amanda met for the first time and of course there's the ending...

Please read it and enjoy it. I love it so much.

Read. Devour. Enjoy.

McAllister Prep Epilogue: Peter's Birthday

"I thought you said you had a boyfriend before," Vivian laughed.

"I did!" I said defensively and then blushed, "But it was a lot different."

"Oh yeah? How?"

I blushed even redder, "He wasn't Peter Rockefeller for a start."

"Oh my god that is so cute," she flipped her fair, "The strong manager of the water polo team is actually cute and defenseless under that hard core exterior."

"Are you going to help me or not?" I declared, "I asked you because out of the three of us, you've had the longest relationship. Plus the rest of the female student body won't talk to me."

"Wow, testy. Personally," she grinned, "I would like to just sit and watch you squirm."

I gave her the 'are you kidding me' look, "Remind me again why we are friends?"

"We are hated by the student population for actually maintaining a stable relationship with some of the hottest guys in school, your's being the hottest," she said.

"Who's the hottest?" Zade siddled up to her, wrapping his arm around her waist and kissing her on the cheek.

"You babe," she grinned and turned her head to kiss him full on.

"Alright you two," I grimaced, "I'll see you later."

She didn't answer my question.

What in the world was I suppose to get for Peter Rockefeller for his birthday?

That's right everyone, the great Rockefeller was celebrating his eighteenth birthday. I had absolutely no idea what to get. We had been going out for three months and I was already out of gift ideas. Truth be told, whenever it was like our "first month anniversary" or something, he had always been away or busy. The first was the water polo championship (which the boys won of course), there was a limited amount of time for us to celebrate it because the entire team was in a celebratory mood. There was hardly any time alone.

For the second anniversary, he away touring colleges.

Yeah, if anything, this would be the one to celebrate. I had thirteen days to come up with a plan. It was time to consult some experts.

"What did you get for Derek for his birthday and or your anniversary?" I sat with Sophia who was in the library.

She frowned and thought about it for a moment, "Ah, when it was our twelve months, Derek was starting up a company. So, I ordered custom made business cards and a name placard for his desk."

"How-How long did that take you?" I said weakly.

"A month at least honey," she laughed, "I'm sorry I can't help you there. Did you ask him what he wanted for his birthday?"

"He's been away..."

"Right, the college tour, they're all finally coming back tomorrow right?" she tilted her head. The entire senior water polo group was on a round trip college tour, where schools would do their best to convince them to enroll.

I cringed, "Yes."

She pat my hand, "Relax, don't stress about it, just get him what you think is right."

Yeah, easy for you to say, Derek would be happy if you bought him a cheese burger from McDonalds.

"Yeah, uh, why are you asking me?" Nate threw a towel in the hamper, I managed to find him at the pool swimming some laps. I stalked him into the locker room the minute he hopped out of the pool because there was no way he would answer me if he had the option of running away.

"Because you're a guy," I said in a tone that implied the obviousness of the situation.

"Yeah, but why me? I'm the one with the screwed up scandal remember?" he was implying that he had an affair with the English teacher this past year, I was glad that he had gotten to the point where he could joke about it.

"Well, you kind of owe me and I figured with your mutiple relationships, somewhere along the way, a girl must have given you something that you liked," I pressed.

Nate paused before throwing on his shirt, "Well, Amy, three girls back dressed herself in some nice undergarments for my birthday. We celebrated accordingly."

My jaw dropped, appalled, "No thank you!"

I stormed out.

He laughed, "Your welcome kid!"

"Shouldn't you be asking him yourself?" Sam grinned crookedly at me. I was in his room watching him prepare for his group date with Tyler and a few guys from the neighboring school. I took it as a good sign: he was moving on perhaps? I had helped him pick out a decent outfit before asking him my question of the day.

"I kind of wanted it to be a surprise?" I rubbed my arm.

"I don't know Amanda, why are you asking me?" he sighed.

