"Your eyes", I told her, "are like rusted metal".

And she looked at me with those eyes, confused but not caring, and laughed.

And in that laugh, I swear I could hear the childhood I never knew,

The joy that's hidden from me for so long.

Oh yes, like rusted metal.

Cool and grey on the outside,

Ringing something redder,

Something harsh,

And infinitely deeper.

Something fiercely beautiful.

"I love you, "I told her, "more than my guitar".

And in this language, that means everything.

And she smiled like a child,

Like a fucking angel.

Like someone who knew all the answers,

But wasn't giving them up yet.

Well, let me keep flailing, dear.

I can live in confusion,

If I'm living it with you.

"I need you", she whispered,

In tear-soaked words that broke my heart,

Spider-thin fingers tracing down my cheeks,

Hands pulling for the pain of the day.

And in that second,

I knew guilt like I'd never known it before.

Felt wretched beyond words,

Was loved more than anyone I've ever known.

Destruction is the greatest aphrodisiac,

Pain the biggest painkiller,

And Love the most confusing thing of all.

In three words,

She broke down my walls,

And rebuilt better ones for me.

In three words,

She saved my life,

And doomed me to constant confusion.

In three words,

She gave me everything I'd ever need.