Uneven Evening Unnerved

…there is goes again, those eyeshadow
dark wind wisps again and I am opening
a car door, glimpsing the swivel of
of a branch, shivering, thinking
I should not be here, and I'm becoming
the person who's afraid to turn into
oncoming traffic, even when I'm sure
there are no other cars on the road, as in
driving around at 2:00 in the morning
with all the windows down (even in the
winter) when no one else is dumb enough
to be out, but I like the feeling of my
face going numb, and I used to hustle
in this way with the music on full blast,
but I'm almost afraid to do that anymore,
and I told you this morning that I had a
dream where I pummeled the quarter panel
of the yarris while backing out of the garage,
and when I showed you, sighing, we walked
around the car twice and each time the damage
got more sever until the whole side of the
fucking car was gone, and you said that I
must be going crazy, but I watch the uneven
evening's pulsing nerve endings as they
enigmatically prophesize (emphatically) that
I should not be here, and there it goes again…