"Well," I finally realized that asking him probably wasn't the smartest idea. I knew that Samuel had come to terms with Peter and I, but I wasn't sure if he was that comfortable. He still treated me the same, but the one thing I knew about Samuel was that he was really good at faking it, "I figured that you and Peter have a lot in common. You both have everything you wanted."

Samuel looked at me with a serious expression and touched my cheek, "Not everything."


I frowned trying to find the right words to say.

He pinched my cheek suddenly, "Lighten up Amanda! I was kidding."

Oh right. Haha, right. Joking. Still the feeling of guilt tugged at my heart a little. Three months and it's presence was still there, faint, but still there.

He turned back to the mirror and smoothed his hair back, "But I'm not going to help you."

"What? Why?"

He grinned as he saw my expression in the mirror, and joked, "This is something you need to learn for yourself. Plus, why would you even think I would help you please the guy who stole you away from me?"

"Evil," I frowned and fell back onto his bed, "All of you are evil."

One could easily tell when the seniors of the water polo team returned. There just seemed to be more life at the school. Or more noise.

"What's up little juniors?!" Henry Law slapped Connor and Tyler on the back. They both seemed like they were going to ignore him, before exchanging smirks and suddenly turning to tackle him to the ground. Henry cussed and started beating them back, laughing. Other seniors, Oliver and Will joined in on the fun.

Beyond the dog pile of water polo boys, I saw Peter smirking at me over at the Senior table, he gestured for me to go over there. Just one look, one look from him and my heart was going crazy. I made my way over there slowly, carefully sidestepping the wrestling fight now as Ian joined after ruffling my hair. Robbie Ray gave me a quick, "Hey ma," before joining in too.

Soon it as just Peter, Jeremiah and Caleb at that table. Caleb saw me and coughed at Jeremiah who was so into his book he didn't even look up. Caleb eventually kicked him and dragged him over to the Junior water polo table, after he winked at me.

I stopped so my knee touched his, he looked up at me, still sitting down.

"Hi," I said breathlessly.

He grinned my favorite crooked smile and intertwined his hand with mine, "Miss me Daily?"

"Not really," I rolled my eyes and shrugged.

"Then get over here and welcome me home," he gently tugged at my hand to pull me closer, his hand then reached up and rest on my back, gently guiding me until I was settled on his lap. In the cafeteria. In front of everyone at school. In front of Samuel. In front the whole water polo team. The basketball team. The cheerleaders, Marisol included.

My face, thank god there weren't any mirrors, must have been scarlet red, "W-what are you doing?" I stuttered.

"I want my girlfriend to give me a proper welcome," his eyes sparkled with delight at my discomfort as he kissed my cheek.

"This is isn't funny," I tried to push away from him. But one of his hands was still on my back, rubbing circles and the other was still interlocked with mine.

"No," he agreed, and kissed my neck, "No it's not."

"Everyone's watching," I glanced anxiously around the dining area, sure enough, spectators.

"Let them look," he murmured and brushed his lips along my collar bone, my heart was about to explode.

With Peter, I almost forgot how to be firm, "Keep this up Rockefeller and you'll be kissing your pillow for a week," I warned him.

He sighed and leaned back, still keeping me on his lap, "You drive me insane."

"No," I looked behind us, the 'fight' seemed to had settled and the boys were sitting on the grass just chatting and catching up, "You do that to yourself."

There was nothing I wanted more than to leap into this man's arm as kiss him. It had been a couple of weeks since I had last seen him, but before that, I had to work up into asking him the horrid question; asking him what he wanted for his birthday. Because I knew that once he got started, it was very difficult for him to stop and it would be impossible for me to pull away.

True to character, Peter began to play with my hair, something that he knew I loved. I panicked, I needed to distract him somehow or else, sooner or later, I wouldn't be able to think, "H-how was the college trip?

He looked like he wanted to talk about anything but the college trip, not talk at all really, he shrugged, still fondling my hair, "It was alright. Each college brought something different to the table."

I stared at him.

"What?" he stopped.

"I-I have to go," I ripped my hand from his and tripped out of his embrace, "I"ll see you at practice!"

I took off through the cafeteria.

I knew what to do.

