Birds of a Different Feather

This is an original story that I hope to write into a real story to enter into a contest. Any help is appreciated, as in reviews.

Chapter Three

Now, the government tried to gain military superiority with what they claimed were the super human powers of the survivors of the "accident." Some never believed it was an accident, but a conspiracy to create this group out of innocent civilians. Now, decades after P-Day, Poison Day, all school age children are tested for their abilities to read minds. There are many awards for being the best one can be at this talent. Most are monetary for the families giving them greater wealth then the outer world offered. So families plied their young hopefuls with special tutors and training, placing all prayers in the schools for young minds. The largest being the school called Strength of Character, run b y the former leading child prodigy, Elijah Fox.

Elijah is now a man in his fifties, handsome, intelligent, and in the White House after living a profitable life. His abilities to read minds having been historically recorded as the reason wars were avoided. Now, whenever the president is on screen, Elijah stands quietly, thoughtfully behind him. He is more of a figure head for the school, just an advertisement for the best these children can become.