Chapter One


Notes: Hello! This is an edited version of my old series, The Agents. I picture this story more like a manga than a novel. So not necessarily all the characters are Japanese. I hope this version is much clear and easy to understand. Well enjoy and leave a review!

Date: June 15, 114 (Prologue)/June 28

Story Arc: Summer

Long ago, a beautiful white palace floating at the center of the universe existed. It was the center of peace, knowledge, and power. It was governed by a woman and a man. Those two, the King and Queen made sure everything was always in order. That no war or violence broke out, that the majority of the universe was well educated, and power was kept in place.

This power, so-called, was divided into twenty specific elements. Of course the Queen didn't necessarily trust anyone with the power of these elements. So she locked them in a star-shaped pendant, and only she and the King can open these pendants when they crack open.

Of course, with this type of power, always comes a person of jealousy. A mere slave or perhaps, "child" jealously watched the King and Queen rule the universe with power. The King and Queen had many children, and of course required servants or slaves.

The King was usually quite cruel, especially to the new workers.

This slave didn't have a name. He arrived one day in front of the beautiful palace's gates. The planet, on which the beautiful palace was on, was often known more of a lonely planet, due to the fact that no one can live here besides the Royal Family.

One of the Princesses felt quite sorry for the boy and allowed him to work for her.

This was a deadly mistake.

Overtime, the slave gained a reputation of being a vile person and eliminated those who got in his way of getting a promotion. Therefore, he earned the name "Nemesis" which he soon adopted to be his legitimate name.

A few years later, Nemesis was about 17; he never got the right treatment he deserved. Nemesis was constantly feared by many, and often by the cruel King to do the grimiest work. Prior years before, he had sneaked into the smartest Prince's library to learn knowledge of weapons and the fabled elements he had so heard of. Nemesis eventually found a way of making explosive bombs.

He unleashed his master plan, and started a full-throttled attack on the beautiful palace.

"How will I protect them?" whispered the Queen.

An explosion pierced the following silence, followed by the architecture collapsing on itself.

"Dear! You must leave the palace at once!" said the King.

"But, I can't leave without you!"

"It's no good if we both die, leave! Escape in your comet!"

The roof was about to give. Rocks falling and people screaming and crying were echoing everywhere.

"Why would Nemesis do such a thing!" the Queen asked so confusingly.

"I don't know! Whatever happens, DON'T LET HIM GET THE STAR PENDANTS."

"Yes, I know. The maid, Starr had found his plans shortly before the first bomb at the Slaves' quarter."

"What else were in his plans?"

"The death of everyone on this palace, but I've already sent all the children away to my sister. Princess Andromeda will be accompanying me and I do believe that she is waiting near the comet. They all should be sa-"

Another explosion shook the palace.

"I will leave, but don't forget about me!"

"I promise…" said the King.

The Queen left the palace holding the mystical box. She was running toward the outer gates with the white comet spacecraft parked neatly near an ejection port.

Her beautiful and brunette daughter was waiting for her inside this unique spacecraft. The spacecraft cryogenically preserves people for an extremely long amount of time. They estimated this journey would take 1895 years. Andromeda noticed another comet spacecraft left the opposite ejection port and was heading somewhere in deep space. Andromeda and the Queen only knew that could've been Nemesis, as the slaves don't know how to start the spacecraft. As the two left, they both looked back at their once aqua planet, full of life and laughter.

The planet instead, imploded. Killing the King with it.

~~~~ N ~~~~


The phone rang. The loud and obnoxious noise it made rang throughout the bedroom. Andy lazily rolled over to get the phone. Sweat-drenched, he answered the phone with a lazy hello, and then hanged up, because it was it an advertisement.

"Getting through the afternoons in the summer are getting harder and harder" said Andy as he splashed some water onto his face, "I wonder what is everyone doing today…" as he stared in the bathroom's mirror. Andy Wu was a typical teenage boy; he had dark brown eyes, somewhat skinny, was 5'7, and had black hair, though it's in its "bed hair" style. His ethnicity is Chinese. He then later found the strength to stop staring into the mirror and started toward his room across the hall. He then noticed that he also had a stain on his solid orange t-shirt and another stain on his blue shorts. Andy recalled eating a chicken sandwich earlier, and maybe that's why he fell asleep. He glanced by the air conditioning unit, which had a thermometer, 82 degrees F.

He made an irritated groan as he sat down in front of his blackened computer screen. The wooden desk where the keyboard was had piles of random binder paper with various scribbles on them. He then shaked his mouse and within a instant the computer fell out of its sleep mode, and displayed him an instant message screen from his friend Eric.

"Eric (2:56:03PM): Hangout today? =)"

Andy then proceeded to type to his friend despite it being an hour late.

"Andy (3:57:44PM): Sure, sorry this was so late! Meet me at my house!"

"Eric (3:58:13PM): Okay, I'll be over there in 10 minutes."

Andy then logged out of his computer, got of his creaky chair, and proceeded to his closet. He moved the white painted door over, and looked inside. He choked back a bit, due to all the dust the in the air. It swirled around in an odd-type of pattern and finally settled. He glanced toward the forgotten duster on his bookshelf, and let out a sigh.

He finally chose the perfect outfit for summer; an orange t-shirt with black shorts. Orange just happened to be his favorite color.

As he walked out of his bedroom into his rather large hallway, the doorbell rang. His neighborhood was notorious for their luxurious and ridiculously expensive mansions. After all, it is Solar Way. Andy then opened the large chestnut-colored doors.

Outside the doorway was his friend Eric. He was tall, about 5'10. He and Andy look almost related. He had the oriental eyes and was of Chinese descent. Of course, their personalities were both polar opposites. Eric was sarcastic and brash and Andy was quiet most of the time. During gym class, while Andy would be sprinting a mile, Eric would be walking at a very slow pace. Andy loves soda to death while Eric absolutely despises it. It's funny how complete opposites are best friends.

"It's the second week of summer and you're already waking up at four," said Eric with a smirk. "You ought to fix that soon."

"Oh shut up. Its summer, the school year is hell getting up at six in the morning!"

"True. I did happen to do the same thing after Spring Mid-Terms." Eric laughed.

"Well anyways, Eric did you hear about the comet passing by Earth?"

"Oh yeah I did, well do you want to go Andy?"

"Of course."

~~~~ N ~~~~