Third POV

Peter stared after Amanda sprinting out of the dining area. Sprinting away from him, What the?

"Wow," Derek said as he, Ian and Jeremiah, sat back down at the table, "A woman running away from Rockefeller. That's something you do not see everyday."

"Got to hand it to manager," Ian whistled, "She always had guts."

"Haha, dicks," Peter frowned and turned back towards the table.

"That's why Peter likes her right?" everyone turned to Jeremiah, shocked, he usually didn't care about anything other than what was written in the books he had his nose in, "She keeps it interesting. Normally a girl would swoon and fall into the arms of Peter immediately. Amanda was the first to ever resist his charm. The first sign of rejection intrigued Peter, eventually he took it as a challenged and pursued her. Eventually, he won and she fell for his charm, it was only a matter of time before the relationship got old."

"Ouch," Derek declared.

"What? What the hell did he just say?" Will asked, he had just joined the conversation and caught the end of Jeremiah's findings.

"He just said," Ian said, bemused, "That ol' Capitain here really only likes Amanda because she was a challenge. He implies," he nodded, "That the relationship is crumbling so early because it was conceived from a delicate game for Peter."

Henry nodded, "The terrible threes."

"It's the terrible twos you idiot," Caleb said, suddenly the rest of the senior water polo players returned to their table and were listening very intently at their seemingly perfect captain's troubles.

"No dude," Henry slammed his palm down the table and declared, "The terrible threes! The three month milestone in the relationship. Many couples miss it, but it is vital If you get past that it's the fabulous fourths, the feisty fifths, etc."

"What is this idiot saying?" Will complained, "Someone please explain it better than him."

"The third month is when all that hormone stuff settles down. Rational thinking sets in," Derek explained, "You bozos wouldn't know what it is because you can't keep a relationship for shit."

The looked among each other, really though, aside from Derek, only Ian had a relationship that reached three months, Henry's on-again-off-again fling for five months, with Cordelia did not count.

The captain finally spoke, "Alright you idiots, clear out, class time-" he grabbed Derek's arm, "Except you."

Derek gingerly sat back down, "What's up man? I am here for you my brother."

"Since you no know so much about this relationship crap, you tell me what to do," he said.

Derek smirked, "Oh my god, the Rockefeller is asking me for advice, pinch me I'm dreaming."

"You better stop or else I'll be doing more than that," Peter threatened.

"Hey, hey," Derek raised his hands in surrender, "Be nice. Honestly, it's not a big deal, just think about if you like her for real or not."

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean?"

Derek smiled, this was the perfect opportunity to tease his Captain a little, "I don't know, you're all over her man. Yeah she's cute, and she really gave you a run for your money with the chase, but do you even like her?"

He got up and walked away to Sophia who was waiting for him at the door, leaving Peter Rockefeller alone with his thoughts.

There was no doubt about it, when they first met, Peter Rockefeller was intrigued by Amanda Daily. She was a year younger than him, but they never really crossed paths until the summer before his senior year. In fact, the first time they met was when the Rockefeller family was holding a charity ball in August before he left for school. He honestly didn't want be there, in fact, the minute he left the party, he was heading over to Henry Law's house for a kickback.

"Peter," his mother said, "Come here and meet Miss Ambassador Sarah Darling and Gerard McCay."

"Good evening," Peter shook their hands, at that time, he thought that they were standing a little too close for associates but he shook it off. What he noticed was the girl standing a few feet behind them staring off into space. He recognized her, she was the granddaughter of the former dean, she was best friends with Samuel Monroe, the shining star of the JV water polo team.

Eh, he shrugged and began to walk over to her, Someone my age to talk to. Maybe even hook up with.

When he got closer he was almost shocked; this wasn't the girl who went to school with him. At school Amanda Daily wore running shorts and a white tee almost every day to class, in contrast to the designer clothes that the girls always sported. She easily blended in with the crowd. Nothing special would probably come to mind.

Tonight, she wore a low back, halter top dress that revealed her bronze shoulders and sexy back line. Her dark hair, usually slicked back into a pony tail, was loose, smooth and blowing softly in the wind. The make up she modeled was clearly done to highlight her uncharacteristically large green eyes. The only flaw was that her lips were twisted in a slight grimace.

He admitted, she was attractive, more appealing that anyone he had seen that night, Marisol in her gold sequined frock included.

"What's wrong?" he had the nerve to ask.

She responded absentmindedly, "I'm here." She then seemed to break out of trance and then turn to him, instant shock crossed her face, "You're-"

"Peter Rockefeller," he extended his hand and smiled his usual eye-catching grin.

"I know who you are," she switched the glass of champagne she was holding to her other hand to shake it, "Amanda Daily."

"I didn't know minors were allowed to drink," he teased, meaning to only make her flustered and uncomfortable.

"Ah," she glanced at her drink and then dumped it over the balcony, luckily, there was some shrubs to catch the falling alcohol or else it would have been very messy, "My bad. I didn't realize people were so strict here."

Peter's jaw dropped. This was not how he pictured the daughter of an ambassador to act.

He laughed in disbelief, "Well then, I wasn't expecting that."

"No, I'm sure you were not," her tone made it seem like she had dealt with people like him before, "Are you enjoying the party Mr. Rockefeller?"

Peter was floored, normally when he approached a lady, young or old, he was met with flirtatious glances and giggling. This girl...this woman was clearly unimpressed and unaffected by his...charm. This was definitely new.

"Are you always like this?"

"No," she looked down at the empty glass, "Normally I'm a bundle full of joy who attends parties like this to mingle and," she changed to a British accent, "To find a proper husband to marry and help benefit my social status."

He bit back a laugh, Peter was now intrigued, it was just shocking how impudent she was, almost amusing, "Who, pray tell, was that?"

"My mother," she nodded toward the ambassador he just met, "Sarah Darling."

"You are Ambassador Darling's daughter?" he said, "Your last names-"

"Different and shall remain different," she frowned, her eyes suddenly brightened when she spotted someone in the crowd, "Samuel!"

He turned to see Samuel Monroe enter the party with his elder brother, Thomas, the Dean of McAllister Prep. Samuel recognized Peter and gave a wave to them both.

"Well," her eyes gleamed with excitement, a complete 180 from when she was talking to him, "I hope you have a wonderful night Mr. Rockefeller." Before Peter could properly say goodbye, she was gone in a flash. The last time he saw her was as he was leaving and she was talking happily with Samuel.

After that, Peter forgot about her the next day. But, when it was announced that she was the new manager for his team, his mind immediately flashed back to the night of the party. Her dress, her hair, her eyes, were deeply embedded in his mind. The one thing he wanted, for some reason, was to see her eyes sparkle again like that very night.

He wanted to see them come alive for him.

It was strange. Initially he was just happy teasing her. Playful and platonic even. In the back of his mind, he was always looking for the smile. Once he could prove that he too could make her flustered and embarrassed, like that night was some fluke, he would be completely satisfied. But he wasn't prepared for the rollercoaster of emotions. The anger he felt when Robby Ray pushed her. The urge to keep her close. The fear he felt when she screamed his name in the maze, that bastard Bryce trying to rape her. The envy he felt the night on the ski trip. Every time Samuel and her had contact, there was a tug of jealousy.

When they finally admitted their feelings, he was elated. Finally she was his. He was hers. Among his closest friends and his true rival, they declared their feelings for each other. From that day, he wanted to show it off to the whole school. Amanda Daily was no longer available. Amanda Daily was his.

There were so many sides of Amanda. She was cold. She was warm. She would blush scarlet in front of him, yet maintained a stone cold exterior during practice. She was confident to others, but he could see her times of vulnerability. She loved her mother, but despised her to the core. When Peter could not protect her all the time, she calmly fended off his obsessive fans. But, she still needed to be saved from time to time. She sometimes laughed and showed a lot of affection, sometimes she pushed him away in embarrassment. She was beautiful inside and out.

It made him irritated to think that Jonathan McKay or Samuel Monroe could have gotten even a glimpse of the complexities of Amanda Daily.

Just like today, he wanted to hold her, touch her, smell her, taste her. They had been apart for two weeks, and it had pained him every second. But she ran from him. There was the hurt again. No one had ever made him this crazy. Insane was the word he used. Her presence him made him blinded from everything else, he only wanted her. He wanted to spend every second with his life with her.

No amount of time was going to change that. Not even the terrible threes or twos or whatever.

He had to prove that to her.

He stood up suddenly from the table, startling the maids that were cleaning. He left school for the rest of the day.

"What were you talking about with Peter?" Sophia asked Derek as they walked hand-in-hand to class.

"Oh, you know, the usual guy stuff, love, romance, girls," he grinned and kissed the hand he was holding.

"You're kidding," she laughed and blushed a little, "What did you tell him?"

"I told him about the terrible third," he laughed, "How you start questioning whether you're truly like a person or not. Or if it's just lust."

"Hm," Sophia frowned, "I don't remember that actually being a thing."

Derek let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead, "Because we never had a terrible three baby. I've loved you since birth."

She giggled, "Yeah, but just because Peter hasn't known Amanda since birth, doesn't mean that he doesn't genuinly love her."

"I know," Derek grinned and kissed her on the lips, "I just like watching him squirm for a bit."

"You," she pulled back, "Are terrible."

"That's why you love me," he grinned and gave her the deepest kiss he could muster.

Amanda's POV

It took me a week, but I finally did it. I made the damn present for stupid Peter Rockefeller. Stupid man, no one asked him to be so perfect. I never asked for a perfect boyfriend that seemingly didn't have any needs.

Well, maybe when I was younger, I think I asked for Prince Charming.

But anyway, it made the present I had in mind so much harder.

While I was out collecting my gift, I rarely saw Peter. At practice, he gave me a smile and then hopped right into the pool. Most of the time, he was already in the pool at practice and swimming laps. (Water polo never stops to keep the players in shape).

It was fine by me...okay not really. I missed him a lot. It was as if he were away again. But, I had been slaving away, so I guess it was going to be worth it or something.

"Have you guys broken up or something?" Samuel asked wringing his hair out after practice.

Uh no. I hoped not. Then what I've been working on would have been all for nothing.

"I don't think so," I said slowly.

"Wow, not very confident," he laughed, "Terrible threes?"

"What's that?" I asked, confused.

"Exactly," he smirked, and then looked devious, "Want to do something funny?"

"What?" I turned to him.

Samuel kissed me, not on the lips, but very close to it, like on the corner of my mouth. But from far away, it must have looked like something else because there was a huge "TWAK!" and Samuel's head jerked forward, hit by the mysterious object.

Samuel rubbed his head and turned to look for the culprit that had thrown the ball. Peter was looking really angry in the pool.

"I guess not," he said, rubbing his head,"Ow."

"Don't even think that I'm getting you an ice pack," I said, closing my pen cap and wiping my mouth, "That was uncalled for."

"Hey, at least you know that you haven't broken up."

"When did you become so evil?" I said, half joking.

"Since I realized that nice guys finish last," he winked back.

"You know it wasn't like that."

"Yeah, yeah," he said good naturedly as he threw the towel in the hamper, "Excuse, I have to go get an ice pack."

I had already slipped a note in Peter's locker during practice, telling him to meet me at the pool at midnight tonight. Hopefully he would find it or something.

"Amanda," Peter's deep voice nearly made me drop my clipboard.

I quickly grabbed it and shot right up, my hair was in my face, my hair needed to get out of my face, "Peter!"

I must've looked like the girl from "The Ring", because he looked at me funny. I quickly swept it out of the way, "What do you need?"

"Uh," he hesitated.

He wasn't touching me, why wasn't he touching me?

"Can we meet later tonight?" he said gruffly.


Well I kind of put a note in your locker, but okay.

"Actually," I cleared my throat, trying to calm my jumping heart, "I wanted to talk to you to. Can we meet here actually, at the pool. At midnight?"

He looked surprised and a little sad, "Yeah, sure."

"Okay then. Yeah!" my voice cracked under the pressure of secrecy, "I'll see you then. Caleb! The ball is rolling- Sorry Peter, I'll talk to you soon!"

I am not good at keeping secrets.

Like at all.

I arrived there thirty minutes early to check and see if everything was set for tonight. My watch accurately kept time, ten minutes to midnight. Ten minutes to Peter's birthday. I had some members of the team help me and Sue and Vivian. It had cost me ten less laps of swimming, a pool party and more free time (more dates for the girls). But it was all going to be worth it in the end.

I shivered a little when a breeze went by, then I couldn't seem to stop shaking; I was that nervous.

"Amanda-" Peter appeared out of no where. I jumped, my heart already going a mile a minute. He immediately reached to enter the pool area.

"Wait!" I stopped him and was going to pull out a blind fold, "I need to tell you something-"

"Amanda," he said, slowly.

"Wait, hold on-"

"No," he interrupted, "Amanda, I need to say this. Please."

I hesitated and then nodded, seven minutes my watch said.

He sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets, "I know we haven't been talking much and it's kind of been putting a strain on our relationship. I mean with the college stuff and the water polo stuff, we haven't really had time to go on a proper date. I know it's like a crucial time and all being the terrible three..."

What the hell is this terribly three that everyone is going on about?!

He continued, "I think I finally understood why you blew me off a week ago. So, I've been thinking...and...I think we really need to change-"

Hold up.


This was not sounding like...

"Are you breaking up with me?" for some reason, those rotten tears began to form along the brim of my eye. Stop! I was an independent strong woman. My brain seemed to not want to register it and seemed to be going in to shock, not really processing any other thoughts. The only thing that I was thinking was: oh my god, what did do wrong?

He looked shocked, appalled even, "NO! No, god no, Amanda no."

He pulled me into a hug. For some reason, I didn't feel reassured by his words, more tears began to fall, "Did I do something wrong?"

"NO," he said and pulled back so that I could see his face when he said it, "Baby, look at me, no. We are not breaking up."

Not breaking up.

Got that brain?

Now stop making me cry.

"O-okay," I say breathlessly, trying to wipe my tears away, "C-can I go first? So I don't burst into tears?"

He nodded, relieved, "Yes, sorry, yes you can go first," it was so strange, it seemed like Peter was new at this relationship thing too. Which must be totally false, because I knew about them any flings he had before. I tried not to think about them, but they were still there. Jonathan was a different story, as was Samuel, Peter...was too important to me, he was my life. I now knew that the feelings I felt for Samuel and Jonathan paled in comparison. The feeling for him was indescribable.

"Okay," I say, still a little shocked, I didn't realize that even the mere thought of us breaking up shock me so much, I must love him then.

I pulled out a blind fold, "Please?"

He complied willingly, like he felt guilty for even putting me through that horrible 30 seconds.

I gently led him into the pool house, all the while trying to clear up my face. I would not let this moment be ruined by raccoon mascara eyes. I positioned him so that he could see everything and then checked the time:

Midnight. I heard the school's clock tower ring as I lifted the blindfolds, "Happy Birthday Peter."

It was hard to describe, but I just about first-class shipped everything that decorated the pool. The lights strung about the cabana, courtesy of the water polo boys. I had them, Sue and Vivian help me light and float candles in the pool, all 200 candles that my mom willingly paid for-god that was funny, watching the boys trying to float candles. I managed to recreate my masterpiece of a tiramisu cake that I had attempted the summer before. That laid next to the three feet tall present box on the table. On the concrete, my friends and I spent two hours writing a huge "Happy Birthday!"

It was time well spent.

Peter just stood there in shock. I think he completely forgot about it.

"You like it?" I smiled hesitantly.

Did I mention I babble when I'm nervous?

"Yeah, well, I tried my best with the cake, but you don't have to eat it, just blow out the candles, and I'm sorry the chalk got a little smeared over there, I thought I told Gerald to not clean the pool today, luckily we came here in time. Robby Ray almost lost an eye putting up some of the lights, but in the end, I think the boys did a fabulous job. I'm sorry that I didn't invite them, I thought it would be nice if it were just you and me-oh but we can call them if you want and-"

He kissed me.

I nearly melted.

No, I did melt, into a puddle.

"Shut up," he said, after pulling on a few millimeters away, "So I can thank you and then kiss you again."

"Okay," I say breathlessly.

"Thank you," he said, his gaze still holding me intensely.

"You're welcome?"

He was then kissing me again, all over. He ran his hands along my back all the way down to my upper thigh. The few moments where he had freed his lips from mine, we whispered my name. He was kissing my so passionately that I was leaning back, his hand the only thing keeping me from falling over. I clung to him just in case, feeling my knees collapse from under me. I didn't know why I did all this crap, a little cake and he still would have celebrated with me like this. I would have forgotten it all anyway. When he finally managed to break away, he barely let me finish singing 'Happy Birthday' and quickly blew out the candles so that he could touch me all over again.

It was all just perfect.

Now for the gift I slaved on. I could only drag the box over because he kept me glued to his hip. he used one hand to rip off the ribbon and open the box. He first pulled out pulled out the shaver.

"I thought you needed a new one, but you know what," I grabbed it away from him, "The five o'clock shadow is working for you." The redness on my neck and cheeks, he nuzzled his face were proof of that.

Then the zebra speedos.

"I like animals," I grinned.

The new Call of Duty.

"Self explanatory, I don't want you to be bored without me."

John Varvatos cologne.

"I'm tired of that Calvin Klein stuff."

The presents continued on and on: hormonal imbalance medicine ("for your problems!" I say cheerfully, a joke, a joke), his favorite drink, tickets to the Yankees game, pudding (he loves chocolate pudding), a small photo frame of us for him to take to college, Etc. Etc.

"Eighteen," I say proudly, "There's suppose to be eighteen gifts, one representing a year in your life."

He slowly counted, "I only count sixteen."

"Well, aren't you picky?" I joked, "One's the cake."

"Okay, seventeen," he smirked mockingly.

Selfish little bugger.

The truth was, eighteen was suppose to be the party with this friends the same day. After all, it was company right? But I spontaneously had a better idea. I went over and plucked the ribbon from the floor and went and straddled his lap. I put the bow on my head, "Happy now? Eighteen."

He pushed the box aside to hold me closer, "Wrong, I am elated, I am in heaven, I am bested. No one, knows in this world how lucky I am. How amazing you are."

He began to kiss me hungrily on the neck.

"There's some cake if you want," I joked, half laughing because his stubble was tickling me.

"No," he grunted, "I want something more."

His hands began to move under my shirt.

"I promised them, that we would all celebrate later today," I laughed.

"Later is later," he kissed me and looked up at me, "Let's me enjoy what I have now-" I felt him snap something around my wrist, "-and for the rest of my life."

I looked down, it was a platinum bracelet: a curved ban that was an inch and a half long, its ends linked together by a platinum chain.

"Its engraved underneath," he said, "but I'll let you read that on your own later."

"It's beautiful," I got teary eyed again, "That's not fair. This was suppose to be your birthday."

He kissed the tears away, "I'm a big boy, I can share it, it can be the day we promised each other forever."

I leaned my forehead against his and smiled at him, "Forever."

I love them. Like I said before, I missed writing about them so much. I've been wanting to write this for a while. Now some might be saying, "You can't say forever in just three months!" Well why not? This isn't some celebrity marriage. They've been moving and testing each other for a while, so in a way they've been together for more than that. It's not like they don't know each other's flaws. haha Plus, I wish there can be a love where you know instantly that you're going to marry them the moment you meet them.

I did consider writing a marriage proposal, but I felt that Peter wasn't that mature YET. haha Maybe I'll write that one day too. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. Ja adore this couple so so much.

For now, please check out my new story Thorne College Prep and the Academy (which I wrote a bonus chapter for too about the Romani people, May's little conclusion).

Again thank you for loving these characters as much as I have.